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syria syrians in france and lebanon hold events for solidarity with homeland

Syrians in France and Lebanon Hold Events for Solidarity with Homeland
Jan 20, 2013

PARIS/ BEIRUT, (SANA) – The Syrian students and community members in Frances, with the participant of a number of French citizens, held a solidarity event in Paris in support of Syria in the face the global war waged against Syria targeting the unity and security of the Syrian people.

The event took place outside the Syrian Cultural Centre in Paris upon a call from the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in France.

The participants raised the Syrian flaga and lit candles in honor of the Syrian martyrs, civilian and military, denouncing the crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups which are supported by foreign and Arab countries.

They condemned the crime which targeted students at Aleppo University, expressing wonder at the policy of double standers adopted by France in dealing with the crisis in Syria, denouncing the political, military and financial support provided by France to the terrorists in Syria.

Syrian Students in Lebanon Stage Sit-in in Sour City

In the same context, Syrian students in Lebanon staged a sit-in in Sour city to express solidarity with Syrian, people, army and leadership, in the face of the global conspiracy hatched against it and its tools of the terrorists who are being supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the US.

The participants in the event, which took place in front of the martyrs’ monument in the Lebanese city, raised posters of President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian flags and lit up candles in honor of the martyrs of Aleppo University massacre and all Syrian martyrs.

Representatives of Lebanese parties and national forces participated in the sit-in.

Lawyer Muhammad Safi Eddin, speaking on behalf of the protesters, stressed that Syria will come out from its crisis despite the international conspiracy.

He said “As resistance in Lebanon achieved victory thanks to Syria’s support, Syria will achieve victory over terrorism which is targeting its people who have stressed their loyalty to homeland.”

He affirmed the support of the people in South Lebanon with Syria, the main supporter to the Resistance in Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

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