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Syria: Wadi Deif and Hamdiya Military Camps Under Control

Syrian Arab Army

Some troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were able to finally break the militants’ siege of two Syrian military bases in Idlib (Idleb). These units of the Syrian army have managed it to break the long militants’ siege on two important key military bases in the north-western province of Idlib – the Wadi Deif and Hamdiya military camps.

According to the published information of a so-called opposition watchdog, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units have killed about 21 armed militants of the foreign-backed terrorist groups in the operation to lift the siege on the two key military bases, Wadi Deif and Hamdiya, on Sunday.

It is also said that units of the Syrian army are now in control of the strategic international highway between the Syrian capital Damascus and the city of Aleppo, which is also located in this area. In addition, a supply route for the Syrian army is currently reopening there.

In Jisr al-Shoghour (also located in Idlib / Idleb), which is sadly famous for a terrible massacre, committed by the foreign-backed militants, some armed terrorists were killed in clashes with troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

In addition, there are also some reports about battles between the Syrian army units and armed groups of militants in other city of Syria – including the suburbs of the capital Damascus. According to these reports, there are also clashes between the army and terrorist groups in Homs, Deir al-Zour, Aleppo, Latakia and Homs.

Several international human rights organizations have accused the foreign-backed militants operating in Syria of committing war crimes while the propaganda tool, Human Rights Watch (HRW), is too blind to see any crimes of the US-backed fighters in Syria.

The chaos and even the violence in Syria is being orchestrated from outside the country and with the help of Israel’s friends like the Turkish Erdogan regime, the both Gulf regimes in Qatar and Saudi Arabia and also the Jordan king, who is no real king but a slave of American interests, support the armed terrorism in Syria due to different interests or due to the orders from Washington.

Syria has been gripped by this deadly proxy war and staged “revolution” since March 2011, while this terrorism and attempt for a regime change in Syria has been planned since at least 2006. Damascus is the road to Iran and it is no surprise that some of the masterminds behind this terrorism against Syria and its civilians also want to break the so-called resistance in this area.

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