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Syria: Syrian Army Cleans Western Parts of Homs

Foreign powers against the Syrian people. Proxy war in Syria.

After Barack Obama and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have lost the support of the Congressmen in the United States to further support the jihadists and militants within Syria with more arms deliveries and technical equiptment, it seems the Syrian Arab army is still on fire and currently cleans the Western parts of the Syrian city of Homs. Thus, the once beautiful city and especially the the Western districty of Homs are hopefully soon free of the foreign-backed terrorists and Islamists.

There are several operations by units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) underway in the Western parts of the city of Homs and while it is a sad and tragic side-effect that a lot of old buildings and the old face of Homs seem more and more gone and really became history now, it is at least good news that the foreign-supported jihadists, gunmen and Al-Qaeda thugs (supported by the CIA for many years – confirmation here) are pushed back by the units of the Syrian military.

Of course, the current operations and success by the Syrian army units leave some open questions about the last months or even the recent year; but these are probably questions, which will be answered when the Arab nation is secure and safe again. In addition, although there are many positive news about more and more successful actions and operations of the Syrian Army units and its backers, one should not forget that both sides tell you every story as long as its helpful for them. Both sides, beside the United States, such as the jihadists-sponsors like the famous CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) or the European governments, use propaganda as a daily business.

But according to many sources on ground in Syria and reading all the reports from several and even different plattforms and analysts, it seems clear that – while there are endless human ressources, which can be bought by the totalitarian dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar – the Syrian army is advancing and also carrying out more and more successful operations against the Gulf- and foreign-backed militants and religious fanatics.

Of course, beside the both terrorist-sponsors and dangerous Gulf States Saudi Arabia and Qatar, it is already clear as the sky at a nice summer day in Aleppo that the Jordan king and the Erdogan regime in Turkey are among the biggest supporters of the terrorism and massacres against the Syrian people. Saad Hariri and his thugs and mercenaries in northern Lebanon can be named here, too.

As mentioned here already, the operations of the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Homs are still on-going and it seems that these missions in the city of Homs are successful so far. At least, it is just logical that this urban warfare will last longer than the normal battles in field – but as long as the Syrian troops are removing more and more of these foreign-supported radicals, thugs and mercenaries, while some Syrian radicals and uneducated religious thugs are between them, all this is good news. The Syrian Army will prevail and Syria will be secure and beautiful again.

For the foreigners among the readers. Syria was and is the only secular Arab nation. There has been never any doubt about the status of secularity within Syrian borders in contrast to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan or Iran. In Syria, before the proxy war and the greater plan for the Middle East was finally carried out by foreign powers and internal traitors, the most parts and sections of the society were fine. Slow but honest.

Foreign powers against the Syrian people. Proxy war in Syria.
Foreign powers against the Syrian people. Proxy war in Syria.

Of course, there was and is corruption. From the smallest Syrian citizen up to the highest ranks in the country. There is no question about this. In addition, there were problems at the job sectors and also problems with the free education and health system. Yes, the education and health systems are free to use in Syria. The economy and other sectors were partly not in the best state but there were plans to improve several sectors. Then – the bloodshed began due to the will of foreign powers.

And still, Syria resists the orders and will of these powers, knowing more and more what resistance means and also costs and such a fight is expensive but nobody will bring Syria and the Syrian people down. They won`t give in. The longer the proxy war and US-backed terrorism will continue in Syria, the more resistant the majority will become. A simple fact and just the truth. The most will not give in and if they have to fight on their own some day in future, they will do it.

The Syrian city of Homs will be free of jihadists and rats again, but everybody has to accept that these battles and urban warfare takes a long time and costs a very high price. This is sad but true.

The Western parts of Homs are currently cleaned and these cleansing operations by the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will take time. These Western districts of Homs will be secure and safe again, but probably not today or tomorrow. Although the most have already shown so much patience and, as state, open questions about strategies and operations as well as the government decisions, in addition to the president, remain, all have to even show more patience now.

Syria will be fine again and the victory against these foreign-backed jihadists and terrorists is just a matter of time. Sadly, nobody can say how much time, but there´s a feeling it will not last another two and a half years.

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