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Syrian Journalist Wounded by Mortar Fire in Darayya

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The Syrian journalist Ibrahim Issa, one of the correspondents of Russia Today (RT) who are working on site in Syria for the Russian channel Russia Today, was wounded in a suburb of the Syrian capital while he was filming a special operation by the Syrian Arab army (SAA).

The member of RT’s news crew in the Syrian capital Damascus, Ibrahim Issa, has been injured by a mortar shell shrapnel while he was filming for the Russian news channel today. The Syrian journalist Ibrahim Issa, RT correspondent, was filming a special operation in the strategically important Syrian town of Daraya, which is located near the capital Damascus.

The RT correspondent Ibrahim Issa was filming for Russia Today (RT) was filming together with his colleague Abu Talib Albouhaa a special operation by the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in the Syrian town of Daraya. Abu Talib Albouhaa is a correspondent of the Arabic sister channel Rossiya Al-Yaum from Russia Today.

But when both correspondents arrived on location in the Syrian city of Daraye and started to prepare their equipment for the planned filming, some parts of a mortar shell struck the Syrian journalist Ibrahim Issa. The mortar shell was presumably fired from an area that is controlled by the foreign-backed terrorists in this region.

According to the report by Russia Today (RT), the mortar shell, which was probably actual fired from a group of terrorists near this area of the Syrian town of Daraya, hit a building near the troops of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and where the crew of Russia Today (RT) tried to prepare everything to begin the filming of the special military operation of this unit of the Syrian army.

Abu Talib Albouhaa, correspondent of RT’s Arabic sister channel Rossiya Al-Yaum, said that he and his colleague, the Syrian journalist Ibrahim Issa, went to an area in the eastern part of Ghouta in order to film several reports, afterwards they moved closer to the Syrian town of Daraya in order to film from there. Although the report by Russia Today (RT) says that Ibrahim Issa reported this by phone from Syria it seems they used the false name in their report and it was Abu Talib Albouhaa on the phone from Syria.


Abu Talib Albouhaa further said that his “colleague Ibrahim Issa was slightly injured by shrapnel” and that the Syrian journalist has sustained injuries to his neck now, but is feeling well, at least. In addition, further reports say that also some soldiers of this unit of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) have been injured by this mortar shell shrapnel.

The Syrian town of Daraya is mainly controlled by the units of the Syrian army but there are still some parts of this Syrian town that are sadly under the control of the foreign-backed criminals and terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Especially the areas of Daraya, which are located very near to the Syrian military air base of Mazzeh, are still under control of the foreign-backed FSA terrorists.

The military operation by the Syrian Arab army was targeted at locating armed terrorist, according to Russia today. RT also reported that Iran’s FARS news agency has published the information that a unit of the Syrian army discovered a tunnel in Daraya with the length of three hundred-meter. The tunnel was used by terrorists for the transfer of weapons and as arms depot.

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  1. Arklight

    Best wishes to Mr. Issa for a speedy recovery, and to the SAA troops who were wounded. The sooner the rats are dug out of Daryaa, the better. Good hunting.


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