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Syrian Army cleans al-Qusayr, Homs

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The Syrian Arab Army continues the cleaning of the terrorist-infested areas around the known city of Homs in order to implement security and laws again and to help the trapped inhabitants who were not able to flee when the foreign-backed terrorists and groups of jihadists have entered their districts and areas around Homs.

As usual, the previous strategy of the Syrian Arab Army has raised some serious questions, but it is finally a very good development that units of the Syrian Army successfully clean the suburbs of the city of Homs now and even have driven out many foreign-backed terrorists and Islamists already.

The cleaning process by the Syrian Arab Army is still continued in the West of Syria and especially around the city of Homs. For example, a unit of the Syrian Arab Army was able to even clean the district of al-Qusayr yesterday. The district of al-Qusayr, Homs, was known as one of the main strongholds of the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists in this region of Syria.

According to some sources, the units of the Syrian army have found dozens of explosive devices which were then defused after the cleaning of these areas by special units of the army. Also, a lot of weapons were found there, as usual.

The Syrian Arab Army had also managed to clean some strategic Syrian villages and towns near the border to Lebanon as already stated on SyriaNews – for example, the Syrian village of Abel, located just 4 kilometers away from the known main route between Homs, the capital Damascus and the important northern province of Aleppo.

Last Saturday, some units of the Syrian Arab Army have succeeded in regaining the control in four Syrian villages which are all located around al-Qusayr. The villages are Radwaniyah, Qadesh, Mansouriyah, and As’adiya. After heavy battles with armed gunmen and groups of terrorists, the Syrian army units were able to regain control in these villages and to remove the Western-backed cockroaches and Wahhabi scum from these villages.

The chaos and bloodshed in Syria are being mainly orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports and evidence that a very large number of the militants fighting in Syria are foreign nationals. Not to mention that those totalitarian dictatorships like Qatar and Saudi Arabia support the violence against Syria and also supply the terrorists with weapons, while both Gulf States try everything to increase the amount of dumb and willing human resources for the fight against the secular state of Syria.

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