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syria latest news from syria today jan 10 2013

Latest News from Syria Today

RealSyria – The Syrian Arab Army forces have carried out several operations in towns of Damascus and Aleppo and their countrysides.
More than 100 gunmen were killed, where the Syrian Army was able to take control over the legitimacy school that was used by the militants as their den, in Daraya city.

Our correspondent stated that heavy battles occurred near the school, where the Syrian Army killed all the gunmen.
The operations continued in Daraya, as 30 insurgents, including the snipers Ahmad Darwish, Zuhair al-Sheikh and Mahmoud al-Dummarani, where killed.

The engineering units also dismantled 15 explosive charges near Khalid Bin al-Waleed mosque.
Our reporter stated that the Syrian Army killed 3 Pakistani fighters, another Iraqi called Abu Manaf, a Libyan called Walid al-Rahi and a Jordanian called Raheel Ahmad.

Armed conflicts also initiated in Hijjira town, causing the death of 23 gunmen, including Ahmad Khalil, Jasem al-Surouji, Waseem al-Azzan and Abbas al-Khouli.

In Madaya town, armed confrontations occurred, claiming the lives of 15 militants, including the leader Khalid Aqasha
The Syrian Army units initiated wide operations against the Free Army militia in Kafarlaha, Khan al-Assal, Khan Touman, Zaitan and al-Bawabia villages of Aleppo countryside.

The Army also hit positions for the militants in al-Sheikh Sa’eed, al-Halak, Shok al-Zahrawi and Addas building of the Ancient city.

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