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Syria Resumes its Great River Project in Hama

Hama Second Water Project - Great River

2.5 million people will benefit from the Second Hama Water project – Syria’s Great River – once completed and constant fresh drinking water will be supplied throughout the year.

The total cost of the project is 40 billion Syrian Liras (SYP), with today’s money value, it still requires an additional 4 billion Liras to complete. The project was postponed due to the ‘War of Terror’ waged by the US against the country.

Hama Second Water project will provide 4 times the current levels of fresh drinking water and will supply the cities of Homs and Hama in addition to 65 residential communities in the two provinces.

General Manager of Public Water Utility in Hama Dr. Muteea Abshi told SANA: ‘This project is a massive development lifter which positive results will reflect on the residents of the targeted cities, towns, and residential communities once completed.’

Dr. Abshi added that the 1 billion SYP out of the needed 4 billion SYP to complete the project was budgeted in the 2019 plan which will cover the cost of the 4th stage extending from Rastan city to the city of Hama.

The water supplies will come from Al-Bassil Damn in Zeeta town and from the top of Orontes River as it enters Syria from Lebanon.

Engineer Sawsan Urabi, head of economic units in the Hama Public Water Company, confirmed that the cities of Hama, Salamiyeh, Rastan, Talbeeseh, and the dozens of residential communities (villages and towns) will feel the positive effects of the project which will put an end to the drought problem in this area, especially during the summer season, and will be sufficient through the year 2035.

Engineer Urabi added: ‘The project has been divided into 3 stages, first of which compose the construction of water pumping in the joint facility at the top of the Orontes River at the Hamiri site. The building of two water pipes from the Orontes River until the distribution facility, in the shape of a Horse insole built with concrete.’

‘The construction of the distribution facility near the current Hama water filtering facility in Qusseir, in addition to the steel pipe from al-Bassil Damn to the distribution facility with a total length of 3,972 meters’, Eng. Urabi concluded.

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