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Syrian Armed Forces Target Terrorists in Homs Countryside

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army artillery unit

A Syrian Arab Army unit targeted a gathering of terrorists groups commanders near Rastan City, Homs Countryside. A number of the commanders were killed like the terrorist Sadeq al-Youssef and terrorist Abu Haidar from so called Fatah Army.

On the opposite direction in Homs Countryside and to the west of Tadmor (Palmyra), Syrian Arab Army units engaged a number of ISIS groups east of Station Four. The battles resulted in the killing of at least 25 members of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist terrorist organization ISIS, and incurred a large number of casualties among the groups.

Yesterday Sunday, December 25, 2016, an SAA unit destroyed an ISIS armored vehicle and 3 machine-guns mounted pick ups with the terrorists inside them.

SyAF, the Syrian Arab Army Air Force has also destroyed a number of terrorists posts and vehicles in Eastern Habra, Western Habra, northeast Jub al-Jarrah, Rassm Hamida, east Aquyriyat, Jub Habal, Abu Qatour, Anq al-Hawa, Abu Huwadid, Sharifah, Jub Hamad and Buraq al-Shyami in eastern Homs countryside. A large number of terrorists were killed and injured.

image-Homs Countryside
Homs Countryside

Terrorists from the FSA ISIS Nusra whatever, tend to use suicide bombers driving booby-trapped armored vehicles loaded with hundreds of kilos of explosives to penetrate Syrian Armed Forces posts followed by their terrorists on the 4 x 4 pick up SUV cars, which are mostly from Toyota, which sold over 60,000 of these vehicles to Saudi and Qatar and ended up with ISIS, somehow!. SAA units are experienced now on how to handle these tactics and how to destroy these armored vehicles and the following ones.

In the last few months leading to the liberating of Aleppo, terrorists from all branches of the Syrian opposition used several of these vehicles on daily basses in tens of battles that involved thousands of the world’s filthiest filth, yet the SAA and their allies were victorious.

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