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After British Vote on Syria: Germany Rules Out Role in War on Damascus

Syria Map

Former UK Navy chief: UK, US should show Syria chemical intelligence.

After the British Parliament has voted against a military action by the British army in terms of Syria and while one could hear from France that the French President Hollande is still supporting the military strike on Syria, although he should know that there is no convincing evidence for the US-led accusations against Damascus, the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has just now stated that Germany will not participate in any military strike against Syria.

The German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, said that the government of Germany is not willing to participate in any military attack against Damascus. The Foreign Minister of Germany stated that Germany has ruled out the country’s participation in a military intervention in Syria.

After the British Parliament has voted against a British military action on Syria, the news by the German Foreign Minister are probably the next good news for all anti-war campaigners and people with a sense for morality and humanity.

Not to mention, that any logical thinking comes to the result that a war against Syria will only have dire consequences for the Syrian people, trigger more violence in this Arab country and also will extend the conflict and crisis to other neighbouring country. Some even say an attack on Syria will have serious and dire consequences for the entire Middle East and this is probably correct.

Meanwhile, the former head of Britain’s Royal Navy Baron, Mr Alan West, said in a new interview with Russia Today (RT) that the governments in the United States and Britain have to show the evidence for their accusations that the Syrian government in Damascus has used chemical weapons against civilians near the capital.

The British Ex-Navy Chief, Alan West, further stated in this new interview with Russia Today (RT) that Washington and London should disclose the documents if there are really documents and if there is intelligence information that the government in Damascus has made use of chemical weapons.

According to the statements by the former head of Britain’s Royal Navy Baron, the “people around the world would not trust such claims anymore,” and this is certainly true.

However, the number of interested people is still less than the number of people who do not care about the Syrian conflict, the possible results and such a new war, based on lies and propaganda – and certainly even on a wilfully created pretext by the chemical weapons attack under false-flag near Damascus in order to blame it on the Syrian government and to have a good justification for a war against Syria; a war for the interests of several Western states, the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and certainly not for the “benefits of the Syrian people” or to protect them.

A war on Syria will only increase the violence while it decreases the security and stability of the entire Middle East. Not to mention the potential other dire consequences such a military attack against Syria could be able to trigger – some even spoke about the next Word War (WWIII) in case if Syria is attacked by foreign forces and with having Russia, Iran and China in mind.

The former head of Britain’s Royal Navy Baron Alan West also said in this interesting interview about the potential attack on Syria and the alleged evidence in the hands of Washington and Britain, that both governments should share their (alleged) intelligence information over the chemical weapons attacks in Syria with the Russian administration in Moscow in order to discuss the evidence and the possible actions.

Syria, Damascus countryside
Syria, Damascus countryside

Alan West finally said in his interview with RT (Russia Today), that the international community should wait for the reports by the UN inspectors before they make any decisions in terms of a response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government near Damascus.

According to the former Royal Navy Chief from Britain, it “seems bizarre that we should take action before the UN team that is reporting on our behalf.” True, it does. The former Royal Navy Chief, Alan West, made several good and correct remarks in his interview and even pointed out that the launch of a potential military intervention in Syria will probably strengthen the terrorist al-Qaeda network.

There is just the question whether the United States of America really care about this situation, when they previously have supported the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoots. Not to mention that Washington created Al Qaeda, according to Hillary Clinton. At least, it seems the majority of the American people reject another senseless war without real evidence against the next country in the Middle East. That’s a good sign, isn’t it?

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  1. Canthama

    This is good news indeed, strong message to the saw called “coalition of willing” ? By the way what the heck this “willing” really mean? Willing to mess things up ?

    • Arklight

      Hi, Canthama. I think ‘willing’ means ‘gently strong armed’, but that’s only my opinion. Nobody in the hoped for ‘coalition of the willing’ can afford a fight with pea shooters and water pistols, the US least of all. But, Obama and Cameron have their orders – –


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