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Syria: Wahhabi FSA Terrorists Retaliate with Mortar Shells Against Residential Neighborhoods

Only in Syria shelling residential districts with mortars is praised by western ‘humanitarian bastards’ who support any crime against humanity as long as the victims are not from their family members and as long as the Syrian conflict continue within Syrian borders. The difference now, they don’t accuse the Syrian state of shelling itself and its people like in the first months of the crisis, they don’t need that as long as their citizens sponsor Al Qaeda FSA terrorists campaign against the Syrian people.

The Syrian Arab Army is scoring big all over the country from Hasakeh in the far northeast of Syria to Quneitra in the far southwest, and from Aleppo to Daraa and from the Iraqi borders to the Coast. The SAA men and women fight the terrorists face to face, they are terrifying the terrorists while others terrify school children and residential neighborhoods, because the war against Syria is one of the most heinous wars the planet ever knew so far.

Mortars falling on people in Damascus
Mortars falling on people in Damascus

At least 25 mortar shells hit the Syrian capital in one day, suicide bombing targeted other cities including 7 Wahhabi Takfiri suicide bomber freaks attacking a security building in the city of Sweida with their ‘bare chests’, literally.

The following were recorded today only:

Of course, the casualties above are considered ‘collateral damage’ by western citizens who pay from their tax money to fund fanatic Wahhabi ‘freedom fighters’ against the sovereign state of Syria and against the Syrian people in a multi-purpose terror campaign that only benefits the enemies of Syria.

Have your mainstream media reported this in their coverage of the Syrian conflict? If yes, what was your reaction? If not, what is your reaction?

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