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Syria: The Terrorists Mincer

The picture becoming clearer and the country supposed to fall in the hands of barbarians has become their graveyard. Highly trained Wahhabi fanatic suicide bombers are being killed in tens, hundreds and sometimes in thousands in qualitative Syrian Arab Army operations, Syria is becoming the official mincer of Alqaeda.

They don’t lack equipment, NATO member states along with some regional governments aligned with NATO has provided them with the top surface to air missiles, goggles, sniper rifles, communication devices, even a special shadow internet.

They don’t lack logistics or training, CIA, MI6, Turkish MiT and regional intelligence agencies has provided them with the highest training on street fighting, killing without any remorse, rehabilitation for those injured in Jordanian, Turkish and of course Israeli hospitals, training on state of the art weapons while the Obama regime for instance is working to strip their own citizens from any sort of personal weapons to defend themselves.

They don’t lack finance, Saudi Arabia, Qatar (pronounced Gutter), the west and others opened their vaults wide to finance the training of them, the salaries given to them, the cost of airlifting them, the cost of their staying, the cost of their rehabilitation, the cost of their weapons to the extent the Obama regime has no problem shutting down own government but would not stop the funding of them.

They don’t lack motive, they seek sex by raping their victims, raping their own colleagues’ women, swinging their wives, raping each other, even raping goats, whatever with a hole is a target for them in their current filthy life and they dream of the 72 virgins in the life hereafter as they think they’re heading to paradise not realizing they’re heading directly to hell.

All that didn’t help the terrorists brought from all sides of the planet to destroy the last secular state in the Middle East and North Africa region when they met the men of the Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian armed forces. The Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists sponsored by the world’s ‘super powers’ of the west and their regional stooges are falling one after the other, in groups of tens, hundreds and even in thousands. Syria plotted by the west to be a center for exporting terrorists have turned into the graveyard of the world’s filthiest filth.

News of SAA operations against the terrorists are becoming difficult to follow and report by volunteer activists like yours truly, so we’re keeping it short and the main operations brought to you.

An SAA tank
An SAA tank

Homs: Three groups of Obama regime thugs were eliminated in total by the SAA in Homs countryside. One of the groups tried to attack an SAA checkpoint in Zara near Talkalakh, another group was positioned in Abu Rajmin mountain near Tadmor (Palmyra) and the third group’s hideouts in Khalidiyeh, Dar Kabira and Kissin towns were destroyed killing their terrorist inhabitants.

An SAA unit restored security to Hadath village in the countryside after the last gatherings of terrorists were eliminated with their weapons and munition depots destroyed, tens of IEDs were disarmed.

Aleppo: SAA units with the help of local residents foiled a number of attempts by terrorist groups towards Muthalathieh park in Saiful Dawleh & Al Zubair mosque in Saladin districts.

The battles around Aleppo’s central prison continue with hundreds of terrorists augmenting and compensating for the killed ones during recent attempts to infiltrate the prison that contains hundreds of anti-Islamic jihadists. At least 50 foreign suicide bombers blew themselves up in failed attempts to break in the prison during the past few months.

SAA units chased and eliminated terrorist groups on Castello road, and in east of Hreitan town, other groups next to Saad factory in Mansoura, in Jamajma, Jabriyeh, Jdeida and Kuweiris towns.

An SAA unit killed a whole group of terrorists who sneaked into the Lairamoun square.

Daraa: SAA killed Yassir Abboud, head of Alqaeda FSA terrorists in South Syria with a large number of his followers in Tafas, in the countryside. Abboud killing is a major blow to the terrorist groups in the south. Maher Kteifan, the head of Nusra Front in Ibtaa was among the killed terrorists with Abboud.

SAA units clashed with terrorist groups that targeted military checkpoints in Sheikh Miskeen, Zaarzara, Heeran, Kitar, Ain Freiha and Zahrat Hafayer towns in the countryside. None of the groups managed to infiltrate any of the checkpoints.

8 terrorists were eliminated on Hirak – Mleihat Atash road by an SAA unit. The unit destroyed a the terrorists quarter with its weapons and munition west of Zahriyeh school in Nuwa city.

An SAA unit confiscated 6 Israeli made Law missiles and 7 communication devices and 12 boxes of munition 14.5 mm, and 2 machine guns in the countryside.

Weapons depots were destroyed in Daraa Balad, Mukhayam (Camp), Sadd Road, Dael and Yadoudeh towns.

Idleb Countryside: An SAA unit eliminated a whole terrorist group, destroyed a car loaded with weapons and munition in Nheilya village, one name was known among the terrorists: Muhammad Khadr.

SAA units carried out qualitative and surgical operations that led to destroying a vehicles gathering in Maratmasrin, Taftanaz and north of Saraqeb. Terrorists in the vicinity of these areas were terminated.

Damascus Countryside: SAA units destroyed terrorist dens in Qaboun district leaving a number of terrorists killed, 6 of them near the Grand Mosque.

8 more terrorists were killed in Jobar, 6 others in Zamalka, Omar Mubayed was identified among the killed. A number of terrorists more were killed in Aleh Farms in Douma, Mahmoud Rhaibani was identified among the killed.

Terrorists killing spree, the SAA is carrying out in Qalamon area, is still going on. Herds of terrorists were eliminated east of Yabroud, south of Dayr Attiyeh Hospital and south of Mustapha Mosque in Adra.

Cars loaded with weapons were destroyed north east of Hosh Arab, east of Maloula and north east of Rheiba.

We can leave the rest to your estimate.

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