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Syria: BBC Interview with the “man-eater” Abu Sakkar

Cannibalism Syria Abu Sakkar / Khalid al Hamad

Syria – BBC is going to broadcast an interview with Abu Sakkar, the bandit who became famous as the “man-eater“, without explaining some circumstances.

Abu Sakkar is exactly the person who was seen in May when he tasted the heart, lungs or liver of a killed (whacked) opponent.

It is probably a sign of good journalism if you really let all sides speak about current events, but the information and text on the website of BBC reads more like an apology:

“The war makes people to something like that”.

And besides this, you can also read that Abu Sakkar has not eaten the heart (or whatever), but he only has… ..probably licked it or something like that. A certain Arabic version of “taste, but do not swallow” if someone remembers this pretty good movie.

And anyway, Abu Sakkar only put on this show to protest against the inaction of the West by this act, because the West does not support the rebels with heavy weapons and “No-Fly” zones in Syria.

It seems everything is OK with Abu Sakkar under considering this logic: the Western kuffars (Kaffir / infidels), who have to experience the jihad sooner or later, shall kindly equip and support their future executioners, otherwise, there will be even much worse things on YouTube.

According to Abu Sakkar, we “have so far seen nothing at all”.

Abu Sakkar
Abu Sakkar

It is really strange. He had also actually threaten immediately to soon protest even in a more barbaric manner. It would be conceivable that it ends in a recorded copulation with a crocodile from the Nile by a smartphone camera. Of course, oral.

In order to psychologically traumatize the animal right activists. They have even also cared in the case of Libya to enforce a no-fly zone and this success is sure inspiring.

(The video of this act of cannibalism or when he licked the heart, lung or liver of the dead opponent was taken down by YouTube..)

Source: apxwn

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  1. mikh

    Sounds like “damage control” to me. An attempt to legalize cannibalism and primitive murderous behaviour on behalf of their “freedom fighters”, to a very very disgusted domestic public. Good luck with that Z-BBC!

    Came to think of it, the BBC rushed out to do the same when their child-rape pornography ring and jewish ring leader Jimmie Savile finally was exposed. Why am i not surprised?


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