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Syria: Terrorists Received Arms from Libya with Help of Qatar & Turkey

Weapons are not only delivered from Libya to Syria.

A new and interesting report reveals that the massive weapons stockpiles of the former Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi are making their way to foreign-sponsored militants in Syria, while others still believe that also NATO countries have their hands in the arms smuggling to the jihadists and terrorists in Syria and that some of these arms are from NATO stockpiles, too.

As the New York Times has published in a report from Friday, there is a lot of alleged evidence, which has been collected in Syria by the use of flight-control data and, according to the New York Times, by many interviews with gunmen, arms smugglers, terrorists, religious fanatics,, so-called analysts on the affairs in the Middle East and also with several officials in several countries.

This research and the investigations confirm that many arms were shipped and are still delivered from Libya to the terrorists and jihadists in Syria, while the report by the New York times also states that this is directly financed by Qatar and probably also by the other totalitarian dictatorship in the Gulf – Saudi Arabia; both are best friends of Western governments, although there are no human rights and there is no democracy in both Gulf States and both regimes are huge sponsors of terrorism around the globe.

For analysts and people who are following the news and information about the conflict in Syria and all developments and leaks, this report by the New York Times has no new details. It is clear since many months that weapons from Libya arrived in Syria and that many thugs from Libya (“former democratic rebels in Libya, supported by NATO states”) also came to Syria or were transported to Syria in order to fight against the secular state and the secular government.

This new report by the New York Times further stated that also C-17 cargo planes from Qatar have landed at least three times in Libya this year. This includes flights from an Airport in Libya’s Tripoli and also (at least) one flight by the Qatari C-17 cargo plane from Benghazi on April 16.

These Qatari transport planes (C-17 Cargo Planes) were used to deliver weapons and ammunition from Libya to the Turkish-Syrian border. At the Turkish-Syrian border, these weapons were given into the hands of the religious fanatics and terrorists located there and willfully hosted in this area by the Turkish Erdogan regime in order to destroy the Syrian nation and to serve the will of his masters in other foreign nations.

Some officials say the weapons shipments from Libya to Syria are managed on ground by some armed groups (probably al-Qaeda-linked thugs and gunmen) and not by the weak and useless Libyan central government in Tripoli.

Weapons are not only delivered from Libya to Syria.
Weapons are not only delivered from Libya to Syria.

For example, at the beginning of the last week, the British-Libyan weapons dealer, called Abdul Basit Harun, stated in an interview that these weapons, which have already reached Syrian soil, were not only delivered to Syria by many charted flights, but also by ships – and disguised as humanitarian aid and that everybody knows, that they are sending weapons to Syria. The Libyan lawmaker Tawfiq Shehabi also confirms that the weak but radical Tripoli proxy government tacitly supports the activities of arms dealers like Abdul Basit Harun.

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  1. M K

    The Syrian soldiers killed and wounded a number of militants in the farms between the archeological Bel temple, Dedeman hotel, Taldo, Tal Dahab and Kesin toward al-Houla in Homs countryside, an official source said.

    Another army unit attacked insurgents’ dens in al-Karabis and al-Khalidieh neighborhoods in Homs city and in al-Rastan, Talbisa, al-Ameriya and al-Ghajar areas, the source added.


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