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Syria: UN Must Prevent US-led War of Aggression

Allouk water plant is in Syria, not Erdoganstan.

Syrian government urges United Nations to prevent US-led war on Syria.

The Syrian government has sent two identical letters to the President of the UN Security Council (UNSC), Maria Cristina Perceval, and the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. The letter by the Syrian government call on the United Nations (UN) to care about its role as the protector of international rights and legitimacy and to do everything to prevent a US-led war of aggression against the Syrian nation, according to Bashar al-Jaafari, the permanent representative of Syria to the United Nations (UN).

So one may say that the UN member states are now not only urged by Russia, Italy, Iran and other states to do its job and to prevent an US-led war of aggression, based on no real evidence, against Syria, but also by the government in Damascus. Meanwhile, the US-allies and Israel-friends of the so-called Arab League (AL) urged the “punishment of the war criminals” in the Syrian government.

However, the statements by the representatives of the partly Qatari-led Arab League (AL) come as no surprise. The totalitarian regime in Saudi Arabia is one of the main backers behind the violence and terrorism in Syria and the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar, wants the full-scale war on Damascus in order to achieve his aims and to serve the Western-Israeli ambitions in the region.

Further, that the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has also demanded a full-scale war on Syria is understandable from his position. The Turkish Prime Minister, once a family friend of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, has several aims in terms of the Arab country and while he stages discrepancies between him and the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv, it is certain that the Turkish Prime Minister is one of the current best friends of the occupation regime in Israel and the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia.

The Syrian government in Damascus still denies the allegations by Paris, London, Washington and the regime in Tel Aviv that it has used chemical weapons (e.g. poison gas) on the Syrian population while the ongoing conflict in the country.

In terms of the letter by the Syrian government to the United Nations (UN), in which Damascus urges the UN to do its job and to prevent a war of aggression, which has no legitimacy, the Syrian permanent representative to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari, said in a new interview that Damascus was the first side of all who has asked the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, to put together an objective team of inspectors in order to investigate and probe the use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo (Halab).

Bashar al-Jaafari further stated in his new statement that the Syrian side has already warned more than a year ago against the serious and dangerous risks of the possibility that the foreign-backed terrorist groups will use chemical materials in Syria.

However, although the Syrian government has cooperated with the United Nations (UN) in terms of the investigation of sites, where chemical weapons have been allegedly used, and allowed a team of chemical weapons experts to investigate the claims and to probe the sites of alleged poison gas attacks, including the location of the alleged attack near Damascus on August 21, there are some foreign governments which have launched an anti-Syria campaign and accuse the Syrian government of slaughtering their own people without having evidence, but to maintain their propaganda and justification for another war of aggression against a country in the Middle East, according to Bashar al-Jaafari.

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN further pointed out that the Syrian government has already informed the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the UN Security Council (UNSC) about the activities of these groups, which coincided with a political, diplomatic and media campaign led by some countries, and which are also directly responsible for the violence and bloodshed in the Syrian nation.

Syria Map
Syria Map

Further, these groups are also preventing any political solution for the Syrian conflict in order to have a pretext for a war on Damascus by accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against its own people in Syria. Not to mention that these groups, including Washington, Paris, London, Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Ankara, are not only responsible for the increase of terrorism and violence in Syria due to their ongoing support of the foreign-backed terrorists and al-Qaeda-linked jihadists fighting in Syria with money and weapons, but that these sides are supporting the war against Christians in the Middle East – although this sounds far-fetched, the United States as well as France and Britain accept the slaughtering and forced displacement of Christians in the Middle East as long as they are able to maintain their agenda for a “Middle East 2.0” (some would call it 3.0) and to maintain their violent agendas in terms of specific countries in the region.

Meanwhile, as stated, the Israel-friends of the Arab League (AL) demanded the trial of members of the Syrian government, including Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, as war criminals in The Hague.

The questionable Foreign Ministers of the so-called Arab League (AL) adopted a new resolution against Syria yesterday. The resolution adopted by the Washington-influenced Arab League (AL) calls on the United Nations (UN) and the “Western community of Values” to take the necessary and deterrent measures against the war crimes of the Syrian regime in Damascus.

According to the Foreign Minister of the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, Saud al-Faisal, any rejection of a foreign military intervention in Syria is no longer acceptable. Thus, Saudi Arabia calls for a full-scale war on Syria. However, this comes as no surprise. Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house.

At least. Algeria, Iraq and the current government in Syria’s neighbouring country, Lebanon, have voted against this resolution for a war of aggression against Damascus, while the current leaders in Egypt, who have been promised $5 billion in Saudi Arabian investments, have voted for the war against the Syrian nation.

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  1. Arklight

    Take a deep breath and hold it until UN actually prevents any war, anywhere. It would be interesting to see what shade of blue you turn before you pass out and hit the deck like a sack of potatoes.


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