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Syria Wants the Resuscitation of the War Plane-Deal with Moscow

Syrian Arab Army

The Syrian government would like to revive a contract to purchase MiG-29M/M2 fighter jets from Moscow in light of the upcoming expiration of the embargo by the European Union (EU) on arms sales to the Syrian authorities in Damascus according to some statements by representatives of the aircraft manufacturer MiG from yesterday.

These representatives from the manufacturer MiG said on Friday, that a delegation from Damascus is currently in the Russian capital and that they talk about some details and the timeframe of a possible contract that could follow this meeting between both sides. The head of MiG, Sergei Korotkov, and the other representatives of the aircraft manufacturer have not revealed more details about the meeting with the Syrian delegation from Damascus.

Syria signed a contract for fighter jets in 2007, but the beginning of the foreign-backed conflict and proxy-war within Syria in 2011 has prompted the aircraft maker MiG to put the deal and delivery of the MiG-29MM fighter jets on hold, according to a representative of MiG. The representative of the Russian aircraft manufacturer has told this to RIA Novosti on the condition of anonymity.

The deal between the Syrian government and MiG, allegedly a $1 billion deal, also included 24 MiG-29 beside five MiG-31 interceptors. This information is from 2007 but should be still correct. The head from the Russian state arms export monopoly Rosoboronexport, Anatoly Isaikin, has has denied the deal with the Syrian authorities about the five MiG-31 interceptors in the year 2010, but he has not mentioned the contract about the MiG-29 jet fighters at this time. It is to assume, as stated, that the $1 billion deal included both aircraft types – MiG-31 and MiG-29.

The Syrian Air Force revisited the deal in front of the expiry of the European weapons embargo against Syria according to a consultant from the aircraft manufacturer MiG. The Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) have failed to extend the ban on arms sales to Syria in this week. This means that every member state of the European Union (EU) is able to supply the terrorists and jihadists in Syria with weapons and ammunition, although such an action is clearly against international law, but some so-called democratic governments in the European Union do not care about laws.

At least, the EU Foreign Ministers agreed to withhold actual supplies of weapons to the terrorists and al-Qaeda thugs in Syria until August 1 and thus, they will wait for the results of Geneva-2, the next conference on the topic Syria, which is prepared by Moscow and Washington.

This upcoming conference on the topic Syria in Geneva is planned for mid-June, although it is very questionable whether these next talks of all the sides with their different interests, goals and involvement in the conflict in Syria will really have the result of a peaceful, political solution for the conflict in Syria that is more a proxy-war of foreign powers in a sovereign, secular state, with the help of religious fanatics, uneducated thugs from the Arab world and even from Europe, Australia and the United States.

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