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Syria News to USA: If You Want to Eat, Support Massie’s PRIME Act

Meat and Dairy Farmers in USA Suffer COVID-19 - Rep. Massie's PRIME Act

Syria News shares our website in a public service announcement to bring Congressman Thomas Massie’s PRIME Act to the attention of the American public. Originally introduced in 2017 by the mechanical engineer and cattle rancher congress member, the Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption bill was reintroduced May 2019, co-sponsored with Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, an organic farmer of cattle and poultry.

Current law exempts custom slaughter of animals from federal inspection regulations, but only if the meat is slaughtered for personal, household, guest, and employee use (21 U.S.C. § 623(a)). This means that in order to sell individual cuts of locally-raised meats to consumers, farmers and ranchers must first send their animals to one of a limited number of USDA-inspected slaughterhouses. These slaughterhouses are sometimes hundreds of miles away, which adds substantial transportation cost, and also increases the chance that meat raised locally will be co-mingled with industrially-produced meat. The PRIME Act would expand the current custom exemption and allow small farms, ranches, and slaughterhouses to thrive. — from Congressman Massie’s May 2019 press releases

The COVID crisis in the US has created previously unfathomable derivative economic collapse, not the least of which includes a food crisis. A short perusal of recent news headlines shows farmers forced to slaughter healthy poultry, forced to waste tons of good milk — while store shelves are emptied.

The short, full text of Representative Massie’s urgent H.R. 2859 (2019-20200, PRIME Act, can be read here .

The slaughter of healthy farm animals and the dumping of healthy dairy milk while people go hungry because ranchers cannot get their food stuffs onto grocery shelves is a form of economic terrorism. It is also a crime against humanity.

Those who oppose agricorps devouring family farms might especially take note.

This has been a public service announcement to the people of the United States of America, from Syria News.

It is in the best interests of all to force the passage of the PRIME Act.

Miri Wood

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  1. Miri Wood

    Massie first came to my attention in a live interview during which he caused Kate Bolduan to give herself a coup contracoup injury in April 2017.

    CNN’s Bolduan had previously given herself fame by crying on tv over the moulange trauma done to Omran but couldn’t squeeze one tear for Abdullah Issa, the 12 yr old kidnapped & beheaded by friends of the guy who took the famous Omran foto.


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