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Syria, al-Ghouta: Mortar Shell killed 3 Syrians near Damascus


Syria: Terrorists killed Sheikh Osama Tawfiq al-A’sar in al-Qreir.

A mortar shell fired by the foreign-supported terrorists fighting against the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad has killed three Syrian civilians in the district of al-Ghouta, which is located in the eastern province of the Syrian capital Damascus, yesterday.

The mortar shell, fired by a group of armed terrorists in al-Ghouta on Monday, fell down near the Directorate of Health in the neighborhood of al-Ghouta in the province of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The mortar shell not only killed three Syrian civilians in this district but also wounded many other people. It also caused serious material damages to the houses and parked cars near the ground zero of this mortar shell, according to the report by the official news agency of Syria, SANA.

Another group of foreign-backed terrorists has assassinated the Imam of the mosque in the Syrian village of al-Qreir, Sheikh Osama Tawfiq al-A’sar. This was a targeted killing of the Imam Sheikh Osama Tawfiq al-A’sar by this terrorist group. The village of al-Qreir is located in the beautiful countryside of Banias, near the known Syrian city of Tartous (at the Syrian coast).

According to reports about this sad incident and the targeted killing of the Imam Sheikh Osama Tawfiq al-A’sar, the foreign-backed terrorists, possibly an affiliated group of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), have opened fire at Sheikh Osama Tawfiq al-A’sar in the farms of the Syrian village located in the countryside of Banias.

This was the next targeted killing of a Syrian religious figure by the foreign-backed terrorists.

Since the beginning of the deadly proxy war and the implementation of the Salvador option by foreign powers and regional forces in Syria as well as the arming of jihadists and terrorist groups in order to topple the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, the foreign-backed terrorist groups have already killed many religious figures as well as a large number of teachers by targeted assassinations in Syria.

They attacked schools, set the school buildings on fire and made it very clear that they have innate hate against education and people of another religion than their Wahhabi / Salafi misguided “religion” of blood and terror.

In addition, several units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched some military operations against the foreign-supported terrorist groups in the Syrian governorates of Aleppo, Latakia (Lattakia), Daraya, Idlib (Idleb), Homs, and Daraa in the last days and were able to kill a large number of the attacked terrorist groups in several governorates.

The military operations and attacks by the Syrian army units against terrorist groups in some of these areas are still ongoing and the battles in and around the strategically important Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) are still very intense.

Further mop-up operations take place by other troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in additional areas of the countryside of the capital, Damascus. Additional cleansing operations and military attacks by the troops of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) against foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists will take place today, too.

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  1. M K

    I corrected the given information in the article. Due to my incompetence, I used the information published by SANA but they put al Ghouta to Homs due to a mistake and it was damn early for me today morning. sorry!

    • Arklight

      Your a pretty busy reporter; I’d guess that if there were 48 hours in a day, you might be able to catch a couple hours sleep somewhere. Incompetence? Nah. Everybody is subject to error, especially if you’re as tired as I think you must be. I’m thinking that you’re doing all of the page presentation by yourself; writing, editing, collating, fact checking and proof reading with no help? I’m surprised your wheels ain’t fell off yet. Your maps keep getting better, and that’s a real plus, thanks!

      • M K

        lol thanks Arklight! :) yeah.. with the help of arabi souri and a spanish woman. the re-reading is the problem.. i wished my english would be better but I rarely used it since school and in syria.. german was more useful sometimes than english lol

        • Arklight

          I heard that! Well, ‘use it, or lose it’, huh? I took Spanish in high school (to supplement what I’d learned in the pickle and strawberry fields working with the Brazeros), took German in college, and now I’d be hard pressed to read a menu in either language. I’m sort of proficient in American English, although I’m a native speaker – – I couldn’t diagram a sentence these days for a bushel basket full of $100 bills. Geez. You’re doing fine, over all, and I see that you’re picking up more readers, which is a good thing in the ‘news biz’. Drive on, dude.

  2. Arklight

    I’ve no notion of how the minds of the murderous thugs work, but such creatures have no place upon the planet. The more quickly SAA expunges those rats, the better off the whole world will be. Drive on, SAA! Get some!


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