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Syria: FSA Executor Executed

Dr. Anas Naem killed by a booby trapped car

Dr. Anas Naem killed by a booby trapped car

Syrian security authorities managed to track down and eliminate one of the US regime president Obama’s buddies Muhanna Saqqa. He was killed near Sbahi Square in Hamah city today as reported by Syrian state TV.

The terrorist, was a commander of a terrorist group within the so called ‘Hamah Mujahideen Brigade’, a branch of the FSA operating in Hamah city under the wing of Al Qaeda. Among his major crimes beside befriending Obama, was the assassination of Dr. Anas Naem, Hamah’s former governor by blowing up a booby trapped car with a remote control in August 2013.

‘Remote killing’, does it ring a bell?

The terrorist when killed was wearing a suicide belt, paid for U.S. citizens who prefer to shutdown their own government in order to keep the cash flow going to Al Qaeda fanatics spilling Syrian blood.

Martyr Dr. Anas Naem, former governor of Hamah
Martyr Dr. Anas Naem, former governor of Hamah

The following video report might contain Graphic material and your discretion is advised:

Fugitive outlaws, imported mercenaries and fanatic anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists, those are the core of the ‘radical’ and ‘moderate’ Syrian opposition.

A ‘moderate’ opposition ‘rebel’ sponsored by the Obama regime with ‘non-lethal’ weapons (!!) is the one who assassinate people with a sniper rifle or a booby trapped car blown up by remote control, Obama style, not the one who slaughter people with swords and unsharp knives in massacres like Hatlah, Houla, Bayda, Chemical Ghouta, 450 Kurdish civilians massacred, Latakia countryside, Khan Asal, Aleppo, Jisr Shoghour… countless number of massacres.

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