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Syria Won’t Allow the Old Agenda of War Masters

NATO terror state Turkey is again invading into Syria. Its troops have occupied two Syrian towns, al Ghouz and Abu Zibbidin that are west of al Bab city in northern Aleppo governate.  Turkey wants to steal and annex al Bab.  Last week there was a graduation ceremony in Erdogan-occupied Jarabulus. More than 400 unemployed Syrian men were taken to Turkey to “train” to be police and were brought back for to chant for Turkey and for its caliph-  wannabe.  The first threat to murder us with chemical weapons came from Turkey.

New US President Trump thinks this is a good idea.  Trump wants to build the wall on border with Mexico to keep out illegal aliens.  How does he have the double standard of liking Turkish illegal aliens and terrorists in Syria?

Turkey has illegally invaded our country, under the pretext of fighting “ISIS.”  Oh, come on!  It is Turkey who has brought foreign terrorists into Syria through the 915km/568.5mi border.  This border has no wall but it has almost 200,000 land mines.  In almost 6 years most of the 360,000  foreign terrorists – including many Americans – who have illegally invaded Syria came through the border of Turkey.

Turkey signed Mine Ban Treaty in 2003. No sanctions for non-compliance. No injuries to foreign terrorists invading the SAR.

But not one terrorist ever stepped on a land mine.  The cars with BBC and CNN reporters who went with terrorists from Hatay Airport did not even lose a tire.

BBC on smuggling foreign terrorists from Turkey into Syria
CNN on smuggling foreign terrorists from Turkey, into Syria

Turkey is the Ottoman Wahhabi grandson where Erdogan trained other terrorists, called them  ‘rebels.’ Turkey set up tent dumps for Syrian refugees before the crisis began.  After the first group of Syrians arrived and wanted to return home, Turkish guards threatened to kill them.  Syrian refugees stuck in Turkey tent dumps have been used for rape of women and children by ‘sex tourists.’ Thousands of Syrian refugees, particularly healthy children in Turkish (and Jordanian) dumps have had their organs stolen.

When eastern neighborhood of Aleppo was liberated from moderate terrorists, the Syrian Arab Army found weapons depots filled with mortars, missiles, horded medicines and foodstuffs from Turkey, while NATO media cried crocodile tears about hunger in Aleppo.  Also in the depots were flags of ‘fsa – ‘isis’ – al Qaeda flags.

Ottoman Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan also used the dumps  and other areas to train terrorists and name them “rebels.” He announced as soon as they get Jarabulus ‘liberated’ this Syrian village will be under the Turkish soldiers protection, which means it is supposed to become part of ErdoganstanThe new ‘police’ trained in Turkey with money support from the British Empire are being sent to al Bab.

UK brags about aiding foreign terrorists against Syria. Photo courtesy Vanessa Beeley.

However the new battle will soon be between the Syrian Arab Army, the sons of this land, and the aggressor Turkish soldiers.  At the same time Turkey is invading,  the US and Israel are behind the scene trying a new sneaky way to divide Syria, by the new and also old pretext of “safe zones”!  Their propaganda tool again is refugees!  No matter there were no Syrian refugees before the foreign-imposed war against Syria!  No matter that Syrians are less than 20% of external refugees!  No matter that more than 8 million Syrians are IDPs, internally displaced persons, refugees of our own country who escape western-financed terrorist occupied areas, to the safety of Syria under the control of our government and our military defending us in our own borders!

Here are photos of temporary housing provided by our government for our internal refugees.  There are no tent dumps, no sex trafficking, no carving up children to steal and sell their organs:

Syrian government providing temporary housing for our internal refugees.
Temporary shelter in Harjaleh for Syrians forced to flee their homes by west funded terrorists.

The ‘safe zones’ are for Turkey and Israel carving of Syria and annexing, like the Ottoman Empire and the British and French Empires, before.  This time the plan is for US soldiers to ‘protect’ the ‘safe zones’ and the one to fund such evil project is puppy Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, the terrorist monarchy that helped to blow up part of New York City on 9/11!  Wahhabi Saudi that let school girls burn to death in a fire because they didn’t weren’t modestly covered!  Wahhabi Saudi that dumped 1,239 death row inmates into my country to slaughter us, destroy our schools and hospitals, and gave payments to their families!

Cologne: Sexual, and Principle, Assaults
Terrorist Saudis dump death row inmates into Syria
Cologne: Sexual, and Principle, Assaults
Foreign terrorists from Saudi death row freed to invade Syria

Then there is the contradiction of Netanyahu sympathizing with ‘Syrian refugees,’ also while displacing Palestinians with the non-stop building of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine.  Israel gives free medical care to the terrorists, whether calling them ‘FSA’ or ‘ISIS’ they are all al Qaeda, on the Syrian Golan that Israel occupies and wants to permanently steal from us.

In such a critical period we need to be so awake.  We also now have the Kurdish agenda trying to carve out their private entity inside Syria, similar to the Israeli one, and with the help of the countries that made the worst genocides in history, US, France, UK.

On my profile on Facebook, I kept a cover photo showing the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad with top Muslim clerics including Syria’s own Grand Muti Sheikh Badreddin Hassoun (whose chief advisor is Christian) standing to the left of Dr. Assad and Mr. Mohammad Abdulsattar al Sayyed, the Syrian Minister of Islamic Endowment and Affairs to Dr. Assad’s right, and the prayer was led by the late martyr Sheikh Mohammad Saeed Ramadan Bouti, who was assassinated with 551 of his Syrian Muslim Sunni students inside a Syrian Muslim Sunni Mosque called Iman Mosque (Faith Mosque) in the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus by an anti-Islamic Wahhabi sex suicide jihadist.

Again, how are Kurds marginalized or oppressed or isolated if one of their clerics leading all other Muslim clerics in the Levant in a prayer attended by the Syrian president?  The answer is with the same Zionist propagandists.

Sheikh al Bouti with President al Assad and Syria’s Grand Mufti.

Any draft or proposal even if by our allies should be rejected.

No western country would permit foreigners to carve it into pieces.  Every western country  has one flag.   We Syrians have the same inalienable Rights as America!

Syrians holding Syrian flags. As there is one flag of the USA, there is one flag of Syria.

At the end we have our great leaders in whom we trust.  We have our army, and it is only the Syrian Arab Army.

— Afraa Dagher

Editor’s note:  In July 2013, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, began a series of successful Town Hall Meeting in the US (so successful, that the Obama State Department censored them by restricting the diplomat’s mobility to 25mi/40km from the UN, around the same time that the US obscenely shut down the Syrian Embassy).  In this short presentation, Diplomat al Ja’afari describes America as a beautiful mosaic, and asks why his country with its ancient civilization is suffering from the much younger west’s demands that Syria be reduced to secretions of Sykes-Picot. 

Why is my new government continuing the monstrous actions of its predecessors?

Syria offered France the names of French terrorists in Syria.
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