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Syria: Syrian Refugees Should Return Home

Syria, Ain Dara

Syrian Prime Minister says that Syria’s refugees should return home.

The Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said in a new statement that all the Syrians who were forced to flee the Arab nation due to the ongoing conflict and violence, mainly perpetrated by the foreign-backed terrorist and jihadist forces on Syrian soil, should return home. Syria’s Prime Minister al-Halqi has called on all these Syrians who were forced to flee to neighbouring countries of Syria because of the still ongoing conflict in the Arab nation to return home.

In a weekly cabinet meeting of the Syrian ministers in the capital Damascus yesterday, the Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi further stated that the Syrian government is ready to provide residential places for all those Syrians who will return to their home country and that the Syrian government will care about all the returnee who were previously forced to leave the Arab nation due to the ongoing conflict and the violence by the foreign-supported terrorist groups on Syria soil.

Syrias Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi further said at this weekly cabinet meeting of Syrian ministers in Damascus yesterday, that Syria is the home to all Syrians and that the government in the capital is ready to embrace all the displaced Syrian citizens and to provide decent residence to all the Syrians who will come home to Syria.

However, Syria is the home to all Syrians, but the administration should finally start to seize passports of known traitors and not maintain the known behaviour of even sending back identity cards / passports to them when their Syrian ministries even have received those personal documents by such known traitors who wanted to abandon their Syrian citizenship.

Yes, indeed. One is able to send his Syrian passport to any Syrian ministry and he will receive his passport again after some weeks because they do not accept that a Syrian abandons his citizenship and it does not matter whether you are a supporter or opponent of the government in Damascus.

Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi made these new remarks at the cabinet meeting in the Syrian capital Damascus after the warning of the UN Refugee Agency that the situation of the Syrian refugees is getting worse. The UN Refugee Agency said at the beginning of this month, that the Syrian refugees are facing recruitment as child soldiers, sexual violence, and exploitation for labor; especially in the refugee camps in Jordan.

Syria, Ain Dara
Syria, Ain Dara

The UN (United Nations) report was released by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on August 6 and clearly says that a large number of child refugees are deprived of schooling and vulnerable to be recruited by armed terrorist and jihadist groups that aim to take them back to fight against the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The UNHCR also warned about domestic and sexual violence against Syrian refugees and calls it a particular danger for Syrian women and children in the refugee camps in neighbouring countries of Syria.

The UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) further noted that these threats are not limited to Syrian children and that older Syrian women and men are also prey to such recruitment, while all Syrian refugees, including youngsters, are being forced into labor and the number of sexual assaults against Syrian women and girls is sadly growing in such refugee camps – especially in the camps in Turkey and Jordan.

The report by the UN Refugee Agency further said both organized crime networks and the external Syrian opposition groups operate in the Syrian refugee camps in order to pursue their financial and political aims.

However, when the United Nations (UN) do know about this all (and they know about the sexual assaults against Syrian girls, the rapes of girls and women in such refugee camps in e.g. Jordan and Turkey as well as they do know about recruitment of Syrian children for the war in Syria since months) why don`t they act?

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  1. AH

    It’s only a few years back when Syrian men (among Lebanese visitors and Arab travelers) took advantage of Iraqi refugee girls and women being sold as flesh for lust in the eastern suburbs of Damascus… I did not see or hear about Syrian police cracking down on that in those days…. They might rather have cashed in by closing their eyes to the horrific human tragedy.

  2. Arklight

    This is only one of many hideous aspects of warfare. Nobody wants to think about getting killed in their own home, or at the market; people leave home in order to be ‘safe’, and don’t realize that there is no safe place, anywhere upon the planet. When they stay within their own countries there is a certain de facto relief in being among your own friends and neighbors, however illusory that relief may prove to be. Once across the border and into a foreign country, the refugee is on his or her own; there is an expectation that the host country will provide food, water, shelter and security, but the host country’s obligation ends at the border. Neither Jordan, Turkey nor Iraq has any de jure obligation to refugees, but do extend humanitarian relief, which has limits; no country is going to go more than a given distance toward bankruptcy in providing for strangers who show up at the door with nothing. The refugees form what is, in effect, an enclave which is responsible for its own security, which I doubt they actually make any move to provide. Refugees are, essentially, freeloaders, and assume that somebody else will see to their needs. There are criminal opportunists everywhere, and the larger the victim pool the better, in their minds. Jordan does provide busses for the convenience of Syrians who wish to return home, but the service is not free; a fare is charged so, ‘No pay, no way.’

    Are returned refugees welcomed with open arms? I doubt it. If my neighbor fled to Canada in order to avoid the noise and rubble while I stayed and rode it out, or obtained a weapon and fought for my home, I’d tend to view my returned neighbor as a gutless pogue and steer clear. When work, or food, or shelter becomes available, it would go to the people who stayed. Personally, I’d never trust a returnee. Sorry.

    People who vacate their citizenship, individually, don’t deserve re-instatement. Trouble is, were the passports surrendered for the entire family, members of which had no wish to become stateless, but had no choice under cultural rules. The women and kids become victims through no choice of their own, and that’s wrong. It’s also a pretty knotty challenge, but I’d not re-instate the citizenship without in depth individual interviews. Just because the ones who vacated their citizenship were Syrians does not automatically mean that they are worthy of their former country. That’s my opinion, anyway.

    UN is making a lot of noise about the victimization of refugee women and kids; yeah? so? Has UN provided an in camp security force? No. The exploitation is dead wrong, UN knows it; UN would rather cry and whine, sniveling in hopes of sucking more money from the taxpayers of various countries which, if forthcoming, would just be stolen by UN anyway. Had the refugees stayed home and made the best of it, I’d have more feeling for them but their current plight is their own responsibility. Tango Sierra.


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