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Erdogan’s Secret Plot to Deport Armenians from Aleppo Exposed

Documents have revealed Turkey’s involvement in the burning of shops and homes of the Armenian Community in Aleppo, with drastic methods used only in War.

Diyar Newspaper says it has come across documents which reveal that Turkey hopes to deport 60 thousand Armenians from Aleppo, to ensure Islamic Forces remain dominant in the region, whereas before nearly 100 thousand Armenians lived in the province out of 4 million, as Catholic Christians make-up five hundred and fifty thousand, and the rest divided between Orthodox Christians and others.

Diyar newspaper revealed Lebanese Nationals, have been infiltrating into Syria through Turkey, traveling through old Roads leading to the Streets of Aleppo, where they have targeted the Turkish Armenian Community, burning down 6 Churches leaving only one, in addition to destroying any relics signifying Arabs victorious Battles over the Turks in History.

Also According to Ad-Diyar newspaper, a secret Turkish Commando along with gunmen from the so-called “FSA”, went on a violent rampage of burning shops and houses belonging specifically to the Armenian community, using materials fit for the war that produced very large destructive effects, destroying shops, homes, and businesses.

The newspaper believes that the main goal of the five Turkish army soldiers, killed in the Battles, was to burn the Armenian part of the city, and spread terror forcing Armenians, Christians, and Assyrians, to flee their homes and city out of fear…JA

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  1. Stephen T. Dulgarian

    The U.S. Government should be punishing the Turkish Government for helping the rebels in entering the Armenian Community in Aleppo by burning their shops, homes and driving the Armenian Christians out along with Assyrians & other Christians. When will the American Government wake up to the deeds of the Evil Turk which they will never change until the Armenian Nation is eliminated. The entire world is also asleep as to the Deeds of the Turk. Not one nation speaks up for what the Armenian Nation has gone thru from 1064 to now what Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and other Christians have gone thru with evil Turk.


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