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Syria: US-Led FSA Terrorists Lose Battles Against Al-Qaeda

Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front

The current biggest problem for the U.S. and its allies in the terror war against Syria is that their under the brand “FSA” led terrorist gangs, different than it is regularly shown in the notoriously lying propaganda within the NATO countries, virtually dominate no territory in Syria.

Almost all areas and the important installations in Syria, where the Syrian army is currently not present on the ground, are dominated by terrorist gangs operating as sub-organizations of anti-American oriented terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and they neither direct nor indirect obey the instructions from NATO states.

It is the irony of the story that it were significant forces in the United States and U.S. allies, which have in the first place made the Wahhabi terrorists groups (belong to Al Qaeda) strong in Syria.

After Al-Qaeda terrorists under the name “Al Nusra Front” had their first public appearance in Syria in January 2012 and have confessed that they were responsible for several suicide attacks on Syrian security installations by which hundreds of people were killed, many background information about this terrorist group remained in the dark, even when it was already known at that time, that the United States consider citizens and institutions of the US ally Saudi Arabia as the main financial source for Al Qaeda.

It was only really clear that the terrorists of the “al Nusra Front” carried out very delicate blows against the Syrian government forces by their devastating suicide attacks on Syrian security and intelligence buildings.

Since the U.S. waged a proxy war against Syria, the devastating bomb attacks by Al Qaeda against Syrian security forces were apparently not entirely unwelcome. The official reaction from U.S. War Secretary Leon Panetta in terms of the suicide attacks by Al Qaeda in Syria was marked by conspicuous restraint.

Activities of Al Qaeda in Syria are a cause for concerns, but their range “remains to be seen” – that is what he answered in February 2012, when he was asked in regards of the devastating suicide bombings in Aleppo, which were carried out by the “al Nusra Front”.

The U.S. initially refrained of punitive measures such as the classification of the “al Nusra Front” as a terrorist organization, although the United States has already well known at that time that the “al Nusra Front” is an offshoot of Al Qaeda in Iraq, therefore a part of exactly the same terrorists, against the U.S. is waging a global “war on terror” for over a decade.

Since the “Nusra Front” was tolerated by the United States and was regarded to be very effective in the fight against the Syrian government with their tactics such as suicide bombings, it is no wonder that the active US-led FSA-terrorists in Syria accept the “al Nusra Front” very willing as a part of their battle formation against the Syrian government.

In June 2012, an article in the U.S. newspaper Washington Post (a venerable newspaper in former times, which became a radical Zionistic war paper in the service of the powerful Israel lobby in the United States many years ago) brought surprisingly much clarity about the background of the activities of Al Qaeda in Syria.

The Syrian offshoot of Al Qaeda was downright praised to the skies in this article and this is a sure sign that the Israeli regime as very happy with the activities of the terrorists of the “al Nusra Front” in Syria at that time.

The terrorists of the “al Nusra Front” were glorified as fearless and death-defying fighters against the Syrian army in the article by the Washington Post, their known connection to Al Qaeda was downplayed to a suspicion and even denied, and instead, they spread the claim that the fighters of the “Nusra Front” belong to the “Thawheed Brigade” of Aleppo, so that they would be a group that is subordinated to the leadership of the FSA in Turkey.

Aaron Y. Zelin, a member of the “Washington Institute for Near East Policy”, which was established by the Israel Lobby AIPAC for tax-saving purposes in the United States, also known under the acronym WINEP, explained interesting details about the communications technology of the “al Nusra Front” in Syria.

The “Nusra Front” would be the only one of the Syrian rebel groups, which would use a relevant known Internet forum to spread their explanations, in which are also well-known personalities of Al Qaeda, such as Ayman al-Zawahiri, spread their explanations, and the “Al Nusra Front” was able to gain a special credibility under the jihadists in Syria by their participations in this relevant Islamist forum. The Washington Post explained further, that this would also be a benefit for the capabilities of the “al Nusra Front” to recruit “people of Jihad” for the fight against the Syrian government.

Even though the Washington Post did not mention the name of the internet forum that is mainly used by Al Qaeda and the “al Nusra Front”, it is very clear from the context that it is about the “Shumukh Al-Islam” forum, which changes its internet address normally every few months – the forum is hosted in different states of the Western community of values such as the United States and after a few months, it changes the host (web space provider) and often also the country.

US Mad Senator John McCain with his friends from Al-Qaeda in Syria
US Mad Senator John McCain with his friends from Al-Qaeda in Syria

That Al Qaeda is able to undisturbed operate an internet forum in the United States and other NATO countries for regularly few months is a clear indication that intelligence from NATO countries are holding their protective hands above this forum, by which the “al Nusra Front”, as well as other offshoots of Al Qaeda, communicate with each other and with the world, and where the “Nusra Front” and other Al Qaeda offshoots also recruit jihadists for their terror war. It shows a link between intelligence from NATO countries and Al Qaeda.

The Washington Post wrote about the financial position of the “al Nusra Front” in Aleppo in its article in August, 2012, that the fighters of the “Nusra Front” would drive groovy new SUVs. The commander of the “al Nusra Front” in Aleppo, who claims at that time to command a modest force of about 300 fighters, would have told, an anonymous person, whom he himself does not know, hands over handsome sums of cash in envelopes to the terrorists of the Syrian offshoot of Al Qaeda, the “al Nusra Front” in the NATO state Turkey.

The performed anonymous payment transaction in cash in the NATO country Turkey raises the suspicion, in combination with the in NATO states hosted internet forum for Al Qaeda and the “Nusra Front” as well as the article by the strictly pro-Israel U.S. newspaper Washington Post, which praised the “Nusra Front”, that the “Nusra Front” was at that time not financed by rich private individuals from GCC states, but rather by the Israeli foreign intelligence service, the Mossad, who could have done this, for example, in cooperation with NATO states and with the greatest possible obfuscation.

The contributors for jihadists from GCC countries, who are otherwise often cited as the main source behind the funding of Al Qaeda, are usually not so keen on secrecy, because in their environment, the donations for jihad is usually regarded as a good deed and they often praise themselves for these donations and advertise publicly to follow suit.

Anyway, Emile Hokayem from the pro-government British “International Institute for Strategic Studies” (IISS) was cited in the article of the Washington Post in regards of the expected effect of the actions of the “al Nusra Front” in Syria, that he expects that the fighters of the “Nusra Front” would accelerate the military defeat of the Syrian government, but they would “not become the fundamental factor.”

The assessment of the British-Zionist war planner of the IISS that the Syrian offshoot of Al Qaeda would accelerate the violent overthrow the government in Syria, although it will, however, not become a fundamental factor in the overthrow of the Syrian government, was, as it soon became very clear, a fundamental error.

Those comparatively secular armed groups, who had been selected by the U.S. and its allies as the main force in the proxy war against Syria, have suffered in substantial portions under the situation that their members included long-year active acting habitual criminals who feared no penalties because of the severe prosecution resulting from the war for their criminal acts, and who only used the weapons, supplied by the United States and its allies, to enrich themselves at criminal ways.

The reason that such criminals have formed a significant part of US-led forces was, as it has was admitted to Reuters in June 2013 by a commander of such a former 2,000-strong battle group called Ghuraba Al-Sham from Aleppo, that the United States and their allied terrorist commanders were simply not able to find other people than the long-time criminals, who were ready to take the weapons and to attack police and army stations and, thereby, to take upon themselves to kill innocent people in Syria.

And since these gangs had a significant portion of common criminals in their ranks, these US-led freedom fighters of the FSA often also behaved like ordinary criminal gangs: they looted, plundered, robbed, kidnapped, murdered, raped, and tortured their randomly selected victims without morals and scruples – and without another goal in mind than to enjoy selfish power and to live their personal “criminal dreams”.

These US-led FSA criminal gangs were appropriate hated in many places in the Syrian population and also despised by those of their fellow fighters who were actually in Syria to carry out an armed overthrow of the government with the goal to implement a “better” society (of any kind whatsoever) in their opinion.

The only groups among the armed government opponents who actually possessed a higher and political goal, which differed from the pragmatic secularism of the Syrian government, were the jihadists, whose political goals is an Islamic state based, in their opinion, on a “correct”, “strict” or “primal/original” interpretation of the Koran.

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists
Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

The “Al Nusra Front”, the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, stood at the head of the jihadist forces, as the Washington Post had correctly identified in their article dated August, 2012. In terms of violence and brutality, there was no difference between the groups of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and the “al Nusra Front”.

While the members of the gangs of the FSA are responsible for crime of all kinds, starting with robbery, theft to rapes, torture, kidnapping – not only UN peacekeepers – up to one hundred times of cutting captive’s throats and cannibalism, the gangs of the “Al Nusra Front” are, among other things, responsible for executions, beheadings, and mass murderous bombings.

The difference in crime essentially consists of the situation that the fighters of the “al Nusra Front” use murderous violence mainly to enforce their political understanding of the structure of an “Islamic state”, while the gangs of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) are likely criminal because they want to personally enrich. The fighters of the “al Nusra Front” were regarded by the public and other fighters therefore, in contrast to the more secular US-led FSA criminal gangs, as relatively selfless, utterly fearless and disciplined.

Instead of only to think about the looting and plundering of the Syrian population and the property in conquered areas, the “al Nusra Front” also took care about the construction of civil administrative structures and public functions in order to realize their goal, build on this administrative core, namely, to establish an Islamic State that meets their needs. In order to maintain their controlled congregations, the “Nusra Front” arranged, among other things, the idle operation of bakeries, as far as possible a working power and water supply, production facilities, and even a rudimentary operation of public transports.

When something is required for the basic needs of the common weal and it is not in possession of the “Nusra Front”, the “Nusra Front” is able to seize it, based on a directive of their Sharia court, of course.

The “Nusra Front” co-opted also other groups for public duties, whose goal were also the establishment of an Islamic state – but they never gave the control, which they institutionalized with their sharia courts, and the power, whose core are their death-defying combat brigades, no more out of their hands. Whoever from the sides of the armed opponents of the Syrian government was attempting to challenge them for the power in the areas, which were once taken under control by the “al Nusra Front”, was fought by their battle units with a vengeance.

The FSA commander Thaer al-Waqqas, who led the members of the Farouk Brigades (belonging to the FSA) in northern Syria and also killed the commander Firas al-Absi of the “Nusra Front” in the battle against them on the Syrian-Turkish border crossing Bab Al-Hawa, punished by the “Nusra Front”. He has been then punished with the situation that he was himself killed by a commander of the “al Nusra Front” – the power and control of the “Nusra Front” above Bab Al-Hawa was re-established.

And a similar thing happened to a commander of the “Farouk brigades” at the Syrian-Turkish border crossing Tel Abyad, but with the difference that the commander of the “Farouk brigades” was not killed in his attempt to overthrow the “Nusra Front”, but only wounded, and he managed to escape to Turkey.

The “Nusra Front” defended their once acquired power positions in “rebel areas” very determined and successfully, and they expanded their presence in more and more “rebel areas”. With the ever-increasing public duties, which were taken over by the “Nusra Front”, the “Nusra Front” also got access to an ever-increasing funding, for example, by the sale proceeds of the baked bread in the bakeries that are under control of the “Nusra Front”, and by public donations and fees of all kinds, of course.

The management system, based on sharia courts, which is established by the “Nusra Front” in their controlled areas of Syria, reminiscent in many ways to the often absurdly brutal governance of the Taliban in Afghanistan or militias in Somalia, but it is more accepted by the population than a rule of US-led secular criminal gangs, which deal with nothing else than to terrorize and rob the population in their conquered areas. On the contrary, the Sharia courts of the “Nusra Front” even offer some protection against these criminal gangs for the population.

The income and the resources, which are controlled by them, are managed centrally by the “Nusra Front”. So, they were able to expand their organization, and to recruit in addition numerous fighters or other formations of insurgents.

Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front
Al Qaeda – Al Nusra Front

Within a few months, the Syrian offshoot of Al Qaeda became almost everywhere, where they were active in Syria, the strongest armed anti-government formation.

The U.S. seems to have been the first state of the anti-Syrian war community that noted that the cheap war strategy to use an offshoot of Al Qaeda to organize a group with combat power for the overthrow of the government in Syria delivers incalculable risks and problems in the end.

In mid-December, 2012, almost a year after it became public that the “al Nusra Front” is an offshoot of the terrorist organization “Al Qaeda in Iraq”, which also praise themselves with numerous genocidal bombings in Syria, the United States finally downgraded the “al Nusra Front” surprising officially as a terrorist organization. Barack Obama, however, was sharply criticized for this decision by other members of the war front against Syria.

The Zionist US-mag New York Times reported that the Syrian opposition, which otherwise only get along with each other in only a few questions, would be united in their rejection of the classification of the “Nusra Front” as a terrorist organization. All fractions of the Syrian opposition, from the Islamists to the liberals, would condemn this U.S. decision, according to the New York Times (NYT).

The U.S. mag “USA Today” reported that Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, the FSA commander for the province of Aleppo, has said: “The Nusra Front has not done anything illegal or anything worthy to be condemned. They fight with us side by side.” Moaz al-Khatib, a supporter of the Al Jazeera TV preacher Yusuf Qaradawi and former boss of the Qatari established organization “National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and opposition forces” as a political front group for the terrorists of the FSA, which was, at the same day of its establishment, also recognized as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, asked the United States immediately public to withdraw their decision.

Al Jazeera reported on the classification of the “Nusra Front” as a terrorist organization by the U.S., that the journalist Hashem Ahelbarra (employee of Al Jazeera) has criticized the U.S: decision as time-wise not suitable and as unwisely, and he also demanded that the United States should stop looking at the world from the perspective of getting rid of Al Qaeda.

Furthermore, Al Jazeera reported, that Farouk Tayfour, the deputy leader of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, has rated the U.S. decision as “very wrong”, and justified this with the sentence that the “Nusra Front” is liked by Syrian population.

U.S. Israel lobbyist David Pollock, from the AIPAC offshoot WINEP, also joined the criticism of the classification of the “Nusra Front” as a terrorist organization essentially, when he accused Barack Obama that he has made a serious mistake to officially rate the Syrian Al Qaeda offshoot as a terrorist organisation in an interview in the Qatari state TV channel, Al Jazeera, just because they are terrorists and that Obama has overlooked that the “Nusra”-terrorists are also, like the U.S., working on the target of a regime change in Syria.

The official U.S. classification of Nusra Front as a terrorist organization had beside the effect of a negative PR for the armed anti-government fighters and the sending of a clear signal to the U.S. allies in the war against Syria, above all, also the result that the U.S. based support for the “al Nusra Front” was criminalized. But for the result that the U.S. ban would have had a greater practical impact on the activities of the “Nusra Front” in Syria, the “Nusra Front”, however, was already far too strong and to well anchored in the rebel-held areas.

And key U.S. allies fought back against the classification of the “Nusra Front” as a terrorist organization. Thus, the NATO countries Britain and France, which have veto power in the UN Security Council, first blocked a Syrian request to classify the “Nusra Front” by the UN Security Council (UNSC) as a terrorist organization in April 2013, and this, despite the fact that the membership of the “al Nusra Front” to Al Qaeda was again shown to the world public in all clarity just some days before.

In the beginning of April 2013, Al Qaeda in Iraq has spread a message in which the head of the Iraqi Al Qaeda Branch, who carries the pseudonym Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, explained that the “Nusra Front” was a part of Al Qaeda in Iraq since the beginning, and that the “Nusra Front” will in future occur alongside the “Al Qaeda in Iraq” under the label “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” and he, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, would be the leader of this group.

The explanation by Al Qaeda in Iraq, disclosing the connection, can be, if one believes the assessment of the Iranian media that thinks that Al Qaeda in Iraq is waged by Saudi intelligence, certainly be interpreted that this was a desperate attempt by Saudi Arabia’s notorious secret service boss Bandar Sultan to regain the control of the Syrian Al Qaeda offshoot, also with the consequence that this public manoeuvre will disclose the close connection of the “Nusra Front” to Al Qaeda in Iraq.

The public manoeuvre of Al Qaeda in Iraq to regain the control over the Syrian “Nusra Front” was, however, not very successful.

A message of a leader of the “Nusra Front” with the pseudonym Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani was published as an immediate response to the news of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani said in his response that, although it is true that the Syrian “Nusra Front” has been founded by Al Qaeda in Iraq, but the Syrian “Nusra Front”, whose leader he is, meanwhile a strong independent regional organization that only swears loyalty to the international Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Because Ayman Al-Zawahiri rarely raises his voice, and one is in such a case never sure if he is it, and the only reaction by Ayman Al-Zawahiri was, as it is said, a bad authenticable written order to recognize the independence of the Syrian “Nusra Front” against the Al Qaeda in Iraq, the statement of Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani can be considered as a kind of declaration of independence by the Syrian “al Nusra Front”.

De facto, since then, there are two competing Al-Qaeda branches active in Syria. A branch considers the command Ayman al-Zawahiri for the recognition of the independence of the Syrian “Nusra Front” as authentic and sees itself standing in a chain of command from Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani direct to Ayman Al-Zawahiri, while the other branch considers Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a higher commander of the forces of Al Qaeda in Syria than Mohammed al-Jawlani.

To make the confusion complete, it now appears to be the situation that the commander-level of the alleged Saudi intelligence agents with pseudonym “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” is still not recognized by Al Qaeda in Syria and that the Al Qaeda in Syria thus acts largely independent from Al Qaeda in Iraq, and meanwhile already both branches of Al Qaeda in Syria occur mostly under the name of “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”.

In May 2013, Britain and France finally gave up their resistance to the classification of the “Nusra Front” at the UN Security Council (UNSC), so that the “al Nusra Front” was finally listed on the list of terrorist organisations by the UN Security Council in the end of May 2013. However, Britain and France made ​​sure that the opinion of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, instead of the opinion by Mohammed al-Jawlani, was followed by the UN Security Council in terms of the identity of the “al Nusra Front”, which is why the UN Security Council (UNSC) has not listed the “Nusra Front” as an independent terrorist organization, but as an alias name of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

al Qaeda - Sponsord by the CIA
al Qaeda – Sponsord by the CIA

Al Qaeda in Syria, however, develops gorgeous and becomes a more and more powerful organization despite these difficulties.

The Sharia councils, led by both Al Qaeda branches in Syria, currently dominate, as it was reported here some few weeks ago, the areas in Aleppo that are under “opposition control”, the only provincial capital that is “under opposition control”, the city of Raqqa, beside the near Tishrin Dam (Tishreen dam / for the water regulation of the Euphrates and to generate electricity), and large parts of the south-eastern province of Deir Ez-Zor. Al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups meanwhile control all grain silos in the areas that are “under opposition control” and with the exception of a small oil field, which is under control of the Kurdish battle group YPG (allied with PKK), all oil and gas fields that are under “opposition control”.

Nothing is anymore under the control of the US-led FSA terrorist gangs. Even the children’s education in the areas “controlled by the opposition” in Syria is organized by Al Qaeda associated terrorist groups.

In short, in the recent months, Al Qaeda in Syria has become an organization that governs an area with several million inhabitants in a Taliban-style, while it manages the economic activities to the extent of billions of dollars monthly, and, apart from the Syrian Army, it is the “organization” that maintains the largest and strongest army in Syria.

Nothing can reach the “rebel areas” without Al Qaeda, not even humanitarian aid. For example, when free flour is supplied from Turkey to the “rebel areas” in the east of Aleppo, just like the U.S. is doing this for the “stabilization” of the rebel-held areas, so that subsidized bread is baked with the flour, Al Qaeda gets a share, because Al Qaeda controls the bakeries, and on top of that, Al Qaeda is also praised by the population that the Al Qaeda managed bakeries work well enough and have cheap bread.

With the situation that the “opposition” in Syria is now dominated by anti-American groups, mainly belong to Al Qaeda, and neither directly nor indirectly under control of the United States, put the United States and Israel in an awkward predicament.

This means for the U.S., its allies and lackeys on the one hand, that if the armed opposition would be able, with the support of plenty of military aid and air support from abroad, to overthrow the Syrian government by military means, that anti-American Al Qaeda forces would take the power in Syria, including the strategic weapons of the Syrian army.

And on the other hand, this means that the US-led FSA terrorist gangs in Syria and their political representatives abroad, which are under a direct U.S. leadership, have no bargaining chips in the agreed new Geneva peace talks in front of the background of the terror scenario of a takeover of Al-Qaeda in Syria, to ensure that Syria will be removed from the Iran-led axis of resistance against Zionism – according to the target of war by the United States and Israel.

It seems that the Zionist-Wahhabi war coalition suffered a complete defeat in its long and carefully planned terrorist war against Syria. Given this perspective of the anti-Syrian coalition, which almost is a seemingly hopeless situation, the United States had the idea, just a few weeks ago, to supply more and better weapons to the FSA lackeys that are led by the NATO country Turkey.

It is absolutely clear that the weapons will not be enough to bring their FSA lackeys in a position to defeat the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and thus, to take the power in Syria. Even the official statements of the unity of war against Syria do not speak about this. Instead, it says, that arms supplies to the FSA through its executive committee, led by Salim Idriss, should only serve the situation that the military balance is restored, whose dynamic has shifted in favour of the Syrian army in recent months.

However, the news about the events of the recent days suggest that there is, at least, first a different goal planned with the supplies of new weapons to the terrorist gangs of the FSA instead of the fighting against the Syrian army – namely: to regain the complete control from the “Nusra Front” within the “rebel areas”.

That what is actually happening in the “rebel areas” since the announcement of the U.S. that they want to provide more weapons for the terrorist groups of the FSA, speaks volumes, despite the misleading propaganda.

About a week ago there was an armed attempt of retaking of power from Al Qaeda by armed groups belonging to the structures of the FSA and supported by sympathizing  civilians, near the town of ad-Dana, located near the Turkish-Syrian border crossing Bab Al-Hawa.

The town of ad-Dana is a strategically important town due to the border crossing. According to different information, about a dozen to several dozen armed men were killed in this attempt – and many more were injured. Although there is different information on how and why the conflict in ad-Dana began, it is clear that Al Qaeda was the winner of these battles. Most of the dead are said to have belonged to the camp of the opponents of Al Qaeda, and many opponents of the “al Nusra Front” were reportedly also detained.

The attempt to retake the control from Al Qaeda in ad-Dana, according to matching reports of all sides, has ended with the result that the head from the FSA-leader Fadi al-Qesh, who has led the groups of FSA into the battles against Al Qaeda in Ad-Dana, as well as the head of his brother, were found lying next to garbage cans on a central public square in ad-Dana. It was reported subsequent to it that Al Qaeda has stormed a weapons depot of the FSA in Ras al-Hosn, located very near to ad-Dana; unconfirmed reports say that seven FSA terrorists died.

Another deadly confrontation between al-Qaeda and the terrorists of the FSA has taken place in the Kurdish mountains in the far north of the north-western province of Lattakia on Thursday. The region has long been a strategic goal for the war efforts against Syria, because a corridor could run through it to the sea and thus, it would the NATO countries a maritime warfare against Syria, and then, they also would have not to take the sensitivities of the Turkish population into considerations.

Some reports could suggest that the anti-Syrian coalition of war is currently seriously considering such a war. The reports that Israel has possibly bombed the coastal defence of the province of Lattakia (July 5, 2013) from submarines, which were delivered by Germany, could suggest this consideration by the anti-Syrian war coalition.

In the Kurdish mountains of the province of Lattakia, there is a strong presence of Al Qaeda since the beginning of the armed conflict in Syria. FSA terrorists were previously not present in the area. A few days ago, terrorists of the FSA surprisingly built a checkpoint in this area that is controlled by Al Qaeda and that can be interpreted as a clear attempt to take back some power from Al Qaeda in this territory; and accordingly, AL Qaeda cares to “dissolve” the FSA checkpoint again.

That the establishment of the FSA checkpoint in the northern province of Latakia was a measure, which had been decided directly by the FSA leadership, became very clear when the “Supreme Military Council of the FSA” (SMC), the only FSA executive committee, headed by Salim Idriss, chosen by the United States for the arms deliveries, sent its member Kamal Hamami, together with a FSA terrorist group, to this area in order to inspect the new FSA checkpoint and to tell the Al Qaeda fighters in the region that the US-led FSA will now take over the control of this area.

When Hamami Kamal told a commander of Al Qaeda on his journey during an inspection at a checkpoint of Al-Qaeda in the Kurdish mountains that the FSA leadership is dissatisfied with the work of Al-Qaeda in the region, the commander of Al Qaeda did not hesitate and declared Kamal Hamami to an infidel and killed him with two shots into his chest.

The other Al-Qaeda members cared about the rest of the FSA terrorist group of Kamal Hamami with a volley of bullets, and then, the companions of Kamal Hamami fled and lamented in media, such as Al Jazeera, that the extremism of Al Qaeda was intolerable and that the FSA needs more and better weapons to fight Al Qaeda in Syria. Anyway, the U.S. lackeys of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) have, at least, suffered a crushing defeat temporarily in the fight against Al Qaeda in the province of Lattakia.

Another attempt by the FSA to conquer a strategically important position of Al Qaeda in Syria was reported on Saturday from the al Nusra Front-controlled city of Shadadi, located in an oil and gas-rich area of the north-eastern Syrian province of Hasakah. As “Syrian Documents” reported, citing activists, FSA terrorists had fired on positions of the “Al Nusra Front” in the town of Shadadi; including rocket launchers.

A few days earlier, the journalist Ghaith Abdul-Ahad of the pro-NATO newspaper Guardian had inspected (reconnoitred) the city and reported the rule of the “Nusra Front” to Britain and said that only a few kilometres away from the city of Shadadi is a gas refinery, which should be the most important taken good by the “Nusra Front” in entire Syria. Since it is not known that the FSA has successfully taken over the city of Shadadi or the nearby gas refinery, it may be assumed that the FSA terrorists have lost the battle against Al-Qaeda.

More clashes between FSA terrorists and Al Qaeda were reported from Aleppo in recent days, where terrorists of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) have tried unsuccessfully to take away the control of a central transition between government and rebel territory from Al Qaeda in the district of Bustan Al-Qasr, as well as from the south-eastern province of Deir Ez-Zor, where members of Al-Qaeda have reportedly killed 13 FSA terrorists in clashes.

The results of the attempts by the terrorists of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) to conquer positions of Al Qaeda in Syria of the past few days show clearly that the FSA has no chance in the fight against Al-Qaeda in Syria.

The only power that is able to defeat Al Qaeda in Syria, which was recently still supported by the Western community of values in order to speed up the fall of the regime, is the Syrian army.

While the US-led terrorist organisation of the FSA approaches in the fight against Al Qaeda in Syria from defeat to defeat, the Syrian army has made significant progress in the provinces of Homs and Damascus in the fight against terror.

The situation of the US-led FSA terrorists in Syria and its supporters of the anti-Syrian war-coalition gets meanwhile more and more hopeless from day to day and the list of their enemies is almost getting longer every day. Pakistani Taliban, who have fought against the US-led occupation forces in Afghanistan, for example, have officially announced now to build bases in Syrian “rebel areas” in order to support Al Qaeda in Syria.

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