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syria syrian army conducted cleansing operations

Syrian Arab Army

The units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have carried out further cleansing operations across the country and is still gaining the upper hand in the battles against the foreign-supported Takfiri militants, jihadists and terrorists. In the latest operations and battles by the Syrian forces against the foreign-backed militants and gunmen, a numerous amount of Takfiri fighters were killed.

According to the reports, some troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were able to confiscate arms and communication devices after their cleansing operations in the northern and southern parts of the capital Damascus. In these operations, a number of Takfiri militants were killed, others were injured in the battles.

Official sources from Syria have meanwhile stated that Syrian soldiers stormed a typical hideout of the foreign-backed terrorists in the South of the Syrian town of Herjjira. The attack of the Syrian units has caused the death of many of the Takfiri gunmen and religious fanatics. The weapons and ammunition of these dead terrorists were afterwards destroyed by the Syrian soldiers.

In addition, other Syrian army units were able to completely destroy a storehouse that has been used by the foreign-backed jihadists and terrorists to make explosive devices. The storehouse and a tunnel was then destroyed after the victory of the Syrian units against the militants near Herjjira.

Further reports from Syria indicate that a numerous amount of the foreign-backed jihadists and militants were killed in the strategic important city of Aleppo (Halab), located near the Syrian border to Turkey. The Syrian units still try to gain the upper hand about the very radical militants near and in the city of Aleppo. For example, a unit of the Syrian army was able to destroy three mortar cannons as well as some heavy machineguns near Aleppo today. This is probably good news – we need more of these good news in terms of Aleppo..

Besides the battles in and around Aleppo and other parts of the Arab nation, also the operations by the Syrian army in the Western city of Homs are continued. The Syrian army units have again caused a huge defeat for the foreign-backed terrorists in several districts of the Syrian city of Homs.

As reports say, the Syrian army units were able to kill and injure a numerous amount of extremists and religious fanatics in the province of Idlib (Idleb). According to some further sources, the Syrian units are tightening their control over some more hideouts of the terrorists in the province of Idlib (Idleb) and this is really important and about time, of course.

Aleppo Souk - Once beautiful..
Aleppo Souk – Once beautiful..

There were also new battles against several groups of foreign-supported terrorists in the central city of Hama. The Syrian units fighting in the central area of Hama were able to kill and injure further militants and to finally destroy a so-called warehouse of the terrorists in Homs.

Several other operations were carried out by the Syrian forces in the countryside of the beautiful city of Lattakia (Latakia) and the Syrian units want to finally clean the countryside of Lattakia and the area of the Lattakia Mountains.

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  1. Blowback Winds!

    The reality is that these foreign mercenaries were lured into a Massive Trap by the US/Zionists hegemony with the help of Muslim Emirs of KSA & Qatar with untold wealth & free sex with unlimited women as long as they are based in Syria, AWAY FROM AFGHANISTAN where the plans of building a pipeline north/south has Always been the real reason for the invasion. If anyone is old enough to remember, in 2001 dec, the only interview on radio given by mullah Omar, he stated categorically that the taliban will Never Allow the building of any pipeline thru Afghanistan. 99% of the world didn’t know what he was talking about. After 12 years of insurgency, the evil empire plotted to dry the resistance away from the Real battlefields into the killing fields of Syria knowing the SAA to be Very Brave but could be shaken to the core with multiple plots- Both scenarios is to the advantage of zionists in israhell:- If the SAA defeat & kill most of these sex-jihadists, it’ll be peace & bravo for the US troops elsewhere. And if they achieve the chaos, as planned, Syria will be removed from the resistance front,, hence Peaceful Stay for the occupiers of Palestine. What a foolish plan.. Only death is guaranteed to these killers by the SAA And insurgencies hasn’t receded in Afghanistan as the taliban are able to replenish with multiple births of children:-)))


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