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Syria: SAA Foils an Infiltration Attempt into Ad-Dumayr

Ad Dumayr Damascus Countryside

Damascus Countryside: An SAA, Syrian Arab Army unit set an ambush for a group of terrorists sneaked in through the Jordanian borders into the desert and tried to reach Ad Dumayr city in Damascus countryside, the group was eliminated, weapons and vehicle confiscated.

Among the caches of weapons confiscated were B10 rockets launcher, RPG launchers, automatic machine guns, sniper rifles, gas masks, modern communication devices, and assorted munition.

SAA recently are finding difficulties storing the amounts of weapons & munition sent by the Obama regime on the account of the US taxpayers. 3 terrorists were killed in the operation and their vehicle confiscated.

The following video might contain Graphic footage:

Worth noting that the Obama regime managed to rip the US taxpayers $815 million so far, as declared publicly, and send it to fanatic Jihadists smuggled into Syria to kill Syrians and to destroy their state, properties, and heritage.

US taxpayers on their side agree by their own will since they live in a ‘free’ and ‘democratic’ country to pay for the killing rather enhance their own healthcare system as there are not enough funds to cover that.

Ad Dumayr city in Damascus Countryside
Ad Dumayr city in Damascus Countryside
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  1. Arklight

    I think you’ll find that well over 80% of Americans do NOT want weapons provided to the guerillas by anyone, least of all the United States. We’re broke, to start with – – on top of the, the guerillas in Syria have no legitimacy at any level, no moral values that anyone can discover, and nothing positive to contribute to anyone, anywhere. If you think that Obamacare is so wonderful, do your research and find out just how truly hideous it is. Look – – I’m sure that you have laws that I wouldn’t care much for but they’re YOUR laws and I’ve no business sticking my beak into your legal framework – – Okay?
    I don’t personally know anyone who wants to supply weapons to the thugs, or establish a ‘no-fly zone’, or land troops in Syria. In fact, the people whom I know think that Obama is nuts – – well, except for the hardcore Democrats who ‘drink the Kool-Aid’ every day. We don’t need to spend taxpayer money to buy weapons to send to a region that’s already awash with ’em, but we’re not the weapons lobby. No matter how the Syrian situation is resolved, the only winners are the weapons makers and dealers who risk nothing. That’s wrong, wrong, wrong.


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