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Syria: Terrorist School Jobar

Jobar. Photo: Andrei Filatov / ANNA News

Syrian and the modern, cruel terrorism.

Well, that was once a school, an associated playing field (sports ground) and a centre of public life in the suburbs of Damascus. Tanks are now driving around there and shoot everything in ruins.

The irregular warfare established itself into the most perfidious type of activity for terrorists from all over the world.

Profane suicide bombings, attacks on government facilities, attacks on politicians, military and government officials are and remain the “traditional” arsenal of terrorist brigades from the Western Sahara up to the Philippines; the occupation of buildings (e.g. recently in Nairobi) or neighbourhoods, including the hostage-taking of the local civilians and the attacks on major cities have meanwhile far more serious consequences than the former common species of terrorism.

Thereby, it is virtually impossible to prevent and counter these attacks. It is physically impossible to occupy all the ins and outs of megacities and to control everything and everyone there.

Dubrovka, Beslan, Homs, Douma (Duma), Aleppo, Nairobi, etc. – terrorist act anywhere according to the same scheme: they seep into the cities, they gather in a certain moment and start their attack. The effect and the efficiency of this approach is far higher compared to the “conventional” terrorism.

Even if terrorists just persevere in one of the occupied object, an operation against them leads either to many dead or to a massive destructions – usually to both. In case that the terrorists begin now a full-scale war with continuous changes of location within the city out of this situation, then the destruction and casualties rises exponentially.

So far, however, there is no effective cure for that. While the principle of “no negotiations with terrorists” was valid in former times and certainly has helped to reduce terrorism from the outset, the terrorists nowadays do not have to put up with negotiations anymore.

The only option probably consists of an immediate destruction, not only of the terrorists but of the whole area, property or urban area, which is occupied by them; however, such an action is simply unacceptable in the own country.

The Syrians prove daily by the example of their own traumatized country that such an anti-terror fight is the guarantee for the destruction of the own country, but yet no guarantee to put a definitive end to the terrorism and horror.

Jobar. Photo: Andrei Filatov / ANNA News

Governmental services and power structures, which have been created for the fight against extremism and terrorism, are all focused on a fight of a bygone age – against small, mobile underground groups.

These services and structures prove to be helpless when the number of terrorists, with the help of social technologies and other factors, suddenly increases rapidly and they begin to wage an “incorrect” war.

The methods used by the state power in the anti-terror fight ultimately just help the terrorists to achieve one of their key provisions – the spread of terror, panic and destruction.

Therefore, an expansion of such “traditional” structures seems not very efficient, it’s more about raising the anti-terror fight to a whole new level. Maybe a warfare, massive targeting the communication channels (of the terrorists), is a solution.

The United States have such a structure since a longer time. They use terrorism as a tool, and in parallel, they have measures against it. Poison and antidote. The antidote is the NSA. An organ that monitors the entire information flood and data traffic and then filters out what may be linked to terrorism.

Outside the U.S., the CIA switches on in addition and it has instruments of power for the anti-terror fight – for example, drones. Collateral damage included.

But where wood is chopped,…

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