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More Abandoned NATO Weapons; another Cave; Child Landmine Injury; COVID-19


Syria news again is filled with reports of the SAA finding massive quantities of abandoned NATO weapons, more tunnels and caves dug by the al Qaeda cockroaches who venture out to destroy and loot, another child injured by another buried landmine, and updates on the preventative measures to keep Syria COVID-19 free.

Syrian Arab Army engineering units canvassing newly liberated villages of Idlib, to cleanse them of booby traps of IEDs and landmines — because everyone knows that nothing is more indicative of the lofty goals of freedom than to hide explosives which will make amputees of children — discovered another tens of thousands of dollars worth of NATO weapons.

Among the treasures found were mortar cannons, mortar shells, molds for making more mortar shells, fifty (50) kg of the explosive C4, and a drone.

Another day, another cave and tunnels found by the SAA. Western ecology activists, though, are nowhere to be found when they should be screaming at the attempts by the al Qaeda criminally insane to turn much of Syria into one big sinkhole. There are no complaints when a mountain near Anjara village in al Layramoun, in western Aleppo countryside has had a hole blown into it, and a dark, moist cave dug under it. Tunnel excavations were begun, but the human cockroaches were forced to flee from the SAA, and again abandoned a stash of weapons used to murder Syrians, while NATO stenographer journalists cheer.

Perhaps the 5th Column known as Hollywood, might squeeze out another fraudumentary in time for next year’s Oscar ceremonies. Surely more fake doctors, more fake torture victims, and more Mengele criminals who practice surgery without licensure and without anesthesia are still to be found in a casting call.

Illegal in Syria, this criminal Mengele jokes about performing surgeries without anesthesia.

Another Syrian child, a 9-year-old boy herding sheep in the farmland of al Bahariya village in Eastern Ghouta, was another lucky kid who to find a landmine buried by the beloved NATO criminally insane gangs. This child kept his arms and legs, but was hospitalized for shrapnel wounds to his face and to his abdomen. Gut wounds are a special challenge in healing.

The numbers Director of UNMAS surely will add this atrocity to her meticulous list for the next time she addresses the Security Council and has no report that her group has done more than sign an MoU and keep that Landmines Census up to date. Perhaps she may hand out awareness bracelets, next time.

Syrian Cabinet Ministers met and decided on measures to take to prevent the importation of COVID-19. Despite NATO sadists launching fake news — weary of trying to bite their elbows — the WHO’s EMRO declared the Syrian Arab Republic free of coronavirus, and the government plans to try to keep it that way.

The Cabinet has suspended all visits and trips with Iraq and Jordan for one month. Regarding countries with epidemic numbers, the suspension is for two months. All Syrians returning home from abroad will be kept in preventative quarantine of fourteen days.

Cabinet Ministers met to implement measures to keep Syria free of COVID-19

In the Ras al Ayn neighborhood of Hasaka, rabid Erdogan mercenary militias — armed with various NATO weapons — continue to terrorize civilians. The armed savages either ‘light bomb’ homes to create forced displacement, steal their homes at gunpoint, smoke them out and then steal their belongings.

These crimes have been ongoing since Erdogan began his war criminal invasion in October 2019.

al Qaeda thugs have created yet another offshoot: Firqat al Hamzat, looting homes and businesses in Ras al Ayn. Some kill each over for the stolen booty, but not enough.

In somewhat enjoyable news, civilians of the al Kuzliya village of Tal Tamer in northern Hasaka, assisted by SAA personnel, forced a criminal convoy of American illegals in military vehicles, to turn back from their attempt war criminally enter the village. Though not as dramatic as the tall Syrian who yelled at the well-armored American illegals holding their weapons, forcing them to cower, the stone-throwing of these Syrians was still uplifting.

A convoy of Trump American illegals was forced to give up the attempt to criminally enter another Syrian village. For the record: Syria has not attacked the US, has not invaded it. As such, all US troops in Syria are war criminals.

NATO journalists are currently boycotting news on Syria, having turned their attention to cheering the madman Erdogan for dumping thousands of alleged refugees — all curiously young and male — at Greece’s boarder.

As that gang will soon return to really really most immense-ist Goebbels Big Lies against the SAR, western civilians might want to consider all the non-reporting on the NATO weapons — paid for with their taxes, as their own cities crumble — that continue to be abandoned by the various sects of al Qaeda in the SAR.

Miri Wood

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