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Syria: Al-Qabun – Roadworks

Syria - Al Qabun

The documentation of the operations in Al-Qabun, Syria, is continued. There are some things that cause head-shaking.

Especially the fact that the road for the military operation has been obviously not closed.

Civilian buses, trucks, taxis, and cars drive at full speed through the barrage by the Republican Guard. Not to believe.

There is a further situation report about the military operation by Marat Musin (ANNA-News) below the embedded video from yesterday.

The records are probably from Saturday.

ANNA News from 13.07.2013:

“Last night, three rockets flew above our vehicle. It was an impressive sight, it even looked a bit like a firework. In this moment, we were not able to forebode that the rebels have already received a new kind of NATO (or Saudi) weapons.

A soldier was wounded by the fragments of such a fourth rocket. Naive as we were, we thought, that these rockets would be the typical self-built missiles, as usual. However, it was very different.

As it stands, new and modern weapons were meanwhile already smuggled to Syria and the rebels have used them today to take the tanks and BMPs under fire. Two BMPs were hit by two such missiles; a third one was struck by a RPG.

Yesterday, we could not imagine that two missiles will fly past us – just some metres away today. We stood peacefully around with Viktor Kuznetsov and filmed the combat, while we did not bother anybody.

Apparently, the rebels saw us and the soldiers, and they have decided to not be too nit-pick (petty). Instead of the bullets of the snipers, they shot at us with three missiles in the right moment. Our interpreter Viktor Kuznetsov has been slightly injured by the explosion of the first rocket. Of course, we celebrated his second birthday and his rescued eye later.

The rocket hit an armoured personnel, which was occupied with troops. Two soldiers died immediately, six were injured. We brought one of them as quickly as possible into a BMP for the evacuation. The injuries of the soldiers were heavy, he has doused his home soil and us, the unworthy guys, abundant with his blood.

About 10 minutes later, the second missile hit the right part of the gate, when our team was at the left part of the gate at this moment. Colonel Khaled was wounded by the explosion. The third rocket hit the armoured unit of the neighbour unit at the left flank. The combat vehicle was ablaze, the cartridges of its 30-millimeter cannon and the machine gun exploded by the heat, we were able to record this on video.

Apart from the fact that the terrorists now probably use a new and modern kind of anti-tank weapons, the Syrian Arab army has run a successful operation in the residential area of al-Qabun today.

The rebels took three armored units actively under fire as the units have stormed the residential area (“illegal house building” by the way), which was occupied by the terrorists, in a surprise attack. The army penetrated up to 1.2 km into the depth of the district and the attack came obviously unexpected for the terrorists.

According to the estimation of the Republican Guard, around 200 bandits were liquidated during the operations today, while the army has to register three wounded soldiers as well as the aforementioned crew of the BMP as losses. Overall, the tanks and BMP have received about 15 hits by RPG fire and rockets.

The armoured brigades say in terms of the way these missiles detonate, that they have to deal with such a kind of weapons for the first time.

The first tank of our known Lieutenant Colonel penetrated deep into the territory that is occupied by the rebels and was able to destroy a dozen cars of the rebels, including MG vehicles, on the square in front of the mosque.

One of the BMP liquidated a Saudi with red coloured beard and a RPG in his hand; the gunner gave him a hearty sheaf.

A battalion was deposed in the neighbourhood that is controlled by the rebels already for half a year. Heavy fights are imminent, even harder than in Daraya.”

Source: apxwn

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  1. Arklight

    If the guerillas have more modern anti-tank missiles, they’re getting them from somewhere, and they’re coming into Syria at some point. The guerillas must be well stocked if they’re willing to waste rockets on a news crew. In my opinion, whoever is supplying the gangs of thugs is a creature of Satan, and wholly evil. That’s my opinion, anyway.

  2. Canthama

    Question to this group : why the Syrian government does not sink those ships carrying weapons before reaching the Turkish ports ? A simple use of spies in Libya could send word on the ships and tracked by satellites or else, Russia could aid on this one.

  3. Arklight

    It seems like it might be a good idea to sent out more foot patrols, using the armor to support the infantry. Since there is no enemy armor opposing the SAA, better use of the BMPs would be good. A burned out BMP full of cooked infantry is of benefit only to the enemy. If those two BMPs tootling down the highway were doing so within rocket range of enemy units, I’d think someone needs to have a serious chat with the commander of that armor troop. If you can get ahold of a copy of Russian tactics for urban warfare, using light armored fighting vehicles, it would pay to give it a good read. I doubt that anyone can fault the valor and commitment of the SAA, but it might be a good idea to tighten up the tactics a bit. Better to learn from a foreign military field manual than learn the hard way when you run into Taliban. Well, I’ve had my say, except to the SAA ; good hunting!


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