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Syrian Arab Army Officer Assassinated by ISIS Remnants in Damascus

Car explosion - Damascus - Syria - Syrian Arab Army- انفجار عبوة ناسفة في سيارة في دمشق سورية

A Syrian Arab Army colonel was killed by a terrorist attack in southern Damascus yesterday Wednesday 6 April, another passenger in the car sustained injuries and his condition is still not stable, multiple sources reported from the Syrian capital.

The Syrian news agency Sana reporting the terrorist attack said that an IED (improvised explosive device) planted in a privately-owned vehicle blew up on the Damascus Southern Ring Highway injuring its two passengers and causing material damage to the vehicle, the injured were rushed to the Al Mujtahid Central Hospital in Al Midan neighborhood.

Activists reported that Syrian Arab Army Colonel Engineer Hussam Ghayyadh was one of the injured passengers and succumbed to his wounds, the other condition of the other victim is still unstable.

SAA Colonel Engineer Hussam Ghayyadh (Abu Zakariya) hails from the village of Ain Fit in the Syrian Golan, illegally occupied by the USA through its temporary Zionist entity Israel proxy.

ISIS remnants (NATO’s Foreign Legion – Syria Division) and an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group that calls itself ‘Maghawir Thawra’ operate from the Al Tanf 50 square kilometers kill zone protected by Biden forces illegally operating in Syria to steal Syrian oil and protect their assets of the terrorist groups operating in Syria. The so-called ‘Maghawir Thawra’ terrorists hold hundreds of Syrian families hostages in the infamous Rukban concentration camp in the vicinity of the US army’s illegal military base.

ISIS terrorists and their affiliates carry out their attacks against the Syrian people and Syrian state and then flee to the Biden forces’ protected zone in Al Tanf, series of attacks have been attributed to terrorists hiding in this area.

Planting bombs inside private vehicles and detonating it is one of the preferred methods used by the US-sponsored Al Qaeda and its affiliated terrorists in Syria, a dangerous NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorist group was captured by the Syrian Law Enforcement in late December last year which carried out series of similar attacks, one of which was blowing up a bus carrying civilian contractors and servicemen working for the Housing Establishment of the Ministry of Defense in October of last year, 14 passengers were killed in that attack.

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