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Syrian Armed Forces Eliminate Dozens of ISIS Terrorists in Daraa

Syrian armed forces eliminate ISIS ISIL Daesh terrorists in Daraa

Syrian armed forces eliminated the presence of ISIS terrorists in the city of Daraa after more than 2 weeks of intensive home-to-home battles in the Al Sadd southeastern neighborhood, dozens of the US-sponsored terrorists were killed.

The Syrian news agency Sana quoted a security source officially declaring the end of the battles in the city of Daraa which came after securing the city of Jasim in the northern Daraa countryside from the terrorist group, the security source added:

“The Tariq Al-Sadd neighborhood was completely controlled and cleared of ISIS terrorists, during the security operation, dozens of terrorists were eliminated, including leaders in the ranks of the Takfiri organization, and 4 car bombs were seized, which the terrorists of the organization were planning to detonate with suicide bombers in the city of Daraa, while a car bomb was destroyed yesterday after monitoring its movement, which led to its detonation and the killing of a suicide bomber inside.”

Local sources confirmed the clearing of the city’s southern region of the terrorists and the contribution of the 8th Brigade of the 5th Corps in the military operation alongside the security forces, this particular 8th brigade comprises former terrorists who joined the reconciliation process after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated the southern region from the NATO proxy terrorists.

All fortifications, quarters, weapons and munition depots used by the US-sponsored ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists in the neighborhood have been completely destroyed or cleared by the Syrian armed forces, the local sources added explaining that combing the neighborhood for explosives planted by the terrorists is still ongoing.

At least two of the commanders of the ISIS terrorists are missing with local sources suggesting they have fled the fighting toward the 55 kilometers kill zone protected by the US army illegally deployed in the Syrian Al Tanf area in the southeast of the country.

The Syrian law enforcement supported by the Syrian Arab Army carried out a military operation to clear the city of Jassim in northern Daraa countryside after spotting the terrorists entering the city and trying to establish their dens in its northern neighborhoods a month ago and soon after, the terrorist organization established its presence in the Al Sadd southern neighborhood of Daraa city to ease the pressure on their colleagues in the northern countryside.

Hundreds of civilians, army personnel, and public workers were killed and maimed in the southern region at the hands of the ISIS terrorists commanded by the US army in the Al Tanf area, the US armed presence in Syria, and in the whole region, is a destabilizing force and works only to the benefits of the handlers of the US politicians.

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  1. Suzann Choate

    Why is the United States still in Syria? If we can’t help put a stop to this atrocity we should stop and collect our people and get out


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