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Syria: Maria Finoshina in Darayya – Snipers and Ruins

Syria: RT’s Maria Finoshina in Darayya

Syria: Russia Today (RT) correspondent visits the battlefield of Darayya (Daraya).

Of course, while the Russian-American deal on Syria’s chemical weapons has hopefully prevented a US-led military strike on the Arab country and while it seems that the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad will comply with the proposal and four-stage plan by Moscow to put its chemical weapons arsenals under an international supervision and to join the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), the battles and clashes between the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the foreign-backed terrorists continue in several regions of Syria. Further, the armed power struggles between all the different terrorist forces on Syrian soil have yet again increased, too.

In the meantime, RT’s Maria Finoshina made a visit to the battlefield in Syria’s Darayya. The city of Darayya in the south of Damascus was a very picturesque town with about 300,000 residents before the beginning of the terrorism and violence by the foreign-supported groups in Syria. The same applies for many other Syrian villages and towns, for example, such as the historic Christian village of Maaloula, located in the north of the countryside of Damascus; or Aleppo, Homs, Hama, and many other cities and areas, which now look like German cities after the second World War.

There is a video recording by RT’s Maria Finoshina visit to the battlefield in Darayya (Daraya) and the once picturesque town in Syria will never be the same. The battles between the Syrian Army units and the foreign-backed terrorists and Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists have destroyed many parts of the Syrian town in the south of Damascus. All locals of Darayya have left the city already.

According to the correspondent of Russia Today (RT), Maria Finoshina, the only people that are still in the city of Darayya are either Syrian soldiers or foreign-backed terrorists and al-Qaeda-linked Islamists fighting against the secular government of President al-Assad in Syria’s capital, Damascus. The urban warfare in Syria’s Darayya mainly consisted and still consists of a fighting building-to-building by the Syrian forces against the armed terrorist groups in the town.

RT’s Maria Finoshina went with a patrol of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to the urban battlefield and this patrol and support by Syrian units for her video report from the battlefield in Darayya will probably make her a target of the foreign-backed terrorists. These terrorists do not like journalists who are travelling with the Syrian army in order to carry out reports on the situation on the battlefields in the Arab country. The foreign-supported terrorists have already killed several journalists in Syria.

Darayya (Daraya) is still one of the intense embattled regions on Syrian soil and there is sadly still a huge inflow of weapons and other kind of “military aid” from Jordan to the armed terrorist groups in the region near Damascus.

The snipers of the terrorists and the mainly building-to-building urban warfare makes the progress of the Syrian Army slow and costly in terms of soldiers. Such a kind of urban warfare is always very difficult for the attacking side and only delivers the possibility of a slow progress or the costs will be too expensive in terms of human resources.

As shown by the new report of Russia Today (RT) from Syria’s Darayya, the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is able to use some hardware advantages against the foreign-backed terrorists and snipers – such as armoured vehicles to protect the Syrian soldiers from the small arms of the terrorists and against the snipers in buildings. In other areas of the Syrian town of Darayya (Daraya), the soldiers of the Syrian Army are only able to go on foot, what makes them to an easy target for the snipers of the terrorist forces and the terrorist groups barricaded in buildings.

Syria: RT’s Maria Finoshina in Darayya
Syria: RT’s Maria Finoshina in Darayya

Of course, as also reported by RT’s Maria Finoshina, the snipers of the terrorists are one of the biggest threats in the area of Darayya (Daraya). Further, the correspondent of Russia Today (RT) also mentions the many tunnels and holes in the walls of buildings, which are used by the terrorist forces in the area for their covert movements in order to carry out surprise attacks on units of the Syrian Army or to secretly leave a building when faced with a military operation by the units of the Syrian military.

Maria Finoshina even reports that such simply measures as curtains hiding the Syrian soldiers from the snipers of the terrorists are “occasionally enough to protect” the soldiers of the Syrian army. However, she also states that the soldiers often only can “rely on speed and luck to cross dangerous spots.”

The correspondent of Russia Today (RT) in Darayya also conducted several interviews with soldiers of the Syrian Army. One of them, Abdel Ghafour Salloum, said in his statements that he is “honoured to defend my country, defend the Syrian people” and that “even if USA attack us with it aircrafts and tanks and everything, we will make our land their cemetery.”

Afterwards, the report by Maria Finoshina from Darayya confirms that the Syrian Army is also using snipers in their battles and military operations against the foreign-supported terrorists in and around the city of Darayya. According to Finoshina, there is no clear frontline and the entire situation in Darayya is unsafe and partly chaotic.

The video report by Maria Finoshina about her trip to the battlefield in Syria’s Darayya was published here by Russia Today (RT).

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