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Syrian Ambassador Sabbagh Calls on UNSC to End Corrupt OPCW Lies

Syria Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bassam Sabbagh - Security Council, OPCW, NATO

Syria’s Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh called on the UNSC to end the corrupt OPCW lies against his country, on 3 June, at the monthly NATO junta’s ‘Implementation of UNSCR 2118 (2013).’ Syria acceded to the Chemical Weapons Convention in September 2013. The UN-OPCW procurement of the SAR’s chemical weapons and their destruction by the US (which still holds over 3,000 tons of its own declared CW’s, despite joining in 1997) less than one year later was unprecedented, in speed and in surviving Turkey bombing the port during the loading of the weaponry. Nonetheless, these ongoing NATO klan gatherings have almost reached the 100 mark.

It is an especial affront, given the NATO clique — likely salivating over the possibility of a Nobel — was cheering itself and each other, in August 2014.

As of this writing, the United Nations has shown its collective disdain for the monthly con game, by not including a media report on the most recent Syria-hating soiree. Similarly, neither the UK, nor the US, nor Estonia — which holds the pro tempore Security Council presidency — nor the OPCW itself, bothered to post their statements at this gathering.

For the record, the once noble Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons watchdog group showed its corruption when it ousted Jose Bustani, its first Director-General, per the demand of Dick “Halliburton” Cheney, via his messenger boy, the neocon’s neocon, John Bolton.

Since the onset of the attempted final solution against Syria, the failed imposition of another NATO Spring against a sovereign Arab state, the shameless OPCW has functioned exclusively as a PR front for al Qaeda terrorists in the S.A.R.

The supporting proof of this NATO watchdog gang fronting for ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria, for supporting the lies of a British illegal, who was permanently stripped of his license to practice medicine in his home state, who was previously indicted on terrorism charges, is found in the massive official statements of the OPCW, its FFM, its JIM, its IIT, all of which admit to never engaging in physical inspection because these savages from whom the squadristi have readily accepted fake forensics are too dangerous.

US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield was too busy doing a photo op in Turkey, to pimp for another extension of UNSCR 2533 (2020) — which expires next month — or, preferably, a remake of UNSCR 2165 (2014) which would negate Syria’s sovereignty, creating more illicit border crossing for actual humanitarian aid which terrorists sell to civilians under al Qaeda occupation, at highly inflated prices, and to facilitate the transit of weapons to the beasts with two legs who continue to terrorize regions of Syria.

Thomas-Greenfield did not mention the statement by her stand-in at the UNSC, though her tweet from NATO Turkey did get the usual several comments, comments with an unpleasantly strange odor of State Department entry-level worker bees, bordering on begging the US to destroy Syria, and several other countries.

As expected, the auto-echolaliac ambassador of war criminal France — never brought to justice for its nuclear bombing tests against Algerians in its murderous Operation Gerboise Bleue — and which has never forgiven the uppity Syrian Arabs for the evacuation of the imperialist, criminal, French occupiers, did much prattling. He demanded Syria be brought to fake justice, to pay for the chemical attacks by al Qaeda savages in Syria, and to also Kafkaesquely pay for the lies of these criminal degenerates.

His Excellency Vasily Nebenzya maintained diplomatic protocol in his statement to the proceedings, e.g., in lieu of calling certain persons criminal liars, he noted that their remarks were “factually incorrect.” His remarks suggested that OPCW Director-General Fernando Arias did not answer questions asked of him — which might explain why we continue to await UN website publication, and why Arias’ statement is not offered by the OPCW, which continues to censor comments to its tweets. Ambassador Nebenzya also pointed out that “[t]he Technical Secretariat openly violates its declared principles…”. He also discussed the many improprieties of the watchdog gang’s investigation into the [stethoscope-less] White Helmets allegations of a “chemical attack” in Douma [which was not a ‘chemical attack,’ but the kidnapping, mass-murder, and necrophiliac painting and positioning of corpses by the Helmet and other savages].

Syria News reminds our readers that the SAR immediately requested the OPCW investigate the post mass murder lies by the psychopaths occupying Douma, who killed for a photo opportunity, al Qaeda and other takfiri scum, in order to give an excuse to the war criminal tripartite to again be ISIS’s air force against Syria. Despite the Barzeh Research facility cleared by OPCW in November 2017, unindicated killers Trump, Macron, May again bombed and destroyed. There was no time for an investigation before the leaders of the countries best known for genocide, slaughtered more Syrians; there was no time to listen to what Syrians under terrorist occupation had to say about their country, their patriotism, and their Syrian Arab Army.

As if the criminal lies of the NATO klan occupying the UN were not enough of an affront, the Estonian temp president of the Security Council flouted arrogant, western supremacy and attempted denigration of Arabs, by leaving after introducing His Excellency Bassam Sabbagh.

Diplomat Sabbagh began by noting,

“It is unfortunate that the OPCW transforms from a technical organization into an instrument in a geopolitical game, led by the US and its allies.”

He reminded the deaf klansmen that Syria had requested an immediate investigation into the takfiri chemical weapons attack in Khan al Asal, a request that was almost immediately sabotaged, primarily by the UK and France (explained in detail at UN press conference 30 April, 2013, forty days after the chemical attack). Mr. Sabbagh reminded all that his country had provided the UN – OPCW with reports of more than one hundred other chemical weapons and other chemical attacks perpetrated by the terrorists, all ignored, terrorists who have been supported [with cash, weapons, and facilitation of transport into the Levantine republic, via Turkey] by the same [NATO criminals] who continue with their monthly, phony, ‘Syria dossier.’

Mr. Sabbagh also reminded all that the OPCW had disgracefully stripped the Syrian Arab Republic of its voting rights at the Chemical Weapons Convention.

His Excellency’s statement in Arabic, follows the English:

May the OPCW criminal liars soon feel their rightful shame.

Miri Wood

The True History of FSA Chemical Weapons Threats against Syria includes the two fatal rabbit experiments committed in Turkey, and which the UN – OPCW refused to investigate.

This is how members of the European Parliament are treated when asking the Director-General of the OPCW to address the discrepancies in the Douma (Duma) alleged chemical attack and the reports by the team leader who actually inspected the site and his report which contradicts the final report of the OPCW was suppressed:

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    These NATO states and their proxies have no shame at all but obviously they are depending on the people’s ignorance and short memory.

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