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Parties Express Support for President al-Assad’s Political Program

Parties Express Support for President al-Assad’s Political Program
Jan 09, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The National Progressive Front stressed on Wednesday that the political program to solve the crisis in Syria which was put forth in President Bashar al-Assad’s speech last Sunday is the only way to help get Syria out of this crisis and safeguard its position, freedom, unity and independent decision.
The Front added in a statement that its parties will work with the progressive forces and popular organizations to implement this promising national program to build Syria in a better way and make it stronger than before.
The Front added that the political program to solve the crisis in Syria which was announced by President Bashar al-Assad came to meet Syrian people’s aspirations.
The statement added that the program provides a solution to the crisis based on discarding violence and rejecting foreign interference and terrorism.
The program also paves the way for a sociopolitical solution with one title “the security of the homeland and citizens and combating terrorists.”

Syria the Homeland Party: President al-Assad’s Speech Positive Basis for Dialogue
Syria the Homeland Party on Wednesday stressed that the political program to solve the crisis in Syria which was outlined by President Bashar al-Assad in his speech constitutes a positive basis for the comprehensive national dialogue.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Party pointed out to the necessity of holding the comprehensive national dialog conference in Syria, expressing rejection of any attempt to undermine its sovereignty.
BASP: Speech Specifies Course to Solve Crisis without Excluding Anyone
Earlier, al-Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) affirmed that the project for emerging from the crisis put forth by President Bashar al-Assad in his speech on Sunday expresses clearly the positions of the Syrian people and their desire for preserving Syria’s unity, reclaiming its role, and building its future.
In a statement on Tuesday, al-Baath Party voiced its support for this project and its confidence in its importance, expressing complete faith in Syria’s ability to overcome the crisis.
The statement noted that the project includes a nationalist stance that adheres to the country’s interests and refuses to relinquish any of them, in addition to analyzing the causes of the crisis, its structure, and the elements affecting it.
Al-Baath Party said that the project specified the course for resolving the crisis based on dialogue without excluding any force on the basis of national interests, stressing the importance of the vision in the project in terms of recovering Syria’s political, social and cultural structure, presenting a clear-cut program with specific stages based on democratic mechanisms.
The Party stressed the importance of the project’s assertion that the people are the ones who will have the final say on the documents resulting from dialogue, including the charter, constitution and elections.
The statement also underlined that the project adhered to Syria’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and rejection of interference, all of which expresses the Syrian people’s sentiments.
The Party said that this project should boost the government’s efforts to uproot terrorism, stressing that defending the homeland is everyone’s duty.
The statement called on political forces, popular organizations, unions and activities to start a national movement towards dialogue, concluding by voicing appreciation of the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces to protect the homeland.

Syrian communist Party supports the Political Program proposed by President al-Assad

Syrian communist Party affirmed its support to the general points of the political program to solve the crisis in Syria included in the speech of President Bashar al-Assad last Sunday, particularly for assertion on the national firm stances, national independence and sovereignty.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Party saw that applying the program, based on the popular will, through democratic election for the institutions and bodies that will assume the supposed reforms is a guarantee to make it a success.

Syrian Nationalist Social Party: Political Program Plan for Resolving Crisis Constitutes Comprehensive National Initiative
In a statement, the Syrian Nationalist Social Party said that the political program plan for resolving the crisis which was proposed by President al-Assad constitutes a comprehensive national initiative and lays the foundations for an important stage in Syria’s history according to its higher interests.
The Party lauded the program and the basis it lays for a national polticial program that will lead to achieving stability and preserving sovereignty, noting that this program comes at a time when Syria is waging an unprecedented war, drawing a clear line between those who want to build Syria and those who became professional murders and saboteurs and seek to subvert Syria into joining the Israeli-western project.
The statement called on those who claim to care for the Syrian people to assume responsibility and support this plan, inviting the Syrians to work seriously and methodically and unite efforts to establish the outline of the new stage by adopting this plan in order to preserve Syria’s unity and national identity.
The Party reiterated that Syrians alone can decide Syria’s fate and build their future, stressing that combating terrorism is a national duty and lauding the sacrifices of the Armed Forces and their efforts to protect Syria and preserve its unity.
Arab Socialists Movement: Political Program for Resolving the Crisis Meets Hopes and Desires of Honest Syrians
The Arab Socialists Movement issued a statement in which it affirmed its strong and insistent support for the political program proposed by President al-Assad, saying that the program meets the hopes and desires of honest Syrians.
The Movement said that it agrees with President al-Assad’s speech in that those who don’t work to realize the political solution and seek to work around it serve the US-Israeli projects and wants to cause further bloodshed and chaos in Syria.
The statement said that President al-Assad voiced the conscience of every Syrian who is faithful to their homeland, people and values, and that the President put forth a clear roadmap for ending the crisis and set objective steps to restore security and stability and achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people.
The Movement voiced confidence in the Syrians’ ability to overcome the crisis, saying that the Syrians’ unity foiled the vicious attack against their country and uncovered the lies of those responsible for this attack who employed misleading media, enslaved the Arab League, and formed committees to carry out the conspiracy against Syria.
The statement said that conspirators brought murderers and terrorists from all over the world to undermine the Syrian state, terrorize its people, assassinate prominent figures, vandalize public and private properties, displace hundreds of thousands, and deprive Syrians of their livelihoods.
The Movement concluded by asserting that these practices failed in the face of the Syrian people’s steadfastness and the valiance of the Syrian Arab Army.
Public Will Party: Plan Announced by President al-Assad Opens the Way to a Safe Path out of the Crisis
The Public Will Party said that the political solution plan announced by President Bashar al-Assad to put an end to the crisis in Syria opens the way to a safe path out of the crisis.
In a statement released on Tuesday, the party stressed that “In the last week, the crisis in Syria entered a new turn as different sides with different paths agreed on the political solution”.
The party highlighted that “The sides which reject the dialogue will be responsible for the Syrian bloodshed”, calling for the dialogue to be public and open with all issues discussed in front the Syrian people.
Al-Tale’a Party: President al-Assad’s Speech Is Road Map to Solution
The Democratic al- Tale’a (Front) Party said that the speech delivered by president al-Assad is the right and accurate prescription to solve the crisis in Syria, especially that it is sovereign and independent.
In a statement, the party added that “The plan stressed that the Syrians have no choice but to be with or against their country because the battle is with external enemies.”
The party stressed that “The most important point in the speech was that everybody, except for sides affiliated to external sides, were called and invited to participate in reaching a Syrian national solution.”
Al-Ahed National Party: President al-Assad’s Plan Provides a Mature Image of Political Solution
Meanwhile, al-Ahed (Pledge) National Party stressed that the plan proposed by President al-Assad for solving the crisis in Syria constitutes a turning point in vision and provides a mature image of the political solution which should be adopted as based on national dialogue to reach the national reconciliation.
“President al-Assad presented, in his position of the historic responsibility which lies on his shoulders, a clear and specific political vision for resolving the crisis,” the Party said in a statement.
The statement highly valued all the ideas which came in the plan, particularly those related to holding a dialogue conference and coming up with a national pact so as to achive the comprehensive reconciliation and general amnesty.
Al-Ahed National Party affirmed its support for the political solution and unifying its efforts with those of all other parties and forces to reach dialogue, warning of the great risks that lie in the rejection of dialogue.

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