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Syrian Ambassador Jaafari Condemns Flawed UN; Warns of Chemical Attack Plot

image- Dr. Bashar Jaafari Syrian Ambassador to United Nations

Noting the UN is not a “charitable organization,” Syria’s diplomat H.E. Bashar al Jaafari addressed the Security Council’s humanitarian discussion 28 February.  In a 19 minute statement ignored by warmongering msm, he continued to throw pearls of truth before warmongering swine.

Diplomat Jaafari again stated that the Syrian Arab Republic is committed to the principles of international law, humanitarian law, that it is the responsibility of his country — and written into the Syrian Constitution — to protect its citizens, and to protect them from terrorists.  The current report, like previous ones, contain the giant flaw of using politicized and open [e.g., social media] sources and unreliable statistics  as materials on which are based false reports.  Dr. Jaafari stated that the authors continue to ignore credible government sources, and even the reports of representatives of the United Nations in Syria, reports that acknowledge the cooperation of the Syrian government.

The SAR condemns reports by OCHA and the High Commission, and Resolution 2401, which fails to note the aggression of Turkey in Afrin.  Ambassador Jaafari stated his country “fully rejects” the failure of the authors to recognize the impact of the criminal International Coalition which has claimed the lives of 100s of civilians and military on the humanitarian situation in his country.  On Tuesday, two Coalition bombings killed 29 civilians and wounded dozens of others.  The illegitimate Coalition is fixating on bombing Deir Ezzor, as this region “does not host ISIL and al Nusra Front.”  H.E. Jaafari reminded the SC that the [US-led] Coalition destroyed the city of Raqqa:  “My government once again calls for the dismantling of this illegitimate” group.

Kelly A. Eckels-Currie rudely turned, snickered, during H.E. Jaafari’s statement. Was her undiplomatic behavior tied to State Dept. “certified performance appraisal” system for US ambassadors?

The main goal of UNSCR 2401 is “to use the Security Council once again “to interfere with the military success of the SAR in combating terrorist gangs; 2401 does not refer to any previous resolutions on counter-terrorism.  Instead, it coincides with recent chemical weapons in areas “controlled by the White Helmets” (key members of the SC are planning a viewing of the new Nusra “or rather, White Helmets” fraudumentary.).  Dr. Jaafari read from the “childish,” full page article of the NYT, meant to “tarnish the image” of the SAR and DPRK.  The lengthy [fraud] news report acknowledged that its information was not substantiated.  He reminded the SC that a United States vessel destroyed Syria’s chemical weapons in 2014, and that his country had joined the OPCW “as a full member.”

UN mafia forgets its self-applause over Syria joining the OPCW and turning in its chemical weapons ahead of schedule.
Syria’s CWs were destroyed on US ship.

The statesman in the UN reported that on 20 February, three trucks from Turkey had transported barrels of weapons-grade chlorine into Idlib towns run by Turkish terrorists.  One school has been turned into a warehouse of these chemical weapons.  The terrorists are preparing to use these weapons on a large scale and to accuse the SAR.  The conspiracy is meant to coincide with the Eighty-Seventh Executive Council of the OPCW meeting, beginning on 13 March.

Again, Diplomat Jaafari stated the responsibility to cease hostilities remains with the countries controlling terrorists in Syria.

Ambassador Jaafari condemned the authors’ use of the words “besieged areas” to describe Eastern Ghouta.  They ignore the fact that these people are besieged from within by takfiri stealing humanitarian aid  — as they did in eastern Aleppo — and for the failure of the authors to acknowledge the suffering of thousands of Syrian civilians kidnapped by these terrorists.

That the Saudi regime claims to have provided “aid and assistance” to Eastern Ghouta shows that the terrorists are not besieged, that it is possible to access the neighborhoods under terrorist occupation, that the takfiri “continue to receive supplies and weapons from those governments who support terrorism.” Dr. Jaafari stated the SAR is committed to protecting Syrians across the country, that a humanitarian corridor for Syrians to leave Eastern Ghouta was accessed immediately after the passage of UNSCR  2401, that many were safely brought through and are receiving food and shelter from their government, not OCHA. Many Syrians continue to be prevented “from reaching the corridor by force” of the al Qaeda sects, including al Nusra and Jaish al Islam, who continue to hold these civilians as hostages, and who use them as human shields.

This corridor is under the attack of mortar fire.

Regarding the letter of known terrorist Mohammed Alloush, Ambassador Jaafari noted this to be “a clear indication that he rejects the exit of civilians from Ghouta.”  He condemned the new UN trend of circulating letter from terrorists as an official document.

Again, he called on the terrorists to put down their weapons and engage in the Reconciliation process.

The SAR condemned the statement of the SG and secretariat for ignoring the suffering of civilians in Damascus, suffering as a result of missiles and mortars fired from Eastern Ghouta.  These besieged terrorists have fired 2,180 missiles into Damascus residential neighborhoods, resulting in the deaths of 66, and with more than 400 injured.

Syrians of Damascus recently and moderately murdered by the hyenas’ Ghouta moderates.

There are no UN crocodile tears for these Syrians.

Ambassador Jaafari’s statement, in Arabic:

Miri Wood

UPDATE:   The UN, the CIA, and the Nusra White Helmets have subsequently agreed with His Excellency Jaafari’s assessment.

Ridiculous statistics from al Nusra, 1 March.


CIA USAID: No need to vett the fake statistics.

We don’t have people on the ground.  We report what we feel comfortable with:

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  1. James Graham

    It’s Nazi Germany 2.0. They’re playing all the Master Race cards…and cloaking their inhumanity, brutality and ignorance. All Hail Assad and the liberation of East Ghouta.


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