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Syria: John Kerry Seeks EU Support for War on Damascus

US Soldier rejects to fight in Syria for al-Qaeda.

Iran: US war threats on Syria aimed at protection of Israel.

While the Iranian envoy to Beirut, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, stated during a meeting with the Lebanese Armenian Orthodox Church Leader, Aram I, that the US military threats against the Syrian nation are aimed at the protection of Israel in the Middle East, it seems that the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is so cheeky that he, although he lied about the “presence of Al-Qaeda in Syria” towards US congressmen in his response whether the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda is active in Syria, still thinks he can convince further European governments to support the Israeli-American war plans against Syria.

However, such a behaviour by politicians and especially by Israeli and US politicians, is already known. Why should I care about my chatter from yesterday? At least, many people still remember the lies, fabricated documents, and faked evidence in advance of the illegal war on Iraq.

Thus, an increasing number of people currently able to notice a similar process and even notice such incidents as the lie and statements by US Secretary of State John Kerry. Not to mention that normal people certainly are opposed to a war and know that a war will only increase the violence as well as the suffering of the people in the attacked country. Bombs cannot liberate people; already confirmed by many occasions and the United States were often a part of such incidents.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, Colin Powell 2.0, now seeks the support of more European governments for the US war plans against Syria. After U.S. President Barack Obama has failed to gain more support by the world leaders for “his” (better say – for the Saudi-Israeli-American) war plans against the Syrian government in Damascus at the G-20 summit in Russia.

After President Obama seems to be convinced that the upcoming vote on the resolution that will approve the US-led war on Syria will fail, US Secretary of State John Kerry has the order to convince more EU members about the American war plans against Syria. However, under consideration of the increasing number of Europeans who reject a war on Syria, the new job of John Kerry is certainly not so easy. But to be honest, it depends on the countries and the governments in Europe.

The intense lobbying efforts by US Secretary of State John Kerry in the US Congress under the pressure by the Israel Lobby and the regime in Tel Aviv, and with the revealing statement that Arab countries (probably Qatar and Saudi Arabia) will pay with petrodollars for the complete US-led invasion of Syria and the battles against the Syrian army, end in a trip to Europe.

While one has probably to honour the members of the US Congress who reject this war on Syria, it seems certain that US Secretary of State John Kerry will try to convince some more European governments about the US war plans against Syria – either by telling the truth, by the means of pressure or he will lie to them. A liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth – and John Kerry lied.

That is already a fact. He lied in the direction of the faces of US congressmen.

The Liar John Kerry at dinner with Bashar al-Assad
The Liar John Kerry at dinner with Bashar al-Assad

Of course, the US administration in Washington knows very well that the European member states have different opinions about the possible US-led military strike on Damascus. Thus, it is no surprise that the reports say that the Obama administration “is already aware that there are divisions within the European Union (EU)” over a possible US-led attack on Syria. Perhaps US Secretary of State John Kerry will be able to remove some doubts, for example, at the Italian government.

In terms of the German government, they might publicly declare that Germany will not participate in a war on Syria, but behind the curtains, the German government and intelligence as well as the Germany armed forces already support the US-backed terrorists in Syria – almost since the beginning of the conflict in the Arab country. Thus, in case Washington launches its war on the secular government of President al-Assad in Damascus, Germany will be alongside them – just behind the curtains. There is a good reason why German soldiers and military equipment is already stationed at the Turkish-Syrian border and it is certainly not about the protection of Turkey.

John Powell, sorry, John Kerry will soon travel to Paris in order to hold talks with some French officials. However, the partly Zionistic administration of France is already “convinced” to support the US war plans against Syria. France will probably participate with troops and military equipment in a war on Damascus, while the UK and Denmark will only support such a war of aggression with other means and partly, just like Germany, behind closed curtains and conceal their machinations before their own population.

Of course, when Gulf Arabs pay, one has to meet them and to obey. Sounds like John Kerry would meet Netanyahu, but he is going to meet with key leaders of the Gulf-led Arab League (AL) in order to hold talks about the war plans on Syria and how to go on in terms of the support by more states and to better justify such military actions to/for the world public.

This case is partly dangerous (besides the war threats against Syria and the possible immediate launch of such a US-led attack on Damascus). It may happen that there will be another chemical attack or massacre under false flag in Syria next week.

However, if there will be another chemical attack or gruesome massacre on Syrian soil in the upcoming days, it would come as no surprise and is certainly again an act under false flag in order to get “better arguments” for the justification of the possible US-led strike on Damascus.

Barack Obama will (probably) receive a historical defeat at the vote of the US House of Representatives on the resolution that would permit his (the Saudi-Israeli-American…) war plans on Syria. Of course, there is still the possibility that the Obama administration will get enough votes for its “resolution for a war on Syria”, but it currently does not look like this.

Many of the members of the US House of Representatives are either undecided or will certainly vote against a US-led war on Syria – and it does not matter whether the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar will pay for the full-scale intervention in Syria or not. Some members of the US House of Representatives still remember the lies around the Iraq war and invasion and the consequences of the illogical and even counterproductive war policies of the recent US administrations in the past.

It remains to be seen whether US Liar of State, John Kerry, will be able to convince more European governments on the US plans of a war against Syria or not. So or so, it is certain that the U.S. administration is under a huge pressure to launch such a war on Syria, which will have dire consequences for the entire Middle East, for Israel and even for the United States in some levels. Not to mention that Syria is not so far away from Europe as some might think. And one has not even mentioned Iran, Russia, and China.

US President Obama serves the filthy rich sheiks - who financially support Al-Qaeda in the meantime.
US President Obama serves the filthy rich sheiks – who financially support Al-Qaeda in the meantime.

Apropos Iran. The Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, said during a meeting with the Lebanese Armenian Orthodox Church Leader Aram I, that the US military threats against the government in Damascus and the Syrian nation are aimed at safeguarding the security of Israeli regime in Tel Aviv.

The Iranian envoy to Beirut and the Lebanese Armenian Orthodox Church Leader Aram discussed the recent developments in the Middle East as well as the increased possibility of a US-led war on Syria and the possible consequences and reactions for and by Arab countries in the region. However, they also discussed the possible reactions of the several resistance movements in the region and the warmongering of the regime in Israel.

The Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, also said during this meeting that the increasing international rejection of any US-led military strike against Syria and the statements for peace by the religious leaders would play a key role in raising the public awareness over global issues, particularly the need to oppose the use of military force against the Syrian nation.

The Lebanese Armenian Orthodox Church Leader Aram I said, for example, that the insecurity and the numerous problems of the Armenian people in the region, which they have already faced in the course of the recent developments, are calling for measures to prevent the possible outbreak of a horrible war in the Middle East. He urged all leaders on the world to try everything to prevent such a gruesome scenario of a full-scale war for the region.

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  1. patton

    syria is not a national security issue let the despotic dictatorships of saudi arabia qatar bahrain die for syria why should our troops die for people who vehemently hate us this is a shia sunni problem not our concern

  2. Robert

    My letter to Obama, John Kerry, Congress and Representatives of the House.

    How does it feel to play God? It looks like you are going to fulfill this prophecy of God about the total destruction of Damascus.

    It is utterly and completely insane to attack Syria because some person or persons attacked their citizens with deadly chemicals. What kind of thinking is that and the rest of you all in our Government? Attacking Syria will kill way more innocent civilians there then the chemical attack that happened to them. This will end up bringing us into a major war, most likely World War III and the end of life as we know it today. I bet if you didn’t have your bunkers to hide in you would think twice before starting up another war that can lead into hundreds of millions of innocent people dead due to the fact that it can spark off an all out worldwide nuclear war.

    This is complete “Hypocrisy and Insanity” to bomb Syria and say it’s to help the people there. It won’t help anyone but our arms corporations and dealers and possibly pad a few more pockets full of cash in our Government. This is pretty scary. I wish I was born in a different country like Switzerland that minds their own business and doesn’t get into wars all the time like we do here in the good old U.S.A. I use to love living here in America, growing up as a child; but now during the end times as the Bible has mentioned were in, has left me with total sorrow and upset. This is just so wrong of America to keep getting involved in wars in other countries and playing big brother.

    I say we need to pull out of the U.N and run our own Government on an independent basis and never once attack another country again unless it first attacks us. I hope you can sleep well at night with your ideas of war because I sure can’t sleep well at all knowing you might cause the end of our civilization as we know it today due to a possible all out nuclear war this can set off really fast.

    How does it feel to play God? it looks like you are going to fulfill this prophecy of God about the total destruction of Damascus. I wish you and your loved ones all the best through these terrible times we are going through. You really have me and millions more people really upset and scared. The End is Near like it was in the days of the Roman Empire right before it collapsed.

    • Arklight

      Robert, I give those pogues about 2 weeks in the bunkers before they start killing each other. They know that what they are setting out to do is an abomination to God, we know it as well, and they know that we know – – Obama and the other lickspittles are giving the whole world the finger, including real Americans, like us. Never give up, Robert, Never. Since it’s gotten to be public knowledge that the electronic voting machines are rigged do you know what I do on election day? I go to the range, then go to the house and clean my rifle.

      Dumping the UN is not a new idea. Representative Larry MacDonald wrote a 2 page bill which would get us severed from the UN, World Bank and IMF, and ‘they’ killed him for it, aboard KAL 007. Some of us remember that the damned airplane just stooged around over Russian for some time, then finally left Russian airspace; the aircraft was shot down over Japanese waters. The Japanese Navy sortied, went to emergency military power, sounded general quarters and charged for the crash site, weapons free, ready for war. All 4 or 5 of their hopelessly outdated destroyers. Where was the American Navy? Tied alongside with no intention whatever of getting involved. I don’t know why the Japanese turned back, and Japan has never trusted the US since. I don’t blame them. Anyway, MacDonald was probably killed, but may have survived, since there were numerous reports of survivors but his bill disappeared, and there was no further action taken. If you type ‘Rep. Larry MacDonald into your favorite search engine, you can probably find the original bill, somewhere. Now, MacDonald was, apparently, going to Seoul to meet with ‘Scoop’ Jackson, another proven patriot who returned to the US when the news of the crash got out, and very soon died of what appeared to be congestive heart failure. The point is that Americans, REAL Americans, never give up, and do everything they can to protect and defend the Constitution and the Republic; no one is calling for a violent uprising, so far as I know, but every time that you get your mitts on appropriate and relevant material, and ‘four wind’ it, you’re doing something. Every time that some political rat is exposed for what he or she is, that’s a positive.

      Semper Fidelis, Robert, Always Faithful. At the time, the first thing a Marine recruit did upon acceptance AS a recruit, was to swear the oath of loyalty; politicians and governments were not mentioned, as being of secondary or terciary importance. The oath was never about them, always about the Constitution and the pledging of life and honor to defend it from all enemies, foreign and domestic. ALL enemies, Robert. That defense can take any number of forms from passing out FIJA material near the courthouse, or downloading things from the net to send to the four winds, to handing out ‘Citizen’s Rulebooks’, the lawfully permitted burning of DVDs from ‘alternative’ media sites and passing them out, to something as simple as saluting the colors when the National Anthem is played before a game. Many times over the last several years I’ve been the only one on my feet, at attention, when the anthem was played; well, at first, then somebody else would stand up, then another, then others but that’s the key, Robert; when one stands up, others will rise also. That’s happening, guy, across our land and around the world. We may not live to see the day when American is once again free, but that’s not important. What is important is that we were faithful to the end, and left that legacy for those coming behind us. Semper Fi, Robert. Never forget.

      • Robert

        Arklight, I already thought about the bunkers and all those evil bastards hiding in them and fighting with one another and killing one another in their live graves filled with sin. That is all they know how to do it fight, kill and lie to everyone. These people in power are the lowest form of scum on this planet. I wish there was a way to grab them all up and put them behind bars. Than all us civilians could set up a court of real justice not being occupied by any corrupt officials to hold back any proceedings. Once they are all said to be guilty by our peers, they will all be given their last meal of the worst quality GMO laced oatmeal and allowed to sleep on cold concrete one night before execution time the following day. I would vote for the Electric Chair and take them all in one room to watch each one of their buddies being fried and it would be like a Doctors office where someone would walk out we appointed to the task to say NEXT and heard them all in one at a time like Cattle and free the world of their evilness.

        • Arklight

          Well, Robert, I’m sorry to say that here we have a difference of opinion. Personally, I favor a speedy, but fair, drumhead court, followed immediately by a 10 fo0t walk to the gallows.

  3. Robert

    Arklight, that will work too. Another thought before one is fried and the task manager comes out to say NEXT, none of them will know who is next. It will be on a list for only us to know. That would eat their guts up alive in wait, wondering who’s NEXT. LMAO


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