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Families of Kidnapped Lebanese nationals Demonstrate in Beirut

US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men

The families of the Lebanese nationals who were kidnapped by the foreign-backed jihadists and terrorists within Syrian borders have carried out a protest in the Lebanese capital Beirut today – and this is very understandable, of course. These Lebanese families are missing their relatives since over a year now and thus, if there is still hope that these kidnapped Lebanese nationals are still alive is sadly questionable.

The protesters of the families of the abducted Lebanese nationals in Syria protested in front of the governmental palace in Beirut and they demanded the immediate release of the kidnapped relatives, among them are a group of pilgrims and even some bishops.

That the foreign-backed jihadists and CIA-sponsored criminals and terrorists do not care about human lives, bishops or priest became clear again this week when a group of militants beheaded a Catholic priest in Syria – while the radical crowd was celebrating this horrible beheading by the Islamist terrorist groups within Syria.

The story is easy to explain – eleven people from Lebanon were kidnapped in May 2012 near the Syrian border to Turkey while they have been on their way back from a usual pilgrimage to Iran. So far, only two Lebanese nationals of the group which has been kidnapped by the foreign-supported terrorists have been released.

US Mad Senator John McCain with his friends from Al-Qaeda in Syria
US Mad Senator John McCain with his friends from Al-Qaeda in Syria

The radical group behind the kidnapping claimed that the their “hostages” should be members of the famous Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, while this claim seems to be wrong so far – as it is known. The kidnapped Lebanese nationals are mainly elderly people without much political activities and even their families who demonstrated in Beirut today say the same. Thus, the claim and allegations by the foreign-backed group of jihadists and uneducated thugs is certainly wrong, which would not surprise anybody anymore, probably.

The protesters and families in the Lebanese capital Beirut have voiced their frustration at Western media agencies for only covering the story of the kidnappers and not telling both sides of the story or, at least, the truth after some investigations on ground.

The protesters in Beirut have also condemned the hawkish US Senator John McCain who met with the group of jihadists who are behind the kidnapping of the Lebanese civilians during his last trip to Syria in May. One sure remembers the horrible smile of John McCain on some pictures of his meeting with the CIA-backed al-Qaeda thugs who are behind this kidnapping and certainly also behind much more crimes against humanity in Syria.

The two already released abductees, Anwar Ibrahim and Hussein Ali Omar, have recognized the jihadists of this group who were involved in their abduction after photos of the US Senator John McCain meeting the Islamists were released by some blogs and agencies.

Already in April this year, a similar protest has taken place outside the Turkish embassy in the Lebanese capital Beirut and there were also some demonstrations in front of the offices of the Turkish airlines in the city.

While the Turkish airlines are nothing else than a transport company for Erdogan’s terrorists (e.g. Libya -> Turkey), the protesters in Beirut have called on the Turkish regime in Ankara to help them that their relatives and family members will be released again by the Erdogan-backed jihadists in Syria.

So far, Erdogan rather orders the crackdown of his own people`s protests in the big Turkish cities, than to care about the lives of some random Lebanese nationals.

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