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Syria: SAA’s Most Important Unit

Syrian Arab Army

They’re rarely mentioned in the news, they rarely appear in media, they’re embedded with each combating unit at the front of the front-lines especially in urban warfare and especially in the Syrian crisis where troops fighting herds of highly trained terrorists and death squads who depend mostly on planting improvised explosive devices known as IEDs and digging tunnels to move inside.

ANNA News cover in this short report live targeting of an SAA Engineering Unit and findings of huge sized IEDs planted by terrorists, we included in reports before the same.

The Syrian Arab Army sustained considerable losses within the past 26 months of the crisis imposed on Syria by NATO states bringing tens of thousands of terrorists from worldwide to ‘revolt’ against the Syrian people.

3 members of the SAA Engineering Unit seen in this video killed while dismantling an IED planted near a mosque in Duma city near Damascus on September 30, 2011. The IED was timed to explode when worshipers finish their Friday prayers, could have been remotely detonated:

September 2011 and the country was facing that type of terror in addition to sniping, suicide bombing and massacres and only this week the UN decided to designate Nusra Front as a terrorist group!

SAA - Syrian Arab Army Badge
Syrian Arab Army Badge

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