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Syria Launches Vaccination Campaign Against Measles

image-Syrian national campaign for vaccination against measles

The Syrian Ministry of Health in cooperation with the UNICEF, The United Nations Children’s Fund, has launched its periodic campaign for vaccination against measles throughout the country.

The campaign targets all the children between the ages of 5 years and 12 years old in all schools, kindergartens, health centers and through mobile teams visiting remote towns. Children who missed the previous campaign in last May 2017 are also targeted in this campaign.

Vaccination is free and available to everybody and the state pays close attention to make sure all of its citizens receive the best care at all time, contrary, of course, to what your mainstream media propagandists feed you.

The last vaccination campaign against Measles in May 2017 targeted 2.466 million children of Syrian citizens and residents in Syria especially Palestinian and Lebanese. This campaign will target about 2.7 million children.

One of the main objectives of the US-led war of terror against Syria is its social policies towards its people. Among many things Syrians consider essential and get for free, unlike the West, is the free healthcare from fever to cancer treatment.

The US and its allies cannot justify to their own citizens why charging them for ‘essentials’ though they pay much more taxes than Syrians, except by stripping Syrians and others from these benefits.

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