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Syria- Foua: Just a War Crime

image-Lady lost sight due to terrorists shelling of Foua

The towns of Foua and Kafraya in Idlib Countryside are still besieged by terrorists and they’ve just asked the ‘International community’ for help. The continuous besieging of their town is not included in the cessation of hostilities under the Russian – US brokered deal.

In the image above a Syrian lady called Jameela carrying her 3 months baby whom she cannot see anymore in her entire life because she lost her eye sight due to terrorists shelling of her city.

Jameela will live blind the rest of her life and we can see she’s still so young. Her crime is simply: not joining the NATO sponsored ‘revolution’ aka ‘Regime Change’ in her country. Her attackers are called in western and anti-Syrian regional media as ‘Moderate Rebels’ which allows them to receive billions of dollars in aid and hundreds of tons of weapons and ammunition to overthrow the sitting government of a sovereign nation.

Over 3 years the towns of Kafraya and Foua were besieged by herds of terrorists overwhelming the countryside of Idlib northeast of Syria with the assistance of the Turkish regime of Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan. The Syrian Government dropped food and medical aid from air, even the airplanes and helicopters delivering the aid were also attacked continuously by the ‘freedom fighters’, the promoters of ‘free speech’ and ‘human rights’.

The residents of Kafraya and Foua, very similarly the residents of all Syrian cities witnessed the unspokable crimes of our modern history including daily indiscriminate shelling of residential neighborhoods from terrorist controlled areas.

Each western taxpayer has contributed in the spilling of innocent blood and the daily suffering of tens of thousands of people who never caused any harm or posed any danger to then. 

After 5 years of the Syrian Crisis no one in the world can claim they are misled and misinformed, all those supporting the ‘armed opposition’ are partners in the crimes committed by this ‘armed opposition’. Imagine if you have such an ‘armed opposition’ in your country, how would the authorities respond to their such ‘quest for freedom’.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable. -Arabi Souri

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