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Syrian and Russian Air Forces bomb Al Qaeda targets in Idlib countryside

Syrian and Russian Air Forces bomb Al Qaeda targets in Idlib countryside

Syrian and Russian air forces continue targeting Al Qaeda posts in Idlib countryside, in the northwest of Syria as part of the war on terror and in the framework of the Astana, Sochi, and Moscow agreements in regard to the de-escalation zone of Idlib.

Today, Saturday 25 September, the Syrian and Russian air forces carried out 13 airstrikes targeting the posts of the Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists near the towns of Foua, Roueiha, Ain Shib, Kabani in Latakia countryside, Basselhaya, and Barad in western Aleppo countryside, the hits were direct but the number of the terrorists eliminated is unknown due to the blackout imposed by the terrorists’ media and NATO propagandists.

The Idlib agreement was supposed to be implemented by October 2018, the Turkish signatory to the agreement have been stalling implementation of the agreement and instead, the Turkish madman Erdogan has beefed up the terrorists, supplied them with more advanced weapons, and even sent hundreds more of the Turkish soldiers to act as human shields to protect his Al Qaeda and other anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists from the Syrian Arab Army.

After cleaning Daraa Balad and the rest of Daraa countryside which was outside the control of the Syrian state despite restoring most of the province in the summer of 2018, the Syrian armed forces and their allies are now shifting their attention toward the northern regions where NATO armies of Turkey and the USA are illegally deployed to protect the terrorists of ISIS, Nusra Front (aka Al Qaeda Levant aka HTS) and their affiliates of Uighur from China, Faylaq Al-Sham and the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

The United Nations has earlier estimated that Erdogan brought into Idlib more than 300 thousand terrorists and their families and settled them in the houses of the Syrians his terrorists displaced from the region.

Targeting the UN-designated terrorist groups are exempted from the de-escalation agreements all of which are signed by the Turkish regime, today’s targeting is within the agreed terms of the agreement.

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