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Syria’s Oil Ministry Promises to Resolve Shortages in 10 Days

Oil - Petrol - Gas - Fuel Shortage Crisis in Syria

The oil and oil derivatives distribution sector in Syria has witnessed unprecedented shortages all over the country, the Ministry of Oil said it’s working on resolving the shortages within days.

“The government team assigned the task of resolving the oil distribution matter is working around the clock to overcome the obstacles in oil shipments reaching Syria, the crisis will start to ease within the coming 10 days and it’ll be resolved”, a statement on the Facebook page of the Syrian Ministry of Oil was posted.

Syria is under incremental US and Western sanctions since the year 1956 and has reached its highest, any country witnessed thus far, during the days of the junta ruling the White House under Swamp Drunk Trump.

Syria’s refusal to give away its sovereignty and its refusal to recognize Israel is the main reason Israeli’s agents in the US regime have pushed for these sanctions and the hostile actions by the US and its European and regional stooges including importing, training, financing, arming and smuggling hundreds of thousands of al-Qaeda ideologized terrorists from all sides of the planet into Syria to effect a Regime Change.

Sadly, Syria’s main ‘supposed to be allies in fighting the US-led War Of Terror’ have not stepped up their efforts to ease the Syrian people’s suffering to a level least expected, and when they do they drip their support by the drop while the US and its stooges flood the terrorists destroying Syria with oceans of support.

Iran, one main ally of Syria, and also a victim of US sanctions itself, is said to have not renewed a credit line approved for financing deliveries of oil shipments to Syria since more than 6 months now, the credit line will be exchanged with Iranian investments in Syria, despite the fact that the fight Syria is taking mainly on its shoulder saved Iran from the same terror, and despite the fact that during 8 years of the Irani- Iraq useless war, Syria was the only country, at least in the region, that stood firmly helping Iran against the CIA’s agent Saddam Hussein, with no return and Syrians had to suffer a boycott and terrorist bombings by its Arab brethren due to that.

Russia, on the other side, is just working in the pastime in Syria, giving favors to everybody on the account of the Syrian people without the real support a permanent country at the UNSC and a target itself for the same terror Syria is facing should do. Russian leadership is giving Israel a green light to bomb targets inside Syria while holding the SAA hands tight not to shoot down incoming missiles, still holding back the delivery of the 4 decades old S300 missiles while offering everybody else the S400 air defense systems, which the Russians claim is capable of securing any country’s air space from all sorts of incoming missiles.

Russian forces inside Syria also committed a heinous act by digging up a graveyard in the Yarmouk Refugees Camp and stealing some remains from there to identify the remains of one single IDF terrorist and presented it to Netanyahu to help him win the elections in Israel for free and behind the Syrian leadership, and Netanyahu returned the favor by slapping the Russian President Putin directly on his face with the recent bombing not far from Russian troops in the Russian naval service base in Tartous two days ago.

But when it comes to the must needed economic help to keep the Syrian people able to fight terrorism and stand against the US-led War Of Terror and Regime Change wars, the Russians and Iranians are in a different world, even though they know if Syria falls they both will have to fight more than 350,000 anti-Islamic suicide Wahhabi terrorists on the streets of Moscow and Tehran and all over their countries.

The Syrian cabinet decided to cut the monthly oil (car’s petrol/ gas) consumption quota into half for all government vehicles to curb the shortages and instructed the Ministry of Oil to observe the distribution directly as well as to fight smuggling and any monopoly attempts by traders and distributors in the country.

The Syrian Cabinet
The Syrian Cabinet

The cabinet asked the Ministry of Oil to expedite the rehabilitating of oil and gas fields and projects which were destroyed by US-sponsored terrorists in areas they infested and are clean now from terror, in order to resume production from it as soon as possible.

Syrian main oil fields are under the control of the US-backed separatist Kurdish illegal militias east of Euphrates, ISIS handed it over to them when the Syrian Arab Army and its allies were approaching the region and defeating ISIS and Nusra Front. The Kurdish separatists backed by the US are refusing the return of the state’s authorities to the regions they occupy.

Syrian Oil Fields Stolen by ISIS Handed over to Kurdish Separatists
Syrian Oil Fields Stolen by ISIS Handed over to Kurdish Separatists

The junta at the White House have also imposed sanctions on any company that cooperates with Syria, including shipping and international insurance companies making it very difficult for the Syrian state to import oil, and other essentials. While, at the same time, Syria’s Arab brethren especially the Gulfies are gifting their oil to Israel and fueling the fighter jets that are committing massacres in Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, and other crises when ordered by their US instructors.

Western Union Removed Syria from the Countries List
Western Union removed Syria from the countries list on their website

The US – EU sanctions against Syria include the financial sector, any production sector, the medicine and pharmaceutical sector, Syrian businessmen with businesses running in Syria, money transfers from and to Syria even those by individuals sending to their families back home, and some major international corporations have gone to the extent of removing Syria altogether from the list of countries in their online drop-down list of countries!

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