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syria mohammad dirar jammo killed

Muhammad Dirar Jammou

The Syrian political analyst Mohammad Dirar Jammo was sadly killed by a group of terrorists in front of his house this morning.

The sad information about the death of Mohammad Dirar Jammo reached us from friends of him and also the Syrian state news agency SANA has already published the sad news about the murder of Mohammad Dirar Jammo by a group of armed terrorists today morning.

Mohammad Dirar Jammo (Jamo) was certainly targeted assassinated in front of his private house in the town of al-Sarfand, located in southern Lebanon.

An armed terrorist group on Wednesday assassinated the Syrian political analyst Mohammad Dirar Jammo (sometimes also written as Jamo) in front of his house. The Syrian political analyst Mohammad Dirar Jammo was known for his role as the head of the political and international relations in the Global Arab Expatriates Organisation.

Mohammad Dirar Jammo was, for example, one of the persons who appeared on the Lebanese tv channel of Al-Manar in March this year and was interviewed about the exchange of French agents between the Foreign Minister of France and his Saudi counterpart, al-Faysal bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud, beside the conference in Tunis.

Muhammad Dirar Jammou
Syrian political analyst Muhammad Dirar Jammou

The report confirmed the military censorship by the French government and the arrest of several agents.

It is probably certain that Mohammad Dirar Jammo (Dirar Jamo) has been targeted assassinated by an armed group in front of his house in the Lebanese town of al-Sarfand.

Our condolences are with the relatives, family and friends of the Syrian political analyst Mohammad Jammo. We are very sorry about this loss and the violent acts of these terrorists in Lebanon and the foreign-backed terrorism in Syria.

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