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Syria: More Mourning of Aleppo Reunification via “The Last”s


by Miri Wood, RNc

UPDATE:  News from Syria is that more than 80% of Aleppo has been liberated from terrorist control.

As the Syrian battle of reunification of Aleppo city successfully continues, the terrorist-loving media sources move from outright mourning to yet another round of emotional war porn disinformation, with the motif of the last. With the reputed death of “the last clown of Aleppo,” we are reminded of “the last veterinarian of Aleppo,” “the last gardener of Aleppo,” and even “the last apple of Aleppo.”  Over the past six months, we have been deluged by stories of never-ending “the last hospital of Aleppo,” and “the last doctor of Aleppo.”  These “lasts” — dead or alive — have the emotional appeal of incubators, so strong that viewers do not permit literal doll props or admission that the first to use the incubator as propaganda turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, to interfere with their sadness.


We leave to Freud the analysis of why too many human beings permit themselves to be open to massive manipulation by emotional war porn, instead taking a quick look at various “inspirations.”

“The last veterinarian of Aleppo” reportedly went splat! around the same time as “the last clown of Aleppo.”  Here is a nice side-by-side of the man, one in scrubs in an alleged veterinary hospital, the other showing off his man-portable surface to air missile, because no self-respecting veterinarian in the world leaves the clinic without one.  “The last veterinarian of Aleppo” was previously cast in the role of “the last medical doctor of Aleppo.”


War pimp Amanpour recently tweeted her demands for Facebook to increase its censorship. It is unlikely she will complain about Dr. Terrorist having worn a FB hoodie

The lasts motif may have been born of an obscure Italian obituary written by an author whose entire writing career appears to have been created for the sole purpose of anti-Syria propaganda.  The man of the obit was simultaneously “the last angel,” “the last physician,” ”the last midwife,” and “the last surgeon” of Yarmouk neighborhood.  His name was Yahiya Harani, and the scant bio in the tragic obit suggests he was a mercenary, not an angel.  Born in Gaza, he went to Syria, then Libya, were he stayed for 20 years, leaving in 2011 (when the US obliterated the country) to go to Somalia, after which he returned to Gaza, and then back to Syria, where he was forced to teach himself the skilled work of a surgeon, when all of the surgeons, physicians, nurses, and ancillary fled the probable, another, unhospital, because the Assad regime.

last selfie
Poor cat, “killed by regime dogs”

“The last cat selfie” is especially sad, sad, news for “the last cat man of Aleppo,” who now claims that two of his alleged cat sanctuaries have been bombed, and he has been forced into hiding.  The vicious use of the cat deity as emotional war porn, anti-Syria propaganda, is among the smarmiest of all such campaigns.  There is nothing quite like the cat lovers, and the manipulation of their genuine kindness is putrid.  Manipulating the cat motif is also the most successful, which is why both unfake MSM and so-called alternative media milk the cat man with the impunity of constantly changing the storyline, and not being concerned that anyone will notice.  Cat man’s original story is that various neighbors “fleeing” Syria, dropped their pet cats into his care.  The morphing of the story now includes unknown numbers of feline sanctuaries.  No one has noticed that despite the draconian sanctions against Syria by US-EU, crowd-funding to feed these cats — while the same media reports on human starvation — has been immense, though no one knows how funds are gotten into the sanctioned SAR.  This ignored enigma of monies magically arriving to certain persons in Syria should be contrasted against the gargantuan hypocritical double standards, involving non-celebrity Syrians, who are patriots:  One individual known to the author was banned for the rest of his life, from using Western Union, after he sent some funds to a personal friend, in Aleppo.  Western Union refunded his money and sent him a letter of perpetual banishment.

The manipulation of the magnificent cat as emotional war porn, got its beginning in a Sundance award-winning 15 minute fraudumentary written by a US mercenary; it will be dissected, below.

In this photo, the Cat Man — also an “ambulance driver” — re-rescues the Gray Boy with 9 lives, “iconic Omran.”

Omran of 9 lives being re-rescued by the catman
Omran of 9 lives being re-rescued by the catman

The good news is that the world does not have to suffer the bleatings of “the last toy smuggler of Aleppo,” a man born in Syria, who grew up in Finland.  While the Finnish government investigates him for fraud — possibly a temporary, limited hang-out — his crowdfund account has been shut down.

“The last toy smuggler of Aleppo” who grew up in Finland, giving an anti-Syrian rant. Note the French Mandate flag, used by the terrorist FSA.

Though emotional war porn is not new, the depths of depravity with which it has been wielded as another lethal weapon against the Syrian Arab Republi, is unprecedented.  Hollywood should consider a special category for an Oscar.  Disney-ABC News-Marvel comic books have conspired to go the extra step, creating a new “super hero” to bray such babblings.  Alas, we are not that far, as the CIA-funded, British intelligence-founded, headquartered in Istanbul “Syrian” White Helmets contras that missed out on the Nobel Prize thing, has been nominated for an Academy Oscar, for its Netflix-promoted fraudumentary.  al Qaeda philosophical heirs, White Helmets, are known for their signature gray make-up, their lack of a single stethoscope, their pretty scrubs and fake equipment, and never using spinal precautions when digging their actor-victims from the rubble.

white helmets manniquin freeze
Still from WH “mannequin freeze” video.
white helmets mannequin freeze performers
Post rescue selfie: “Say ‘cheese’!”
When the gray victim is not being dug from rubble, he wears a military uniform, sporting the flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria

Note the reality in this photograph, an msm promotion of the takfiri WH: We have two actors playing the role of emergency health practitioners.  One is in street clothes, one in essential scrubs, wearing a dramatic — for tv — surgical mask.  Why would one need a mask, and the other not?  Note that neither has a stethoscopethe most urgent tool in health care.  Note how cute the boys look in their pretty matching hot pink scrubs, and how they symmetrically hold simple masks to their faces.  Note, also, that these masks are attached to tubing which is attached to nothing.

Completely staged, fraudulent emergency care.

This device requires a fairly high oxygen flow to prevent rebreathing of carbon dioxide.  About 75% of the inspired volume is room air that the patient breathes through the holes in the side of the mask.  An accurate FiO2 is difficult to estimate…[such a mask is for] FiO2 35-65% — Flow:  8 to 12 L

simple face masks

Though measurement of the Fraction of Inspired Oxygen is “difficult to estimate,” most assuredly there is  none to measure when respiratory equipment is not attached to a source of oxygen.

Contra WH standing on corpses of slaughtered Syrian soldiers, while malignantly flashing the “V” sign


That emotional war porn against Syria is unprecedented, it is congruent with the most heinous international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity.   That 360,000 foreign takfiri have invaded from all over the world, that US and EU brag about arming the beheaders of children, other civilians, the cannibals, the Wahhabist terrorists, the most deranged of international human garbage committing the most unimaginable horrors against an entire population, is also unprecedented.

Prior to the cat emotional porn assault, the two most successful campaigns involved the drowned Turkish baby, whose corpse was desecrated in order to maximize emotional manipulation, and the painted Gray Boy.

The drowned baby onslaught was created by aj+, an offshoot of al Jazeera, owned by the Gulfie toilet monarchy called Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter'”).  Qatar has bragged about spending 3 billion USD to destroy Syria (it wanted its pipeline to pass through it), back in 2013.  More recently, it funded the fraudulent “Caesar” photographs, and it continues to fund and arm terrorists in the SAR.  The intention of the drowned baby campaign (SyriaNews suggests he was Turkish-born, as his age was reported as 3 years old, and his father moved to Turkey around the time of his birth) was part of the campaign of strategic depopulation of Syria — which ignores the massacres of entire villages in Syria, by foreign terrorists whose transportation from their native countries has been funded by Saudi occupied Arabia —  and to incite kind hearts into acceptance of refugees, instead of halting the destruction of the homeland, which creates them.  Thought the father of the aj+ drowned baby was given prominent international unfake msm coverage, scant news was given to Iraqi mom Zainab Abbas, who lost two children to drowning.   Mrs. Abbas stated that her family had given 10,000 USD to the father of the aj+ defiled corpse, and reported he was the human trafficker, who over-stuffed the boat.

Persuading the Multitudes: The Myth of the Syrian Refugee

The second most important crusade for  emotional war porn, was the dusty, gray, child actor, “Omran,” whose story dominated all msm, the legitimate msm that gave sparse attention to the beheading of 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa, who was kidnapped from a hospital — still attached to IV tubing — and whose last request was to be shot, not have his head hacked off with a kitchen knife.

Respected msm never ran with the immediate updated information that the takfiri who took the “iconic photo” of “Omran” is embedded with the savages of al Zinki, the sub-sect of the terrorist FSA “moderate rebels.”  Apparent meth freak Mahmoud Rslan is also embedded with the terrorist al Jazeera, illegally in the SAR, and involved with murdering Syrians, kidnapping women and children, and murdering those kids to use as photo op propaganda, when provoking the US to obliterate the SAR, to make it a “safe haven for terrorists,” as US-NATO did to Libya.

Captagon is methamphetamine with bronchodilator, theophylline, which potentiates the stimulant. It is the drug of choice among savage butchers of Syrians
Original “iconic” photo included gray-painted siblings. Sis was cropped out. AMC is US-funded, with same initials as an American cable television channel
US-funded al Zinki moments before hacking off 12 year old Abdullah Issa’s head
Meth freak selfie, lauding child beheaders of al Zinki

There was a time when human beings trying to “find themselves” reached out to philosopher-teachers, in an attempt to become better human beings (e.g., in 1968, the pop group, The Beatles, went to India to study under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).  Since the US/EU/NATO imposed war on Syria, “spiritual awakenings” have been hijacked by Beelzebub, himself, and replaced human souls with malignant sociopaths.  Hundreds of EU citizens — human garbage — have converted to Wahhabi anti-Islam sex jihadism, traveling upwards of thousands of miles to find themselves slaughtering Syrians.  Lesser numbers of malignant sociopaths from other areas of the world, have also engaged it such barbaric awakenings.  Lost Japanese soul cum orangette, Haruna Yukama found his raison d’etre as illegal alien in Aleppo, as murderer of Syrians.  “Disabled” American veteran, Eric Haroun also found himself in Syria, bombing Syrian Arab Army soldiers, Syrian civilians, and threatening to assassinate Syrian President, Dr. Bashar al Assad.  Not only were these monsters supported by NATO msm, their malignant sociopathy was collectively romanticized by the scum Vichy urinalists.

While Haroun returned home, soon to have a convenient, lethal drug overdose, and the triple-header orangette mercs (James Foley, Steven Sotloff, Peter Kassig) with no previous history of “journalism” or “humanitarian aid work” were used as cover story for Barack Obama to launch his war criminal coalition bombings of the SAR (war criminals always find excuses for legitimizing war crimes.  This is why the colonialist imposed on Iran agreement were better named the “Death Takes a Holiday Treaty”), the most fetidly rancid propaganda operation came via American mercenary, Matthew VanDyk, who “found himself” by jumping on a motorcycle, with a camera crew to film his adventures traveling through war torn countries.

VanDyk remains the worst, not merely because he did not make orangette status — alas! —  but because he helped in the obliteration of Libya, and because his 15 minute fraudumentary against Syria has been used as the most hideous of emotional war porn, by war whore politicians;  it is one of the most obscene pieces of fake video ‘journalism.’ His pre-imperialist ‘Arab Spring’ days bring to mind the CIA concept of ghost, as there is little to be found about his ‘early life,’ except for his education, which should have left him with a significant financial burden upon graduation.

Instead, he was able to jump onto his motorcycle, with a camera crew, and went looking for himself in countries of foreign imposed war, for a few years, before joining al Qaeda against Libya.  He claims to have spent $30,000 of his own money for the 15 minute anti-Syria fraudumentary.  This sounds like an exaggerated figure, as the most expensive thing about it was most likely the terrible Hollywood mood music, to affix emotions to lies told. Any sum, though, is unusual for a 32 year old with heavy tuition and no obvious means of support (he did not launch his own merc military group until 2015.).  In his hacked emails, he reports that he and UK asset Brown Moses share a patron, in Virginia, near DC.

Langley, Virginia, is near DC.  It is the home of the CIA.

To properly understand the monstrous propaganda, criminal lies intention behind the video, it vital to have a secure grasp of the foundation of the malignant geopolitics of VanDyk and accomplices. This is provided by the noble Syrian Electronic Army, which hacked operative VanDyk’s email account, publishing its contents, in 2013.

Dedicated to the innocents who died in Libya due to NATO humanitarian bombings. — Syrian Electronic Army, “Vandyke Exposed.”

VanDyk openly admitted his emails were hacked, and then lied that the SEA had done so for the crude purpose of blackmail.

The crippled and rapacious mind of the mercenary cannot comprehend the mind of a civilized person being motivated by patriotism, by protecting one’s homeland, by altruistic caring of others.

The few salacious exchanges regarding his personal, prurient proclivities (women and goats exist for the purpose of gratification of his physical dictates) are scant, mostly trivial asides — except for the exchange between him and his female lead in his fraudumentary:  Nour Kelze was being blackmailed over a sex video, and the two discussed having her lover cum blackmailer kidnapped, or worse — by their friends in the FSA.  Kelze pleaded for his assistance, and after denigrating her stupidity — after demanding intimate details — VanDyk responded:  “What I can do is spin it.  I cannot kidnap him from America.”  Note, please, that the award-winning fraudumentarian considers himself a good manipulator.

Blood-lusting American merc VanDyk and war whore star, Nour Kelze

The core of the hacked emails are shocking disclosures, by VanDyk and other superficially refined terrorists.  VanDyk described his hatred of the Syrian people, and acknowledged the fraudulence of the “Syrian revolution” — devoid of Syrians, except a small handful:  “The fact is, if it wasn’t [sic] for the foreign fighters and Jabhat al Nusra, we’d be in serious shit right now, militarily”  (“we” being the US, EU, and their taxpayer-funded human garbage terrorists?).  He noted that the US was foolish to put JaN on its terror list.

We want to be printing martyrs posters and other posters for rebel recruitment, maybe broadcasting raido, etc.  Perhaps as much as 70% of the population in Aleppo has turned against the FSA now. — VanDyk, 15 January 2013

In separate exchanges with UK intelligence operative wannabe, Elliot Higgins, and American merc/triple header orangette Steven Sotloff, VanDyk advises both to be careful, to advise any of their terrorist “journalist” colleagues planning to illegally enter the SAR under journalist cover, to be careful, because the FSA has chemical weapons, prepared to use them — even against their own — for purpose of blaming the SAR and creating the groundwork for humanitarian obliteration of the nation:  The rebels would likely fire on their own people knowing that their deaths would be worth it [sounding like war criminal Albright, claiming that genocide of 500,000 Iraqi kids was, too] if it led to US intervention. “Assad has nothing to gain from chemical weapons use.  He is already winning the war.”

VanDyk even claimed to know the building where the FSA barbarians were keeping their CW cache.

The FSA takfiri followed through on this, in al Ghouta, August 2013, when these savages murdered many of their own,  SAA soldiers, civilians — including women and children who they had previously kidnapped in Latakia countryside — using missiles with the chemical weapon, HCN (hydrogen cyanide), received from Saudi [occupied] Arabia.  The world had another Cuban missile crisis moment, just before Syria announced it was joining the OPCW.

I went to a Libyan Embassy victory party with hundreds of Libyans, and I was one of the people theey stood and clapped/applause for.   I have made the connection with the embassy and Libyans here, and met the ambassador.  — VanDyk 5 December 2011

Clinton was also cheered by al Qaeda terrorists, in Tripoli

Elliot Higgins, aka “Brown Moses” [BM] was an unemployed Brit who euphemistically called himself a “stay at home dad.”  He played lots of video games, and eventually came up with fake evidence of Syria’s use of CWs against Syria, and was immediately declared expert by unfake msm, all of whom cited his fake work, and cited each other, citing his fake work.  The fraud of his euphemism is evident in his many complaints that though he was a “consultant” for HWR, and had a few other potential work projects, BM was jonesin’ for full time employment, as could practically be seen salivating through cyberspace when VanDyk offered to introduce him to an important guy at CNN — terrorists most trusted name in news.  VanDyk also noted that being an HRW consultant would open the door to numerous appearances on CNN — whose terrorist friends recently cheered alliances with child beheadersBM did his bit of bragging, suggesting that the UN might have a conference around one of his gamer “cluster bombs” videos.

BM consultant for HRW

Per their email exchange, BM and VanDyk share/d a “mutual benefactor,” a Nathan, “in the DC area, in Virginia, near DC” (which is spook country).  “Nathan” was already supporting something called “Diamond BM tier.”

The exchange between VanDyk and orangette Sotloff was less cordial, as the former’s nose was out of joint over the latter not responding to him in a timely fashion.  Sotloff then told VanDyk a Libyan [al Qaeda terrorist] was pissed, as he thought VanDyk was fundraising in his name, and stealing all the funds.  Both Sotloff and VanDyk were not merely embedded with al Qaeda against Libya, but fought with them.

what clinton sadistically cheers
American savage mercs VanDyk and Sotloff played a violent role leading to the brutal rape and murder of Gaddafi

Sotloff wanted to help bring more Libyan terrorists into Syria, via Turkey, as always.  VanDyk was planning to have more meetings with “Syrian rebels,” in Turkey, as always.

Steven Sotloff (11 May 1983-02 September 2014):  At the age of 37, Sotloff magically appeared in Qatar, 29 May 2010, when he applied to school for Arabic Non-Natives Speakers Arabic, at Qatar University, according to Qatar’s “state” medium, al Jazeera.  His writing career was launched with the “Arab Spring,” though there was no Spring in Qatar, which has spent over three billion USD in humanitarianly destroying Syria (while committing such acts of kindness within its own population, as sentencing poets who attack emirs, to life imprisonment).  After his ‘work’ against Libya, he illegally entered Syria, via NATO Turkey, and worked with mostly the FSA terrorists, who, according to his family, sold him to  their ISIL friends.  It was subsequently announced that Sotloff held a joint US-Israeli citizenship, a fact that the family kept quiet, for fear this would jeopardize his life.  It is somewhat curious that, despite the Israeli citizenship, Sotloff was intrepid in his relationships with Muslim Brotherhood Qatar, and al Qaeda in Libya and Syria.

American illegal Stephen Sotloff to American illegal VanDyke: “So the trick is to get kidnapped.”

One of the most riveting email exchanges was with someone named Austin Bodetti, who knew too much, about everything, thereby exuding the aura of spook, exacerbated by a Google of him.

“Written by Austin Bodetti BC Class of 2018.”
Majoring in Islamic Civilization & Minoring in Arabic & Women’s & Gender Studies
Zany story about the ‘kid’ who collected everybody’s email address

On 15 August 2013, the “email personality” wrote to VanDyk:  “Again, Libya – -America involved — is a decisive supplying and supporter of the FSA.  We should discuss more in detail.  Is Mahdi al Harati a personal friend?  I’m trying to contact the National Brigrade (Liwa al Umma) through Syria.”

al Harati is the Libyan who immigrated to Ireland got married, started a family, pretended to be an activist for the Palestinian cause.  He was on the Mavi Marmara, when the IDF attacked it, in international waters, 31 May 2010. The IDF executed 9 men on the ship, based on a lamented hit list reputedly provided by the Turkish government.  al Harati joined the US al Qaeda in Libya, prior to its humanitarian obliteration of that nation-state, and was there when his home in Ireland was burglarized.  He spoke with local police who wanted to know how he came to have so much cash and jewelry, and he told them he worked for the CIA, and when he was done in Libya, he was going to invade Syria (in the early days of the Syrian crisis, this US terror asset was in Idlib.  After getting a flesh wound, he disappeared).

More significantly, on 12 August, Mr. Email Personality wrote:

The CIA has stockpiled weaponry in Benghazi from private dealers approved by the National Transitional Council [US al Qaeda in Libya].  The CIA arranges transport from Benghazi to the Arabian Penisula while Arab countries, often Qatar and Saudi Arabia, fund transportation.  Brigades in Syria only know that weapons arrive through Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  The process of weapons Croatia-Syria is similar.

Between November 2012 – February 2013, 3,000 tons of Croatian weapons were given to terrorists in Syria, via cargo and passenger planes from Jordan and Turkey.

On 15 August 2013, Austin “Mr. Email Personality” from New York City or Connecticut, wrote:

We’re gambling:  war in exchange for western support.

Six days later, FSA terrorists launched the chemical weapons attack in al Ghouta, the attack that VanDyk said would be “worth it.”

The SEA‘s hacked emails of American mercenary VanDyk should be read in their entirety as they are complete proof of the US/EU/Gulfie underlings attempt to destroy the SAR, involving the same people who helped successful destroy Libya.

In a hacked email of 28 September 2012, the words of Matthew VanDyk showed him to be among the most foul of colonial-minded malignant sociopaths.

The Syrian Support Group did not want me to film Libyans fighting in Syria…(which pisses me off, being a foreign fighter myself and since the Libyans in Syria are giving their lives for them and yet the Syrian Support Group seems a bit ungrateful, even though they need all the help they can get.

Syrians love their president, and hate the foreign terrorists who have invaded, and forced every family to have one martyr.

Despite his upper level connections and funding, Matthew VanDyke is as stupid and as inbred as the other takfiri savages, the human garbage dumped into Syria by the entire world.  He, too, is a human beast, capable only of primitive savagery against in foreign countries, who have never done him harm.

His complaints about the SSG also show his stunning stupidity regarding geopolitics:  The SSG was an “NGO” anti-Syria mouthpiece for the State Department, located, of course, in DC.  Founded in 2011, allegedly by a gang of Syrian ex-pats (expatriates, being ex have no lawful right to dictate to the country they have left) , it was the only NGO that US Treasury permitted to fund the FSA.  FSA-JaN terrorist Salim Idris signed its declaration in support of a foreign imposed “revolution” against Syria.  US/EU were pretending this was an uprising by the people, and therefore could not permit the reality of foreign terrorists being promoted by another foreign terrorist/fraudumentarian.

Syrian support group DC based

SSG conveniently closed shop a few weeks before Obama launched the war criminal bombings of the SAR, September 2014.


As VanDyk has said the “revolution” is a fraud, that part of the title is therefore a lie.   One may wonder if he wrote the entire script, and permitted some ad-libbing, among his two “stars.”  His star’s claim that “I used to wear fancy dresses and high heels…but not anymore,” sounds like a bit of plagiarism from the “I enjoy being a girl” song from the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, Flower Drum Girl.   The tag line is that the two stars “fight an oppressive regime for the freedom of their people.  “Female journalist star” Nour is of course, beautiful.  Her parents have given her a divine name, نور (“the light”).  Hearing her lies, and watching her callously walk through holes that terrorists have  punched through people’s homes, suggests her name be changed to reflect her soul, ظلام .

Before the foreign imposed war against Syria, Aleppo had full employment.  In 2012, the terrorist FSA dismantled the machine tools of 1,000 factories of this city, and transported them to Turkey.  Attempts are made to burn the empty factories to the ground, from time to time.

takfiri set fire to aleppo factory after selling parts to turkey and qatar

Look at this abomination:  An armed FSA terrorist leads the way through someone’s former home, a home that these barbarians have trashed.  How is such an abomination permitted to be normalized?

“The star” and another FSA terrorist stand on a roof.  Look, please, at the nearby houses.  Were they newly being built?  Were they being expanded for a growing family?  What happened to their owners?  Did the FSA kill them, or were they forced to flee, to become refugees in their own country?

Another armed terrorist walks through the hole blown through some family’s wall.

“The star” says, somebody has to see all this.  Look across the street, through the hole blown throw another family’s house; see that the missing family’s clock is still on the wall.  The family’s chair looks like a favorite of one of its members.

“The star” holds her expensive camera, while unlawfully, rudely, walking through someone else’s home, a home with another huge hole in its precious wall.  The holes blown between homes are to keep terrorists hidden from the Syrian Arab Army.  The holes bludgeoned through the outside of a home, is for FSA terrorists to shoot at the army.  The little hole in the wall is for the more cowardly of the terrorists, the snipers.

“The star” holds her expensive camera; she does not wonder who bought the lovely little table to her side.  What thoughts went through its purchaser’s mind, when buying it?  Would it be used to hold a book, in between chapters?


“The star” uses her expensive camera to perversely take a photo of the the armed terrorist, occupying a family’s home.  The savages have not yet completely ripped the curtains from the windows.  Whose curtains were these, in whose home were they cleaned and ironed, and hung?

“The star” who wanted to kill the lover blackmailing her over a sex tape, stands before a destroyed truck.  Was it the truck of a mason?  An electrician? A carpenter?  How many miles did the truck have on it?  How many friends and family members could fit into it?


“The star” reads from a script, telling a story of horror that was a true story, from Gaza, some years old.  As she “remembers” her thoughts magically appear on camera.

“The star” scurries through an outdoor hole.  What was this wall once a part of?

It is daytime.  Children should be playing in this basketball court.  Children used to play here.

“The star” visits an FSA terrorist, in his home.  It is his home because there are no holes in the walls, and the sofa has not been ripped apart.  He is a terrorist who has blown holes in the homes of human beings.  He is a terrorist who has terrorized children so that their basketball courts are empty. Behind him is an illegal weapon with the flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria attached to it.

terrorist of french mandate

This is Omar.  He is not really “the star.”  He is the male prop used for gender balance and to provide hypermasculine terrorism in a crisp collar.  He carries an illegal gun, with a handsome strap.  Blue is a nice color on him.  He has told us horror stories about being tortured by “the regime” because he wanted “freedom” (he does not explain the slavery of full employment, decent housing, subsidized foods and oil, free university education).  His face shows no signs of the physical torture he described.  Despite the stress torture, his gait is stable, and his body flexible enough to bend to pass through the holes blasted through the walls of people’s homes.

He is said to be “the first cat man of Aleppo,” launching the motif of emotional cat porn, by pointing to the calico and saying, “Maybe this cat is more important for Americans.”

He is a monster because he wanted his country annihilated by America.

maybe this cat is more important for the americansHe is a mean monster.  Here, he points to “the star” and says, “Don’t care about the woman!* Care about the cat!” He says this to humiliate “the star,” because he is Omar, the Omar that merc savage was harassing “the star” about, in the VanDyk hacked emails by the SEA.

Don't care about the woman. Care about the cat!

The following photograph was taken just a few days ago.  Its story would never find its way into an award-winning 15 minute video, used as war whore propaganda.

the pharmacy
The pharmacy

Today our brave army liberated this Masakah Hanano district and most of its residents are returning back to their homes again.  My friends who returned back there sent me pictures of my pharmacy, it was totally destroyed, however I’m happy.  I’m happy that finally we get rid of those terrorist groups who destroyed not only my pharmacy but all of our life there.  I’ve never been happy to see anyone get killed however with such kind of creatures, such terrorists you will reach to a degree that you will wish them death and only.

One may wonder if one of the homes with the walls blown out, that the FSA beasts walked through, also may have belonged to this pharmacist.

With the celebratory news that Aleppo is on the verge of complete reunification, unfake msm news — which has propagandized for every war crime committed by the US and NATO allies, for decades — will use every method imaginable to reverse President al Assad’s promise to liberate every inch of the Syrian Arab Republic from foreign-funded terrorist infestation.  We must be fully armed with the truth, against all attempts at geopolitical manipulation (a four-hour old op-ed in the NYT has already laid out a project for colonial balkanization lite.).

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

*In Hollywood screenwriting,  there is invariably at least one scene in which a female character is not mentioned by her name, but is referred to as “the woman.”

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    I would like to point out that there’s a little – inadvertent – error in your essay. The Last Veterinarian tweet by “Fatemah Alabed” (@AlabedFatemah) is meant to make fun of the “last” things in Aleppo. Fatemah Alabed is a parody account and the entire point of that account was (it has been suspended by Twitter) to poke fun at the terrorists.

  2. miri

    “The last”s are continuing to spiral. There exists now an Englishwoman ‘convert’ to geopolitical wahhabism, who claims to have interviewed “the last western journalist in Aleppo.” The demon she referred to in her article is NYC mercenary ‘Bilal Abdul Kareem,’ illegally in the SAR, and a close personal friend of the al Zinki savages who cut off the head of 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa, with a kitchen knife, after kidnapping the child from a hospital.

    The Ridley asset of western imperialism quotes the American merc’s claim that there are few foreign, invading pathogens, in Syria. Guess they both missed the other US merc, VanDyk’s statement that without the foreign terrorists, and al Qaeda, the fake Syrian revolution could not have happened.

    Of course, the wahhabist writer is completely ignorant of the fact of three western journalists — allowed into Syria — are currently in Aleppo: Vanessa Beeley, Jan Oberg, and the Rev. Andrew Ashdown.

  3. miri

    Thank you, Barbara.

    I have just been told that “the last actress” uploaded her “farewell video” (I continue to stand amazed at the perfect wifi connections the takfiri have), and that the American merc with 9 lives has uploaded what may be his “the last video.”



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