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Syria Warns Lebanon to Stop the Insurgency

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Damascus
Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a cable to its Lebanese counterpart complained of terrrorist groups sneaking from Lebanon into Talkalakh countryside, Homs, Syria. 
For 36 hours, till the time of the message delivery by the Syrian ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali to the Lebanese Foreign Affairs Ministry, the insurgents in large numbers were smuggled from Lebanon into Syria in Mat’houmeh, Ain Shaara, Jouseih and Qaryat in Talkalakh countryside, clashing with Syrian border guard patrols, resulting in a number of deaths and wounded among the insurgents whom were cleared into Lebanon.
For the first time the Syrian ministry of Foreign Affairs used strong language addressing the Lebanese FA ministry stating: ‘gathering of these terrorist groups are still continuing inside Lebanon were seen with the naked eye from the locations of our Syrian forces which are exercising maximum restraint avoiding targeting the groups and hoping the Lebanese authorities would exert its efforts in controlling the borders from its side to preserve security in both countries and preserve the lives of innocent civilians, and to avoid escalations sought by these terrorist groups’.
The Ministry added that Syria expected the Lebanese side would not allow those groups to use the borders as a corridor as they target the security of the Syrian people and violate the Syrian sovereignty. 
The Ministry affirmed: ‘Syrian Army is still practicing self-restraint in order to not hit the gatherings of the armed gangs inside the Lebanese lands to prevent them from crossing into the Syrian lands, but this will not go to an unlimited end.’

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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