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Syria: Human Rights Watch (HRW) with Another Propaganda Stunt


The alleged human rights organisation Human Rights Watch (HRW) was not able to identify any military goals in their next biased report on the events in Syria.

Human Rights Watch (HRW), which has already been founded for the use as propaganda agency under the cover of a honest human rights organisation unlike amnesty international (ai), which was honest at its beginning but soon has been infiltrated by persons with clear orders, has released another nearly 80-page report about Syria. In this HRW report about Syria, it is stated, inter alia, that the Syrian Arab army would intentionally attack bakeries and hospitals in Syrian cities and villages.

HRW mentions a concrete example in its one-sided report about Syria – a “bakery” in the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) with location information and a date.

A German blogger has tried to perform a search for traces about this case by using the aforementioned clues, given by Human Rights Watch (HRW). This blogger from Germany came to a result and found the Syrian street on the same day which was stated in the alleged concrete example by HRW – and about this human rights organisation said that it is has been no military target, but a civilian bakery.

It is about the “Aqyoul Bakery, Aleppo City” as this place in this Syrian street of Aleppo (Halab) is called by Human Rights Watch in their next report about Syria.

In terms of the lighting conditions, it might have been an early evening in this video. Although Human Rights Watch (HRW) says that there would not have been any active fighters in this area in Aleppo, every viewer is easily able to see many of these armed opposition members and everybody can hear gunshots, including muffled noise of battles, which are located a little further away.

Armed militias at the "bakery" in Aleppo.
Armed militias at the “bakery” in Aleppo.

HRW was not able to see the armed men? This can`t be. The stores are all equipped with blinds and they are closed. There is no opened bakery in the clips from the same date in the same area and even from the same street in Aleppo. There is also no bread visible in the rubble. The 21.08.2012 was a Tuesday. Stores were closed due to the battles which took place?

Screenshots from the following videos show military targets, this also includes anti-Syrian armed forces.

The German blogger said in his post about the biased HRW report that he would like to smear the lies on the bread of Human Rights Watch (HRW), but there was and is no bread at this place.

Further evidence that this report by HRW is biased again – the alleged human rights organisation HRW did not mention any militias like these in its report about Syria. The screenshot is bad but one can see two machine gun barrels:


Another military target, a pickup truck, equipped with a heavy machine gun.

One of the videos shows that armed men were in this street, in a pickup truck with armed militias and a Dushka, a heavy machine gun, which is clearly visible.

Please, also note the sound of the video – there are gun shots in close proximity. This is also an evidence that it has been a battle field. Was the former front line in the Syrian city of Aleppo located there? At least, the shops were closed, there was no “bakery” and everybody can see armed militias of the so-called opposition forces – just HRW is not able to.

There is an armed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) fighter, just in front of the house which has a damaged roof.

The shown four dead are male, one has a lot of “belt bags”…:

The old propaganda reports by Human Rights Watch (HRW), which have been published by HRW a year ago (30/08/2012), and the new reports by HRW (11/04/2013) are contradictory.

A year ago, it has been a bomb and a tailor who has searched coverage. According to the new propaganda report by the same organisation, HRW, there were two bombs and a flour supplier who also has been a tailor. A year ago, HRW wanted to construct war crimes by the Syrian government and army in Syria – and nothing has changed. The methods are still the same.

As another example, the German blogger mentions the “bread – waiting line/queue” in the province of the Syrian city of Hama – the place was called Halfaya. Also there, there was neither a visible bakery nor any “bread – waiting line”. Many of the injured were in uniform; one was also able to see some Dushkas pickups, which drove away.

And one was able to see how the foreign-backed opposition forces laid bread, which they had brought along, in the pools of blood – and they filmed it foolishly or fortunately.


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  1. cdevit

    This is the same as what was happening in Europe before WW11 started for real, the lies needed to justify an unjust war of conquest.


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