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Syrian Arab Red Crescent Delivers Water to 1 Million People in Hasakah

Syrian Red Crescent helps deliver drinking water to 1 million people in Hasakah

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (S.A.R.C.) joined the Syrian government efforts in supplying urgent deliveries of drinking water to over a million people in the province of Hasakah, northeast of Syria after the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan and his terrorists destroyed the main water pump in the region at Allouk.

SARC in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC, the Hasakah City Council, and the Syrian Directorate of Water have delivered 14 water tankers to the thirsty city, SARC said in series of Tweets yesterday, the humanitarian organization fell short in stating the reason the water is cut off the entire province, maybe by avoiding to point the fingers to the criminals the officials at SARC fear their convoys might be attacked by the forces loyal NATO member state Turkey of Al Qaeda or by the Kurdish SDF terrorists.

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

The regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan refuses to allow Syrian engineers to fix the Allouk water pump and have blocked the flow of the water of the Euphrates River into Syria despite the continuous requests by the Syrian government to all international parties including the different bodies of the United Nations who keep flooding the United Nations headquarters with crocodile tears for the suffering of the Syrian people and the need to open the Syrian borders only toward the regions occupied by Al Qaeda in Idlib and south of Turkey bypassing the regions under the Syrian state where 16.5 million people live.

The so-called International Community maintains the deaf ears policy toward the suffering of the Syrian people as long as their terrorists are not receiving the needed supplies to prolong the Syrian suffering and trying desperately to effect the regime change policy they’ve been working hard for the past decade to achieve at all costs in Syria, this is just one of the war crimes committed by the NATO member states.

Depriving one million people of drinking water does not ‘amount to war crime’, it is a war crime by all definitions, unless the NATO member states holding the United Nations Security Council hostage to their will, to justify their wars and invasions or demonize those trying to stop these evil clan of countries, have changed this definition.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The Turks are always criminals and they’re getting away with their crimes because they serve their British masters who control the UNSC directly and through their followers the US, France, and other like-minded evil powers. You said it right: after a generation they will say they never committed any genocide in Syria, even now they’re denying doing any wrong!


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