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Grand Mufti: Syria is Paying the Price for Supporting the Resistance


Grand Mufti of the Republic, Dr. Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun, said “we are at a crossroads where we are losing our Islamic countries one after another,” stressing that Syria is today paying the price for embracing and supporting the resistance and the Palestinian cause and rights.

“What is taking place in Syria is not an issue of power or a regime change, but rather one of destroying a country which has supported the resistance,”  Hassoun added in his speech at the 26th International Islamic Unity Conference, which kicked off in Tehran on Sunday.

He highlighted that Syria has extended its hand to the opposition for dialogue, but the opposition rejected dialogue and chose to go to the colonial Western capitals in London and Paris. The Grand Mufti called for the establishment of a ‘Muslim Scholars Union’, and wished that the conference was held in Damascus or Aleppo for the participants to get acquainted with “what they have done against the Syrian people.”  “They are slaying Muslims under the flag of Islam,” he said.

Earlier, in his opening speech, Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, Ayatollah Araki, expressed hope that the participants in the conference could comes out with solutions to the crises and problems of the Islamic world, particularly the dispute and war among Muslims.

He said that the Muslim scholars and intellectuals are the reference to the solutions of the crises which hit the Islamic world, calling for finding solutions to the crisis in Syria, Bahrain, Pakistan, Iraq and other Islamic countries.
Araki called on the Muslim scholars to exert efforts to unify the Islamic nation and overcome the problems of the Islamic world.
More than a thousand Iranian scholars and prominent religious figures from 102 countries, including Syria, take part in the 2-day conference.

The conference discusses means of settling the crises of the Islamic world, including the crisis in Syria, and establishing a ‘Scholars of Resistance Union’. Issues related to attempts at offending Islam and rapprochement among religious doctrines will also be discussed by the conference.

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