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Syria: Terrorists Martyr Soldiers, Blow up Children, in another Bloody Day


Syria endured another bloody day, 16 March, as terrorists possibly coming down home stretch in their criminal, degenerate lust for murder that blows the adult and child human body into pieces have become voracious in their criminal violence. In Daraa western countryside a bus carrying “a number of Syrian Arab Army soldiers” was attacked in what appears to be a ground to ground bombing, The numbers of dead and wounded has not been released. Also not released is which takfiri savages committed the slaughter — whether it was al Qaeda’s HTS — armed with NATO weapons — or the US created and protected, and UN approved SDF degenerates.

Daraa should sound familiar to Syria News western readers. On 20 June 2017, NATO beloved White Helmets and other human garbage ambushed and slaughtered a group of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, and then engaged in deranged necrophilia, beheading their already brutalized corpses and carving up other pieces of their bodies. As these sociopaths who belong permanently incarcerated in facilities for the criminally insane are obsessed with proudly uploading their degeneracy to social media, White Helmets terrorists were seen, after which NATO stenographers went to work with a cover story, after which the hideous videos were vaporized from the internet.

Mere days later, Congressman Adam Kinzinger — currently a RINO darling being courted by the phony neutral media whose entire existence has become PR workers for Nuremberg propaganda crimes against humanity — launched his unsuccessful Monsters of Congress gang, to further demonize Syria with bigger and bigger Goebbels’ lies. Kinzinger is currently a media darling for his boring, self-echolalia I Hate Trump song. It is noteworthy that he did not sing this tune when Trump bombed Syria for the lies of al Qaeda, particularly the criminal lies of the Brit illegal in the SAR, the native Englishman once on trial for terrorism, the malignancy who was permanently removed from the UK medical license bureau, after practicing medicine for a whooping three months. The unindicted war criminal congressman also blew kisses to unindicted war criminal Trump, upon the latter’s criminal assassinations of General Soleimani and Deputy Commander of the Iraqi Security Forces – PMU Abu Mahdi al Muhandis. Mr. Kinzinger’s crimes in trying to destroy the sovereignty of Syria date back to his illicit meetings in Madman Erdogan’s Turkey, with armed terrorists proudly affiliated with brothers in Jahbat al Nusra/ISIS/DAESH, all on everyone’s terror list.

Let us remind our dear readers that way back in October 2014, Syria’s Ambassador to the UN stated that the SAA could wipe out ISIS in three days, were the west [NATO colonial supremacists] to halt arming and funding them, and facilitating their entry into Syria:

Also on this bloody day, another Syrian child was murdered and a second was seriously injured via the explosion of a mine planted by the Biden forces — American illegals — protected terrorists of the armed separatist SDF. The children were playing near Ayn Issa village in al Raqqa, which is in Syria, not in the supremacist US of A. The criminal degenerate SDF have been busy planting explosives as civilized human being might plant fruits and vegetables. These rabid dogs have accelerated their war crimes in, and against, Syria, in response to an increase in their numbers also being blown up, by unknown persons.

Ten days ago, three children were injured while playing near the al Khirbeh roundabout at the eastern entrance to Daraa. Being children, they were enticed by a sweets box (“halwa”) protruding from a brick wall. The empty candy box was rigged to detonate when touched; one day later, 18 people were murdered, and three injured, when their vehicles were exploded when they touched landmines, in Hama, Syria.

If one were hanging out with those pals of Godot, one might ask, Oh where oh where can UNMAS be?

This is Agnes Marcaillou. She is the Director of the UN Mine Action Service. In July 2018, she and her entourage arrived in Damascus to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to support Syria in clearing the abomination of landmines. To date, her understanding seems limited to keeping meticulous statistics on the numbers of Syrians murdered and/or dismembered, and to officially present them at UN meetings.

Marcaillou's census was so impressive, she probably could have written the Book of Numbers.
UN Mine Action Service Director Agnes Marcaillou keeps excellent statistics.

These are young Syrian children who have been fitted with very expensive, osseointegrated prosthetics. As superb as they are, it were better that these children grow up with all of their limbs intact.

This is a giant African pouched rat. It can be trained to sniff out landmines and other explosives, without getting blown up. Given that the UN and its many subdivisions has shown itself hijacked by the NATO war criminal klansmen intent on destroying Syria’s sovereignty, that, despite Russian and Armenian sappers massively helping to clear the mines, that UNMAS remains a no-show, and that NATO weapons continuing falling into the hands of the savage terrorists of all factions, this author respectfully suggests the Levantine republic import and train these remarkable creatures, to accelerate the cleanup of these horrible explosives killing and maiming so many, especially children.

Giant African pouched rats can be trained to sniff out landmines and other explosives so they can be safely dismantled.

There is some small measure of good cheer from Syria, on 16 March: An undisclosed number of Biden forces owned SDF killers, kidnappers, and thieves also got blown up when an ”explosive device” was detonated in the Maghloujah village of Jabal Abdul-Aziz in al Hasakah governate, which is in Syria, which is not part of the US. As these blood-lusting criminals control this region of Syria, they immediately cordoned off the area and kept hidden the extent of injuries and/or whether any had good to meet their maker… Beelzebub.

Despite the slow genocide, the theft of raw materials including oil, wheat, and barley, despite the destruction of infrastructure, despite criminal US and Turkish occupation, that the massive war criminal Coalition bombings, the 10th anniversary of the imperialist NATO Spring against Syria, has proven to be a failure. Nonetheless, these imperialists continue to arrogantly view the blood of Syria as cheap.

As they become increasingly impatient with their failure, they may consider the blood cheaper still as they surely are mindful of President Assad’s promise to his people: Every inch of Syria will be liberated.

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

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