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Syria Rebuilding: Assad Inaugurates Relaunch of Gas Turbines

Syria Rebuilding: Assad Inaugurates Relaunch of Gas Turbines

Syrian President Bashar Assad inaugurated, again, the launch of the first phase of new gas turbines in the Southern Central Region Gas Plant, on 27 October 2022, the new turbines will increase the production capacity by 500 thousand cubic meters of gas per day.

Destroying Syria’s infrastructure and the rest of its economy will definitely lead to more freedoms and democracy in the country, the western politicians and their propagandists insist until this very day, they continue to impose a blockade against the country by imposing sanctions on countries and corporations submitting to the US hegemony.

President Bashar Assad has prioritized the building of Syria’s infrastructure to the best international standards and the restoration of the country’s infrastructure throughout the past years continuing the legacy of the late Hafez Assad despite all the hardship imposed on the country by fake humanitarians.

President Assad addressed the workers and the Syrian people on the occasion in this video report:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


Congratulations, congratulations to you for this achievement, congratulations to all of us as Syrians, for what you are doing, and congratulations to us for you because this plant was targeted and was at the heart of the battlefield. This facility provided martyrs and wounded from your colleagues, and after each battle, battles in every sense of the word were military battles, shelling, booby-traps and others, the workers who were present, or those who gave their lives, would go out to repair, and the plant returns to pump gas for electricity, household gas, and other uses.

I was here in 2009 and I opened the same facility, and at that time the project was important and vital for Syria. Today we are back to inaugurating the same project. The good thing is that we can develop, expand and repair what was destroyed by terrorism. The sad thing is that war and terrorism force us to reopen the same projects again, instead of moving from a new project to a new one, and so on.

The truth is, this is the result of the terrorism that we have all experienced, as a result of when ignorance meets treachery leads to ruin in the country, ignorance with treachery transforms people instead of being human, turns them into herds, and the herds need a shepherd from outside to direct them.

Or perhaps more clearly, like locust swarms, when locust swarms attack the crop, they destroy it for hours, destroy the good, human swarms of locusts of flesh and blood, but they are devoid of humanity, they have no mind, they have no affiliation, they have no patriotism, they have no morals, all these human traits do not exist. On the other hand, when awareness meets patriotism, we see this civilized scene, we see construction and reconstruction; when awareness meets patriotism, we see you and we see people like you who are for the country in a very difficult stage, a support and an asset, and they presented the national image in its most beautiful and wonderful images and manifestations.

This project, when we opened it in 2009, was considered a very important and vital project for the country at that time, and the country was comfortable and all sectors were moving forward naturally, but during the war, it became more important for the country, because of the blockade of course.

Today because of the war in Ukraine, the war between Russia and Western countries through the Ukrainian agent, this project and similar projects have become absolutely invaluable, the unprecedented rise in gas prices, the high prices of fuel, the high prices of everything, the terrible high prices, gives us a message more than before, and it is basically available within us as Syrians that we must always rely on ourselves, As we have previously relied on ourselves in the matter of wheat since the eighties, and then energy, today gas, oil, and energy, it is necessary to be in the hands of local people and with national skills so that we can empower ourselves.

Today, the world is facing a big problem in this matter, but despite all these problems, we can expand with new projects, not only repairing what was destroyed, but adding a new part to this plant, which calls us to develop our production of gas, and this thing that you have done will gradually be reflected in the citizens, first with regard to electricity stations and secondly with regard to domestic gas, as you know that there is a problem with the first and with the second, and each of you is experiencing this suffering.

It is true that we are going through stages. You have worked here on the issue of gas and it will be reflected in the stations. The first stage of the thermal station in Aleppo was repaired, and there are other stages, and now there are power stations in different areas that are subject to rehabilitation, God willing, in the coming months and perhaps within a year our situation will be the best in all these respects, and this will not only be reflected in the comfort of the citizen but will be reflected primarily in the services and the economy.

What you and your colleagues are doing on other sites gives a very important picture of examples of success in the public sector. The public sector in Syria was the carrier of the economy and services during the war and had it not been for the public sector, we would have been in a disaster much worse than what we are going through today.

You have presented a bright picture of the possibility of success in the public sector, which means increasing the confidence in public sector institutions, and when confidence in public sector institutions increases, confidence in all state institutions increases. This does not mean that there are no errors, but there is a difference between saying that there is a mistake and it must be fixed and saying that we do not have the ability, when we believe that we do not have the ability, it means that no matter how much we fix and whatever we develop, it will be without result.

You prove that there is a possibility and there is an ability, but if there are mistakes, we will fix them, and if there is a possibility for development, we will develop them, but this sector is what preserves the country, this is the national sector. All sectors are national, including the private and joint sectors and others, but the public sector in the war phase and in the siege phase is the reality that carried the country and this became clear to everyone.

I am proud of each one of you without any compliments. This is a fact because the conditions in which you worked are very difficult on a public and professional level, whether in the stage of terrorism or beyond, and on a personal level as well.

You provided a model for the meaning of steadfastness away from slogans and away from theorizing. Whoever wants to know what steadfastness means, let him come to see how these workers worked, and you tell every Syrian citizen that despair should not enter your heart, you presented a message and confirmed it, that we are in fact able to work. Everything, even in difficult circumstances, is capable, it can be very slow, it can be very laborious, it can be very expensive, but we can, provided that we are determined to achieve something.

End of the transcript.

This plant and every other vital infrastructure facility were among the main targets of the “Moderate Rebels” of Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) sponsored by NATO, the so-called defensive alliance spearheaded by the USA, the Gulfies, Israel, and a host of countries ran by useful idiots and by weak leaders controlled by the USA.

The deliberate targeting of the energy infrastructure, the continuous stealing of Syria’s oil and occupation of Syria’s main gas fields, the inhumane draconian blockade and unilateral coercive measures dubbed wrongly as sanctions, and the sponsorship of terrorism, all by the so-called collective west, have resulted in severe suffering by the Syrian people, especially in their day to day lives, blackouts, and shortages in fuel and gas throughout the country.

Do not despair, Karma is at work and the same culprits behind the suffering of the Syrian people are doing the same to their own people especially in western Europe and in the USA itself.

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