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Syria: Operation Northern Storm Has Already Begun

Aleppo / Halab..

The Syrian army units want to finally clean the important city of Aleppo in northern Syria, not far away from the border to Turkey. This time, the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) intend to really clean the entire Syrian city of Aleppo and not just to conduct some operations in some specific neighborhoods of Aleppo (Halab). In addition, the idea and agreement to let some Kurdish groups secure some neighborhoods and streets within Aleppo was finally another bad plan of the Syrian military and government in the capital Damascus.

However, all this is now history and no more from any importance. New battles between troops of the honorable Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the foreign-backed jihadists, militants and uneducated al-Qaeda thugs have erupted in some suburbs of Aleppo (Halab) and it seems that the Syrian army units are finally no more taking prisoners and started to give a shit about the government phrase of “who has blood / no blood on his hands”. It is finally the best decision to really conduct large operations than to waste time as in the first 1,5 years of the foreign-triggered and boosted proxy war within the country.

Units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) intend to liberate and clean further three areas of the biggest city of Syria, Aleppo (Halab), and to finally cut off some supply lines in the northern area of the city. It is just questionable why this has not happened previously in all the months, but as stated already, some plans and strategies of this government and heads of the Syrian military have shown their complete incompetence and huge level of corruption in the last two years.

At least, some real strategists and skilled persons have now taken over the jobs to clean the country and as the Syrian military has finally stated last week – they won`t stop until the entire country is cleaned from all the human waste, that means, till Syria is safe again and there are no more armed religious fanatics, foreign-backed jihadists, terrorists, bandits and the usual thugs. Not to mention the al-Nusra losers and the al-Qaeda fools who are partly backed by the US government – still!

Aleppo / Halab..
Aleppo / Halab..

Some troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have managed it already to block an insurgent assault on the Minnegh air base and also on the Central Prison of Aleppo (Halab) by the foreign-backed terrorists. In addition, several units of the Syrian army launched an important and huge operation to clear the northwestern parts of the large city of Aleppo of the foreign-backed militants on Sunday.

The Syrian army has already scored victories against the militants in recent days, for example, liberating the strategic towns of Qusayr, Qunaytirah and Daba’a in the West and thus, one could say that the Syrian military is finally on fire now and nobody´s gonna stop them. There might be US Marines at the Jordanian border to Syria but it is nothing to care about. They are just Marines and every proud Syrian will stand up and protect his country, even without arms and just by his hands.

It is finally the time to show true colors and not to give in to radicalism, sectarianism and American propaganda and orders. It is the time to protect the secular nation of Syria and to stand up and fight. Might it be your neighbor or a former friend – whenever he turns out to be a radical, sectarian asshole, don’t give in, show him how stupid it is and act if it is needed in order to defend Syria and your family.

Another good news for the people out there – the Syrian army has also succeeded to retake the control of several small villages in the countryside of al-Qusayr (al-Qussayr) on June 7 and the foreign-backed rats ran away from the central areas of the villages of Masoudiyeh and Salhiyeh.

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  1. No compromise

    Ideology of secularism is far inferior to the one inspired by religion. Hezbollah is the very example of it. Secular Syrian soldiers are no match to Hezbollah fighters. However Wahhabi and Takfi terrorists and their crimes are the worst anti-religious propaganda imaginable. Syrian people need to discipline their minds and get their lives in order. Secularism (western sex revolution with is imagery and life style) is not gonna help them to achieve that. It's rather a cause of the wide spread corruption. God will protect those who are pure and undefiled in mind and body. People of Syria have yet to discover a true religion in order to be fit to live or to die for God's glory. It is written in the Bible that perfect love sets free from all fear. Whoever drinks alcohol or violates his conscience before God in any other way is neither fit to live nor to die.


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