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Syria – Jobar: A Cauldron full of Jihadists

Jobar / Syria

The German Jihadist Deso Dogg and his war in Syria.

Syrian activists, including those who are close to the #SEA (Syrian Electronic Army), observe the “internet”, especially social media networks, since the beginning of 2012, and gather information about the members, identified by name, and the losses among the rebel gangs, who wage war in Syria.

They have published the current status of the statistics yesterday.

It was a several pages long table, whose “top entries” are quoted here again:

Country Number of mercenaries Casualties Missing
Saudi Arabia ca. 8.000 1.029 1.800
Tunisia ca. 4.000 983 1.270
Iraq ca. 6.000 971 900
Palestine ca. 3.000 885 87
Egypt 3.500 814 370
Libya 4.500 802 1.650
Chechnya* 1.700 718 250
Yemen 2.800 512 700
Pakistan 1.500 448 300
Afghanistan 900 394 150
Jordan 600 386 120
Turkey 3.800 381 55
Kuwait 900 211
Somalia 350 192 20
Russia 250 189 4
Germany 110 71

* Of course, it must be said about “Chechnya” that they understand the entire North Caucasus under the term “Chechnya” in Syria (Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia are, however, separate items in the list). “Russia” are all other guys with a Russian passport.

The method, according to which these figures were derived, is clear: the sources of the “rebels” publish the information daily about who, where, and under what circumstances became a Shaheed. (Shahid or Shaheed in principle means “witness” and is often used in such a false jihad to denote a so-called “martyr”.) There, it is usually also published from where the Shaheed originally came from.

Although there are a lot of different of such sources, but overall probably not more than 50. If one monitors these sources, so he is able to compile such statistics, which should then reflect in large parts the actual conditions.

About the involvement of jihadists from Germany: probably also a “success” of Daisy Duck. There has already been a short message at PI news about it, but the message was, at least by the authors, largely left without comment.

It is about Mr. Cuspert. Denis Mamadou. Better known as a “gangsta rapper” called “Deso Dogg”, whose brain has been indoctrinated by the hot wind of Salafism some years ago. He has then consequently built up the reputation of a dangerous extremist in Germany, who wants, by his own admission, to die by blowing up a large crowd.

There were a few problems with German security forces, but the thought of tolerance has probably prevented decisive measures. It is already known that Mr. Dogg went to war in Syria – several leading media of the Republic reported about it at the end of February 2013.

Since then, until about mid-August, there was no news of him. The message then looked like this:

There were assumptions that he had died, but he seems alive and as it looks, also physically healthy (it was though reported some few weeks ago, that he had been wounded in an air attack…).

Mr. Cuspert was at least already a verbal jihadist before the outbreak of the so-called “Arab Spring”, however, the recruitment of this “star” was a successful operation of the Salafis, who were set about to deal with the youth and with significant personalities for the youth since the beginning of the “Arab Spring” and under the deafening media hymns about the “democratic change” in the Middle East and North Africa.

The danger, posed by such processes, is clear – such “guys” like “Deso Dogg” have a much greater impact on the target group than the real ideological key persons such as Adnan al-Arur, Yussuf al-Qaradawi, Aidh al-Qarni and more of those whose names are probably hardly pronounceable by a German street kid, also with migration background, let alone to be able to remember those names.

Jobar, Syria – ANNA News – New video:

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  1. Arklight

    Known killed comes out to about 23% casualties, not anywhere near crippling for a guerilla outfit. Missing are about 21%, but it’s not known if they were driven out of their areas by SAA action and have since returned, or what the status is. Some have, undoubtedly, died of wounds or were injured badly enough to be combat ineffective, plus I’d suspect that a fair proportion have just deserted, but that still leaves almost 25 and a half thousand who are, presumably, still combat effective. I’d look for replacements to be coming through the pipeline.

    • Arklight

      :Hey, MK, thanks for the clarification! I figure that the swine have lost, permanently, about 30% of their combat force, but that’s depending upon what happened with the missing. For regular military that would be crippling, but for guerilla outfits not so much. Any word on jihadi replacements? It seems as though there are a fair number of weapons shipments being interdicted, which is very good, but how about the replacements? Also, I suspect that the Kurds are taking a lot of pressure off SAA, but we don’t hear much about that – – is there a good reason for the lack of info? Keep up the good work, guy, and pass on ‘a smile and a howdy’ to your staff.

      • M. Klostermayr

        no problem. I am not sure whether the numbers are correct.. but I think they are near to it and one has to have in mind that the numbers are not from the beginning of the armed terrorism stuff but from around 2012 as mentioned and that the sources of the pro-syrian observers probably do not mention everything, have not all information or lie desperately or such stuff. and in addition, also the numbers of other sites and pages, even pro-syrian, are always to put into questions. arabs tend to increase amounts. its sadly one of their habits. so.. if sana or others mention 500 terrorists die, consider it as 100 or 200 died/were killed. same applies for the other sides.

        I had to fix the server part today morning again. sadly, too much DoS attacks and these things. So i used the time (offline and fixing) to change some apache related things and so on. It should now be very smooth (load time). I hope so. at least, better than before.

        • Arklight

          Denial of service attacks? Hmmm. I’d suspect that your site is getting a lot of attention, then; probably because you have better content. Personally, I look at a lot of sites but prefer yours, and by a very long chalk. Drive on!

          • M. Klostermayr

            thanks a lot! :) However, I guess.. that will change.. I stopped writing here, to be honest. I can`t afford/achieve so much work anymore and certainly not all alone. Its a shame but..yeah, I`ve enough of writing and writing while Syrians play famers on facebook or look around on social networks for girls. And yes, dont say it isn`t so. I monitored it for over two years now. That laziness hasnt changed.

            I hope you are doing ok and have a good time!

            btw. arabi souri takes over the site and tries to maintain it in future. I don`t quit these topics but its time to leave things behind. A lot has changed in the last two years and damn, this syria topic has influenced too much. Same applies for my computer stuff lol its time to surf to new coasts and to travel a bit more often. :) take care and have a good time!

  2. Blowback Winds

    A Suggestion From A Zionist Of A Reverse Scenario: “If these sex jihadists Ever Do Think of freeing Occupied Palestine (the Main cancerous tumour in the Ummah, my words) & decide to enter ‘our lands’, the authorities would be waiting for them with interesting results- ALL foreigners caught would be First castrated (to neuter their sex jihadists tendencies) and have their 3-Fingers on Each Hand chopped off BEFORE being flown back to their countries (at their government expenses). For the rest of their lives, Everywhere & Everyone they meet would identify their stupidity. Even though it would be a ‘ready market’ for the wahhabi sheikhs to uplift their own spiritual stations by having a regular supply of fresh men, it would Deter anyone from joining these sex jihadists knowing that either death awaits (straight to hell) Or if captured, there would Never be sex again Nor any useful activity apart from serving the wahhabi sheikhs at all times.

    • Nini

      Blowback , I am confused , why chop of 3 fingers and not there head. These Wahhabi pigs are dangerous as long as they breath.
      As long as there TONGUE moves they spread there hate message and thats there problem!

      • Blowback Winds

        In Islamic Jurisprudences & Sunnah of Our Holy Prophet’s (PBUHP), a thief is punished by chopping his little three fingers only. This is so as Not to make him a disabled load on society for his daily work. He/she would Still be able to ALL the basics of life, like eating, washing, bathroom, dressing, lifting loads, writing, etc, etc, by themselves. Islam is a peaceful religion But the punishments are deterrents for society as a whole. The Wahhabis chop Both entire arms at the shoulders to prove their jewish links. However, these men/women without limbs are then encouraged (by showing mercy) to enlist in the mansions and palaces of the massive so-called “royal circles” to be available as sex objects for the rest of their lives, or till they are likeable by the hosts before being transfered elsewhere in the vast families. These have been the ‘ORIGINAL’ victims of the wahhabi sex-jihadists these past Nine Decades BEFORE the concept being exported, In The Name Of Islam, to the present times in Syria. And, FYI- wahhabi sheikhs have a free pass to have sex with their own 4-5 year old children to uplift their spiritual station/ similar to the Talmudic practices of rabbis with zionists tendencies… Entire wahhabi doctrine is a zionist inventions a century and a half ago.
        As their banner is prominently sex-jihadism, castrations would make the Entire human society safe from them, Not Only the Syrian females:-))

  3. Melissa

    Australia is listed as 200 mercinaries and 35 killed.. I wish (all) the stats had been published in English is good material to lobby governments inaction on.

    • apxwn

      Here’s the complete list in English:

      Note the method these numbers were compiled. It was done by Syrians (from Hama province) by monitoring a whole lot of “Rebel” sources in social media and the Internet in general since early 2012.

  4. Serg

    If there is any information about terrorists, it should be transferred to countries that oppose an al-Qaeda. Having appeared in such country, they will be arrested. Terrorists are dangerous in any country.


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